Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-18 17:50

To see him serve as adult for crime he has commented and keep him in jail



2015-07-18 17:55

Because he shoulda never had a gun on him, if he's gonna act like an adult and carry a gun on him, he should be held accountable like an adult!!!!! (Sue Parknow)



2015-07-18 18:41

Let justice prevail.



2015-07-18 20:04

There are many crimes that can be considered forgivable and many that can be righted. Murder is not one of those. At any age the unjustified taking of a life is an unforgivable action. Do not let his murderer off easy. 

- Brandon Althof



2015-07-18 23:36

At 14 you know what is right and what isn't. It isn't just one thing he did he started with arm robbery, to terroristic threats, to firing an illegal firearm, to reckless endangerment and finally murder. That is premeditated because he had it planned out in his mind and had the instruments of crime on him. Turning himself in, that was just a sympathy thing to play on his age.



2015-07-19 00:08

Grown up actions require grown up consequences!!



2015-07-19 00:12

I believe he should be punished as adult for the crime He did at 14 years old you know better to not shoot someone so he should pay for the crime He did



2015-07-19 00:16

I signed this because like many others have said that young man who picked up the gun and shot and killed should be tried as an adult he did the crime he needs to do the time no favoritism for being 14



2015-07-19 01:55

The violence is becoming RIDICULOUS! The teen violence is getting worse as well, first a 12 year old, then a 14 year old, and now a 16 YEAR OLD who have ALL had access to weaponry, where are the parents? How are they getting access to these weapons? Hopefully Sonya Arrington's local Erie Mother's Against Teen Violence,(M.A.T.V) program can help out with this.



2015-07-19 14:06

He was a great guy and he always kept to himself. Rest in piece Jacob.



2015-07-19 14:26

You play you pay



2015-07-19 15:51

the facts as I've seen them warrant this young man to be tried as an adult as well as whoever either gave him the weapon or the owner who didn't have enough sense to keep it locked up.


#38 Fisher Bill

2015-07-19 16:08

I am going to just say that when Andrew Wurst (age 14) went into the dance, in Edinboro, he killed his teacher and injured others.  He was tried as an adult and serving his time.  Justice for one, justice for all.  



2015-07-19 17:03

By age 14 you know right from wrong even much younger. He tried to steal and then murdered a young man. I'm tired of excuses and thugs getting sorry sentences. Commit a crime or more than one do the time. 3 strikes and your out should be the rule and I don't mean jail time after the third strike. As a taxpayer I'm tired of paying for criminals continuing to get a slap on the wrists and eating our dollars and resources



2015-07-19 17:44

14 or not he committed a crime using a semi automatic weapon!!! Needs to be given death penalty!!!!


#41 Re:

2015-07-19 18:24

I am so sorry for your famlies loss you are in my prayers#4: -  




2015-07-19 18:50

the 14 yr old deff needs to be tried as an adult, i dont care what age you are, you kill you do time and should do life, you took someones life what give you the right to be free? just wrong if he gets charged as a juvy..he should rot in jail..



2015-07-19 18:59

I signed this petition because the killer knew what he was doing when he shot that gun. He needs to face the ultimate sentence for the pain and suffering his actions have caused to Jacobs family. I personally didn't know Jacob, but I knew his brother Chuck, as well as his cousin Felicia. I met them in middle school. My condolences go out to the entire family, and justice needs to be served. No family should ever have to go through this.

Rest in Peace Jacob, you have an army of supporters down here who are fighting for justice so this punk will never see freedom again. This case should NOT be moved to juvenile court!!



2015-07-19 19:07

Jacob deserves Justice. His shooter should not be free to walk the streets.



2015-07-19 19:46

Because guns in city are getting out of hand. Jacob was an innocent person doing nothing wrong but riding a bike with other children. Parents need to check on what these kids are doing



2015-07-19 21:18

Because this child died doing nothing wrong not bothering anyone senseless killing and this 14 year old was a trouble maker from the start Facebook says it all and I have a son in the air force and Jacobs dreams were taken from him not fair at all



2015-07-19 21:36

Justice needs to be served, if you think you are adult enough to carry a gun, then you can be adult enough to handle the punishment for your actions with said gun.



2015-07-19 21:58

I'm sorry he is considered a juvenile. Justice has to start someplace



2015-07-19 22:17

Prayers for Jacobs family! I can only hope the shooter and parents get their Karma for taking an innocent Jacobs life! The thugs and gangsters out there need put away forever and the
parents raising their children and not watching what they are doing need charged and held accountable as well! No lame excuses bc if you were paying attention and raising a decent human being then a life wld have not been killed by your son!



2015-07-19 22:24

I signed this petition because plain and simple, adult crime adult time.