Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-19 22:47

Rest in Paradise Jacob ur life was taken way too soon.



2015-07-19 23:00

Justice needs to be served. He took a life and he needs to be punished like an adult.



2015-07-19 23:06

I feel very scared over this should not happen



2015-07-20 00:24

Justice for Jacob



2015-07-20 01:45

I believe this 14 year old murderer deserves to be tried as an adult and do the time as an adult for taking the life of an innocent young man with his whole life ahead of him.This whole situation makes me very angry!



2015-07-20 02:26

I think he did an adult crime he needs to be tried as an adult... he knew right well what he was doing when he did all of it... all for what.. just to act big..



2015-07-20 02:34

If the little thug can get a gun he can do the time as an adult. He started breaking the law by having the gun in the first place, but he committed murder and is old enough to know better. Act like a thug do the time! Where the hell are his parents?



2015-07-20 03:39




2015-07-20 05:20

Because i believe that no matter how old you are if you murdered someone the family deserves justice for losing there loved one and this young man was making something of himself people that murders others should be punished



2015-07-20 08:05

This 14 year old murderer knew exactly what he was doing, since he has a long and extensive criminal history. He has been "dealt with" in the juvenile court system time and time and time again, and it has done NOTHING to prevent his criminal activities !! Since he has ZERO sense of accountability in his life, to this point, he needs to learn some, learn some responsibility some life lessons, and perhaps in 25 years he can come out of the ADULT Criminal Justice system as a "rehabilitated" human being ? Many, many, many people have said he did this murder for Fun ! How Disgusting ! He did it because he wanted to, because he felt like it and nobody but him decides what he can and can't do ! He did a murder for fun and because he thought he couldn't be caught or punished !! Hopefully, he is proven wrong !!!!!



2015-07-20 11:44

I signed this petition due to the fact this child knew what would happen when he handled a gun..his guardians need to also be put on trial for parental negligence!



2015-07-20 13:15

He needs to serve the time! Send a message to the rest of these kids and maybe this will prevent this happening again!



2015-07-20 13:33

Kids need to be taught the lesson that taking someone's life is a huge matter and not something petty to where your free in 7-8 years. As a father myself for my kids safety, i think he should be in jail for the rest of his life



2015-07-20 14:17

Too many kids think they can get away with too many things because they're minors and they think, even if they're punished, the record will be expunged when they get out. They're sociopaths. Put them away.



2015-07-20 19:00

Adult crime should mean adult time!



2015-07-20 21:37

The problem is not just the kids, but the parents. Kids grow up as they are taught. If a child is doing this kind of thing at this young of an age, then most likely, the parents are teaching them it, or nothing at all, and it is not going to get better by sending him to juvie. This is not like it was an accident. It was a crime done intentionally to get stolen goods. Respect is earned, not given. If he has no respect for others, then he should receive non in return.



2015-07-20 22:48

Because I believe he should be tryed as a adult!!!



2015-07-20 23:00

If you use a gun,knife or any weapon you know exactly what your intentions are once you pull that weapon out and use it,,12 13 14 is legal to try as an adult especially taking a life!!!



2015-07-20 23:21

This boy an his family are in my thoughts an prayers



2015-07-21 03:06

Because it's wrong to kill an 18 year old for a bike. Does Jacob get a do over? No he's gone forever.



2015-07-21 05:57

Because he used a gun to steal a bike and murder a young man.



2015-07-21 10:04

Defense WILL plea to a lesser charge...DA'S office will most likely consent. The family needs to be ready to fight the DA'S office, whether Jack Denari or one of his flunkies. They WILL make you promises, tag team you with several other assistant da's, talk you out of jury or allow a preselected jury...the family needs to be very diligent & demanding! Get the docket # for Sanders & follow ALL the dates for court proceedings! Don't wait for "crime victims unit" to notify you! Go to EVERY court date scheduled on the docket!!! NO ONE IN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM CARES ABOUT JACOB OR YOU!!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! (Message me if you need any help!!) The local police have any/all info you need on Sanders...become thier new best friend!!! They are your ONLY allies!



2015-07-21 10:14

The system needs to be changed. If. You commit an adult crime you should pay the adult price.



2015-07-21 14:12

Because its only right that he is charged as an adult.



2015-07-21 15:13

No one should be killed for a lousy bike. This 14 year old did a adult act and should be tried as one.