Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-17 17:06

This is bull , he's 14 knew what he did . So yes trial as adult .
"You do the crime , you do the time "



2015-07-17 17:24

First... Spell his name right Jacob Pushinsky...... I signed because these young punks need to be PUT DOWN!!! They put mad dogs down so PUT HIM DOWN!



2015-07-17 17:28

Because to many kids are commiting these types of crimes. With harder penalties we could help put an end to the violence. It was a senseless crime, and four years is nothing to these wanna be gangsters



2015-07-17 17:55

Lets get Justice for my little brother! The kid that did this doesn't deserve his freedom! He robbed my brother of his life! So this kid should be robbed of his life by taking away his freedom!!



2015-07-17 18:15

These kids today need to be taught a lesson.



2015-07-17 18:41

Jacob needs justice. That kid better not get away with this.

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2015-07-17 18:54

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 Thats right #JusticeForJacob 

Timothy Bordewicz
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2015-07-17 20:32

#2: -  Thank you for signing and I fixed typo. Sorry for the error




2015-07-17 22:04

nobody Should be able to get away with murder I don't care if he's only 14 years old. He wants to go kill people like adults do than he can be treated and trialed as one.



2015-07-17 22:23

He deserves justice, and his murder needs to learn from his wrongdoing.



2015-07-17 23:27

He should be punished for taking a life.



2015-07-18 02:43

These young children need to learn from their mistakes , (school of hard knocks.)



2015-07-18 02:44

My grandmother was also murdered by a 16 yr old. Do the crime now do the time. I'm sorry that he did not have guidance as he was growing up, but we need to get stricter on people commiting these crimes to set an example.



2015-07-18 04:23

Because at 14 years old, you know right from wrong. Murder is murder..... people need to understand that just because of your age, if you murder someone, when your 18 that person will still be gone, they will never come back.



2015-07-18 11:36

Because guns don't kill, its the person controlling the gun!!! He killed an innocent person over a bike, he doesn't need to live himself!! ROT IN HELL!!!



2015-07-18 12:22

i feel he should be tried as an adult



2015-07-18 12:50

I feel a young man s life was taken from him by this 14 yrs old kid the kid had no business with a gun & using it on this young man as he had plans for his future now he won't have any future because of this 14 yrs old ( that should have been home with his parents) as the young man was If the kid doesn't have to pay for his crime thats not sending a good message out to all the other young kids here Now we have another shooting at a Park supposed to be safe for small kids & parents



2015-07-18 13:31

If parent can't control there kids then the kid should be held responsible for his or he actions.if at 14 he can kill someone then he is already gone



2015-07-18 13:39

Adult Crime = Hard Time



2015-07-18 14:17

This kid ran around with a gun. He was consciously doing it. He deserves to get life.



2015-07-18 15:11

Because the shooter knew a gun would kill!!!!!!!!! The shooter knew what death meant!!!!!



2015-07-18 15:14

This crime is deplorable. The young man was carrying a weapon and decided to shoot the other young man. He should have to pay for his premeditated crime. All over a bicycle. How tragic.



2015-07-18 15:26

Justice for Jacob and the boy who killed him needs to tried as an adult! You do an adult crime you do adult time !



2015-07-18 15:53

I signed this petition because regardless of age murder is murder especially when it was a senseless crime and if these kids want to do things they know are wrong they need to pay for there crime



2015-07-18 15:56

When anyone, white, black pink with yellow polka dots grabs a gun, takes it out in to society, tries to rob another person, then pulls that gun and shoots the person he was trying to rob... There was intent to harm Another human...if you do an adult crime, you do adult time.....