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2016-04-16 06:37

On wich Time People will understand that the real Problem is the owner Not the dog. Every dog can be dangeres or Not. Many of the Listed dogs Called nanny dog. Why? because they are wonderfull



2016-04-25 14:41

it is cruel to kill Teddy--he did nothing wrong!



2016-04-29 22:19

Load of shit! Can't just say based on looks! DNA test !



2016-04-29 23:54

Everyone benefits from a safe society – both people and pets. But instead of punishing innocent dogs for resembling a specific breed, communities should concentrate on holding reckless owners accountable and responsible.



2016-04-30 00:53

This is absolutely heartless and outrageous! Test small breeds like foxys and the fluffy dogs - I have found them to be very aggressive and bad tempered!



2016-04-30 01:26

This is outrageous! People laugh at me when I say Doggy Rasism but it really is, how else can you simply put it?!? It's definetly not a joke, just as rediculous as it sounds listening to someone say that is just as rediculous (a million times worse) as someone FOLLOWING through on taking an innocent life based on that notion! Humanity is being able to feel love and compasion but that doesn't just extend to human life it should extent to all life ... all life is valuable on this planet and everything has a purpose just because you dont understand it or dont see how it effects your daily life does not mean its not valuable! Please their are enough A - holes in this world (as tragic as it is to accept there will always be people born to hate but you can control what you do and do your part in helping to spread love) and you dont need to be one of them! Do something for someone else ... but really do something not just to say you did something. What do you see when you look in the mirror every morning?



2016-04-30 06:43

Breed specific legislation focuses on the wrong end of the lead. Bad owners make bad dogs, not breed.



2016-04-30 07:47

because the dog hasnt been proven to hurt anyone



2016-05-01 02:04

A dog or any pet acts the way their taught to by their human. They are all born innocent but its their up bringing that can make a dog aggressive so why pick on a dog for its humans mistakes



2016-05-01 03:07

Because pitbulls are the BEST! My pittie is my best friend, lives with kitties and wouldn't hurt a fly!


#1286 Do not destroy Teddy...It's humans who have neglected their responsibilities training good dogs!

2016-05-01 14:02

Save Teddy from these monsters!! Blame the owners for bad dogs...not the breed!!! Humans are the dangerous ones!!



2016-05-01 14:03

Because the BSL is the ones that should be banned!



2016-05-01 14:13

No dog should be put down because of their breed. Thats basically the same as racism for dogs



2016-05-01 14:13

Teddy shouldn't have to face death due to looks, or so called Pitbull type... BSL is BS!!! A Pitbull is NOT a breed!!! It's like saying lets kill all purple people because they aren't white. Pitbull is just a label media, and uneducated people give, a Pitbull is an arbitrary label towards over 30 bully breeds AND look a likes, and yes, Labs too!!!! They need to worry about the irresponsibly owned dogs, NOT a dog based on looks and invisible breed!!!! DNA tests will also prove Pitbull doesn't exist. I own bully breeds, I run several pages for bully breeds, I research and educate myself. The AKC, Wisdom Panel, and Dolly's Foundation will even tell you what I just said. STOP JUDGING A DOG BY IT'S LOOKS!!! 



2016-05-01 14:16

This is beyond ridiculous! I have a pitbull and no kids. She has babysat friends babies. She plays with kids of all ages. She now protects them from our puppy shepherd if he plays to rough. The person and cities involved should be ashamed. I'm afraid you cause potential danger to humans and society, can we euthanize you? This is how ludicrous the demand to kill Teddy is.



2016-05-01 14:25

It should be called bull shit legislation and we need to stop the killing of innocent animals. Get rid of the wasted bastards that are still fighting these dogs, why not focus your attention on that and stop breaking up families!



2016-05-01 14:30

i am a american bulldog lover i had 4 of the bulldog's and they were show dogs.


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2016-05-01 14:31

#1291: -  

 how bout you shout the heck up



2016-05-01 14:33

Another case of big brother deciding that we who are responsible loving parents are not capable of making the right decisions for our families. Condemning a dog because of its breed is like condemning a human being for their color.



2016-05-01 14:51

This truly is ridiculous.... Why have all the behavioral tests then?????



2016-05-01 15:39

This crazy inquisition against certain breeds has to stop



2016-05-01 15:49

I believe it is not the way a dog looks, it is the impression it gives and how it acts that should be judged.



2016-05-01 15:53

It is a sad comment on any government when they just arbitrarily decide that any breed of dog is dangerous. There was no reason other than plain ignorance for tghis action



2016-05-01 16:46

i have 2 staffords,the best breed ever!!its the owner who needs rules,not the breeds of bsl,stupid law!support from belgium man!!



2016-05-01 16:59

Unbelievable that breed-specific discrimination still exists. Blame people for teaching their dogs to be violent, not the animals themselves.