Save teddy from being put down

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2016-02-08 16:27

Vile to take a poor dog away from his owner with no previous history of aggression. The dog is a American bulldog. Not banned if the police can seize any dog at any time for no reason that sets an awful precedent



2016-02-08 16:37

I'm fed up with American Bulldogs being called pitbulls



2016-02-08 17:00

This dog is clearly not a pit bull and hopefully will be reunited with his family soon



2016-02-08 20:22

I have an American bulldog, they are one of the friendliest lovable breeds ever especially with children. It's the tiny lap dogs that are the problem.



2016-02-08 20:58

Because American bulldogs are not pitbulls



2016-02-08 23:11

Teddy lives in the flat above my mum,my mum has two cats, Teddy is no problem and is a gentle giant,with people cats and other animals,it's sad that a dog can be put down because of its breed and not its nature.



2016-02-09 00:04

Totally unfair the way certain breeds are discriminated against. There are behaviour specialists.Why do they always want to put innocent dogs to sleep!



2016-02-09 00:21

The dog has done nothing wrong and a member of the family it stinks plain and simple



2016-02-09 00:21

Its disgusting hes done nothing



2016-02-09 00:22

How do you expect an animal to pass tests when its confused and scared?! Ridiculous law and this murdering of beautiful, innocent family dogs needs to stop! Give this poor dog back to his family!



2016-02-09 01:32

I don't like to hear of family members being separated from one another, whether animal or human!



2016-02-09 01:49

How can it be right for Teddy to be taken from his loving home, And shoved in a dirty kennel. He'll be so scared and frightened in that environment. Get him home to his family where he belongs !!!!!!



2016-02-09 01:51

Only the humans are violent



2016-02-09 03:07

The dog has done nothing wrong.



2016-02-09 03:16

Teddy has done nothing wrong please don't kill him



2016-02-09 05:31

Bsl is total bullshit this stupid law needs changing



2016-02-09 06:34

Because BSL is wrong, it does not prevent dog bites, just takes innocent dogs away from loving families. There is a better way, education of parents and owners.



2016-02-09 07:55

Too many innocent dogs pts branded wrongly x



2016-02-09 08:19

A dog should be judged on deed not breed. It is the same same as saying all English people are bigots because they are English!



2016-02-09 08:21

This dog needs to be home with his family



2016-02-09 09:06

To Help get this poor Dog back home bless him when will this stupid law end so sad



2016-02-09 09:23

If he is a family pet and has done nothing wrong WHY ?



2016-02-09 09:31

Why put a lovely innocent animal to his death..



2016-02-09 09:52

No healthy animal should ever be put down



2016-02-09 10:06

Because i dont believe in destroying innocent animals its people that are dangerous not animals all they do is get into the wrong hands and not by their choice.