Save teddy from being put down

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2016-02-09 10:26

Its a disgrace just to murder a loving family member(dog) just because of its breed.



2016-02-09 11:08

This law is not fit for purpose
DEED not breed



2016-02-09 11:10

Please stop inhumane treatment of our family members. This is utter prejudiced bullshit and needs to end now.



2016-02-09 11:44

End bsl deed not breed



2016-02-09 11:58

I'm in Liverpool Uk and have signed this petition it's so heartbreaking I would be devastated if any of my dogs were ripped away from me good luck xx 



2016-02-09 13:01

BSL is the biggest load of bull in the world.



2016-02-09 13:10

Best of luck..I've seen too many stories of family pets taken and destroyed for no good reason...of course a dog taken from home environment isn't going to respond well to testing...and so many stories just seem to have been originally started as vindictive reports by neighbours etc...



2016-02-09 13:26

absolutely outrageous



2016-02-09 13:26

Horrified ... a family pet ... give Teddy back safely to his family ... from Australia



2016-02-09 13:36

I signed because taking Teddy was wrong. He's done nothing and is a gentle soul. It is barbaric to take his life because his breed. This is terrible a
injustice to Teddy and his family.



2016-02-09 13:39

This shouldn't be happening , it's one of the biggest acts of crime today and all so unessasary. Everything firmly crossed here for Teddy x



2016-02-09 13:51

Its' about time the police learn to recognize dog breeds then these mistakes wouldn't be made and live's could be saved.the American bulldog is a gentle breed



2016-02-09 14:05

I don't agree with bsl at all, Any dog has potential to be bad in wrong hands, just like any dog has potential to be good in right hands, should be some owners subject to bsl rather than the dogs!



2016-02-09 14:28

I'm sick of innocent dogs being siezed and destroyed for NO reason with families ripped apart END BSL NOW



2016-02-09 14:32

This is absolutely disgusting poor teddy and is family must be heartbroken no healthy dog shud be pts teddy shud be home were he belongs x



2016-02-09 15:10

Because I do not agree with BSL or dangerous dogs. Ban the deed not the breed.



2016-02-09 16:13

BSL is so wrong. Killing a dog just for its breed is a crime.



2016-02-09 16:22

this is so unfair



2016-02-09 17:42

Because too many of these so called dangerous dogs are being put to sleep and that's just not right



2016-02-09 19:25

How can you justify taking this beautiful boy from his family ? If he needs to be tested his owner should surely be the one to test him his voice not some strangers voice You as a human would not take commands from a strange voice Please Please do not do this barbaric deed to an Innocent boy please this cannot be justified



2016-02-09 20:09

because we are thier only voice as they can not speak up for thier selves x



2016-02-09 20:51

Sick to death of cruelty to animals x



2016-02-09 21:39

Clearly not a pit bull type!!! Cruel to do this to a dog and family



2016-02-09 21:42

Because the Dangerous Dog Act does not apply to Not dangerous dogs as Teddy is. Teddy is a housepet, he is family. He should be returned to his family asap! Let the police get the real dangerous persons behind the dogfighting, not families that are good responsible owners. AND: THERE ARE NO DANGEROUS DOGS; THE DANGER IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LEAD!!! DEED, NOT BREED!



2016-02-09 23:02

The dog needs saved