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2016-03-12 09:01

Dangerous dogs are a myth, you cannot label an entire breed and condemn them to death. Each dog should be assessed individually and only if there is evidence of aggression should there be action. I understand that there was a representation by the local constabulary speaking up for Teddy but to no avail. Beggars belief and the sooner this farcical law is repealed the better!



2016-03-12 09:03

Against BSL. Sick of innocents being murdered.



2016-03-12 09:11

Innocent dogs are being destroyed it's wrong. Sometimes it's the owners that need putting down.



2016-03-12 09:14

You cannot put down a family dog that has shown no sign of aggression just because of how it looks! This law is wrong and causing so much distress to the families and animals. This needs to be stopped!



2016-03-12 09:47

All dogs can be dangerous, if raised and looked after in the wrong way. If he has done nothing wrong and is a good family dog who is loved and has responsible owners then why should he be put down?



2016-03-12 09:54

Teddy should be home with his family. Hate it when beautiful animals are taken and presumed dangerous, an absolute load of rubbish. Teddy has done nothing wrong. The law is bloody stupid



2016-03-12 10:02

Give this boy a chance of a life with his family.



2016-03-12 10:18

I signed because too many innocent dogs are being siezed under this cruel act. It must stop.



2016-03-12 11:17

So so wrong, are we not supposed to love all creatures great & small?



2016-03-12 11:40

Deed not breed



2016-03-12 11:41

Because there is too much of this.each dog is different regardless if breed.



2016-03-12 11:41

I sick of people judging dogs by breed! No dog should be cast off because of 'type'. It is against the law to generalise RACE the same should be law for BREED!!!!



2016-03-12 11:45

Because a dog is a family member and the judicial system is hopeless in this country !!!!If it had killed a child fair enough but you just can't put it down for the sake of being a breed! !!!!



2016-03-12 11:49

Help us keep them safe in the UK



2016-03-12 11:52

This Law is being abused. The dogs being seized are just loveable family pets. Dogs are loosing their lives and families are being ripped apart because of people's inadequate knowledge of dogs. Dogs are nor born nasty they are taught by inconsiderate human beings. STOP judging dogs on their appearance there are many small dogs who carry a much nastier temperament than our beloved bull breed. The law needs to concentrate more on the criminals that kill and disrupt rather than beloved pets that provide comfort and love to their families!



2016-03-12 11:54

I dont believe a dog should be destroyed just because of what 'breed ' he may be. Ive seen videos of teddy he looks a lovely well natured dog . these assesments that they go thru to determine thier fate do not show the dogs true behaviour . would a human behave 'normal' if kept in a strange confined place for a long period of time ?? The answer is no . a behaviour is down to how the owner has trained and brought it up and in most cases these siezed dogs are lovely dogs that belong in a family and have shown no signs of agression. Plz end BSL!!!!!!


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2016-03-12 11:54

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 Couldn't agree's infuriating 



2016-03-12 12:32

Why should poor Teddy lose his life just because he was born an American Pitbull, he has done nothing wrong! There are no bad dogs just bad owners!



2016-03-12 13:07

This is like a witch hunt, dogs are like humans there are good and bad but should be judged on how they react and not how they look



2016-03-12 13:15

It's discusting that a dog that has done nothing wrong should be pts just because of its breed. I believe that there's no bad dog it's how some owners treat them. Teddy has a wonderful owner and is the most loving and caring dog anyone could wish for. How can anyone order him to be pts.



2016-03-12 13:43

There are bad humans yet we keep them in our community so this dog should not be judged on his breed, it's man that trains dogs to be fighting there not born that way, this a family pet and should be treated as that good luck teddy



2016-03-12 13:56

It would be nice if more people would sign please this can't go on I wouldn't like it if one of my dog family were taken away it would more than break my heart



2016-03-12 14:36

You should concentrate on PUTTING DOWN the pedophiles and murderers,those are the real ANIMALS... NOT FAMILY pets



2016-03-12 15:30

I love dogs and get annoyed that they suffer under the hands of humans when all they want is a loving owner and home as they give so much love and more under the right ownership.



2016-03-12 16:13

How u can put a family living pet down because of itsbreed, its done nothing wrong x
Let go put down a few ppl becasues of colour of skin or race ffs
World gone mad , no animal will harm unless being treated poorly