Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-11 20:57

Bsl is inhumane and barbaric and the judges that give out destruction orders for any dog that has done no wrong needs to hang their heads in shame and go straight to hell!!!!!!



2016-03-11 21:23

Because this law is ridiculous and barbaric . too many beautiful dogs have been murdered and it needs to stop!



2016-03-11 21:30

Because it's disgusting and barbaric. Who in the hell gave you the right to take a life!



2016-03-11 21:44

Because Teddy is a family pet and is a gentle boy. He is not aggressive and has a loyal loving nature. He is a much loved pet.



2016-03-11 21:49

Because this law is outrageous and cruel and has been proven not to have reduced bite rate. The treatment and suffering of these seized dogs is a national embarrassment. The cost for ordinary families to get their much loved pets back is nothing short of a scam.



2016-03-11 21:52

Because bsl is a crap law that is ridiculous.



2016-03-11 22:01

No dog should be taken away from a loving home & destroyed based on their breed. I fully support ban the owner not the breed!!!!



2016-03-11 22:19

BSL isn't the answer, a ny breed can be vicious. It's the dog....not their breed.



2016-03-11 22:26

The decision of the court to have Teddy put to sleep is a total disgrace. Please allow this boy to go home to his family and stop this barbaric treatment of bull breeds.



2016-03-11 22:27

Because this is outrageous I treat dogs like family as most people do ur taking a innocent life fgs. And for no reason whatsoever plzz save teddy xxxx



2016-03-11 22:40

Bsl needs to end



2016-03-11 22:43

Please let this baby go home...he's loved and done nothing wrong.



2016-03-11 22:50

I think putting the dog down is horrendous, deed not breed and by all accounts he's a big softie. Start putting the animal abusers to sleep.



2016-03-11 23:01

Its wrong to destroy an innocent animal



2016-03-11 23:07

Breed discrimation is criminal and putting down any animal just because of their breed is an absolute outrage. I hope humanity will come to its senses with regards to this abusive law



2016-03-12 00:03

Because the judge who ruled this is sick in the head and i am ashamed of this countrys justice system. He should question his ability to make a ruling in the court system and his professional integrity brought into question. Let teddy go home!!!



2016-03-12 00:11

I'm signing yo save the life of teddy dog he's a well loved family pet
Like another child to his family I don't feel it's right that he's been taken away he should be returned home to the family who love him



2016-03-12 00:43

Nobody would order a human be destroyed, nor should they a much loved family pet. Disgraceful!



2016-03-12 01:14

This dog is not dangerous! Why did magistrates not take police advice to save his life? Why was he seized at all? This has to stop



2016-03-12 02:27

Because BSL is wrong totally unacceptable! !!!! Release Teddy and let him go home to his loving family where he belongs .



2016-03-12 07:47

This is outrageous any dog taken out its normal environment ...... I would very surprised would pass the easiest of tests (have had 8 dogs in my life so far)..they are scared and their behavior would change ... It's so so wrong what is happening here its also very frightening a court could and has this power to make such a wrong decision x



2016-03-12 08:00

Because this is now getting ridiculous and desperate. It needs ending now. BSL is barbaric



2016-03-12 08:08

I hope teddy is home where he belongs soon Xx



2016-03-12 08:25

Why do the police seem to think it's ok to remove someone's pet who is loved & cared for, but do sweet FA to help dogs that are being mistreated & abused? This dog ( Teddy) needs to be back home with the family, & this stupid dangerous dogs act needs flushing down the toilet, it's causing too much heartbreak, & suffering to families & their dogs. As for putting Teddy to the test from a complete stranger that's wrong & you bunch of idiots know it is. It's time for you to let Teddy go home & live in peace, dogs have a short life span as it is without you taking their life from them.



2016-03-12 08:52

Because when humans did this to each other, the greater power destroyed them. They were called Nazis, it was wrong then, and this is wrong now. Good luck Teddy. Get home safe boy xx