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2016-03-13 18:58

I signed this petition because I'm sick of people being judgemental on something they don't know or understand .... A dog is a dog whether it's fluffy or small or cute or big or three bloody legs if the owners treat the dog with love friendship loyalist and compassion so will your dog I have your typical "scary dog" which if your going to cross the road because your scared of him shouldn't we as people concour our fears and shames rather than running away from our problems this is exactly the same teddy is probably another beautifully kind natured dog that yes is a pit but hasn't got a single bad bone tooth or tail in its body and to have no evidence to why this beautiful animal should be destroyed is wrong. It's neglect of the animals part
The definition of animals abuse

Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.

Clearly stating that you should not destroy her/him as the dog has not caused any reason for human to intact in self defence but also state that the court or abuse the dog as the dog hasn't done anything and they are neglect there duties and a using this dog and their power

Isn't it

#202 shocking - Teddy needs to go home!

2016-03-13 19:05

Shocking!  - I can't believe what I have just read at all, it's so sad! He looks so loving and gentle, poor teddy & that poor little girl and her family. The only person that needs euthanising is the judge - innocent until proven guilty - he hasn't harmed a fly & you only have to look at him to tell he wouldn't ! What is wrong with this world! 

I have a lil dog too & he's my world! I don't know this family and don't usually comment on face book posts but this is unbelievable - think of the ongoing pain that will be inflicted on this loveing responsible family & for what ? It's disgusting! Good luck Teddy - signed for you X



2016-03-13 19:12

This dog does not deserve to be put to sleep, it is very clear that he is a loving dog and that he is devoted to his family ,



2016-03-13 19:16

I hope the appeal is a success is Steve Duffy is supportive the magistrates should of listened



2016-03-13 19:17

Return teddy with his family



2016-03-13 19:23

Because this legislation is absolutely stupid bought in by cretins. These that make such a stupid law with no specific guidelines wand shafting. Bunch of idiotic cretins



2016-03-13 19:26

magistrates shouldn't have the final say on the fate of a dog. He is a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier although the police have classified him as a Pit Bull type. Staffies are nanny dogs and they treat children with respect.



2016-03-13 19:27

I fully believe that dogs are not born nasty but is down to the owners! I have come across plenty of dogs that aren't on the banned breed list but have been vicious on plenty of occasions! Yorkshire terriers and golden retrievers included!! Nothing ever happened to them! If the poor dog hasn't done anything wrong why put him to sleep? This is just so sad! :( he should be back with his family! X 



2016-03-13 19:29

Is ludicrous and dam right cruel to put an innocent animal down for no reason whatsoever



2016-03-13 19:31

Why should a judge decide the fate of this dog surely if something ever did happen it would live with the owner for the rest of his life, also I'm sure anyone with a dog no matter what the bread take precautions when they have children



2016-03-13 19:35

No dog should be put down because of its breed.



2016-03-13 19:43

Think it's disgusting poor dog & his family xx



2016-03-13 19:44

I signed this petition because the dog has not done anything wrong.



2016-03-13 19:46

Ridiculous law that kills innocent dogs.



2016-03-13 19:47

I signed as this is not justice. With so much animal abuse and their abusers walking free to abuse again, why is a perfectly mannered and well cared for dog being threatened with death. I have to question whether there is an underlying reason for this. Please let him go home!



2016-03-13 19:50

Because it doesn't matter what breed a dog is, it is
how the dog is brought up!!



2016-03-13 19:51

Cos im anti BSL



2016-03-13 19:53

Deed not breed.



2016-03-13 19:56

The dog has not attacked any one so why should he be put to sleep it's not fair I have a cross breed American bull terrier and she is so soft she loves my next door neighbours kids they come round and pay with her they are such are soft breed so why should this dog suffer arena longer and be are year from her family it's so wrong she should be returned to her family



2016-03-13 20:00

The deed not the breed!



2016-03-13 20:09

You cannot judge a dog on the way he looks. It is how he behaves that is important and this dog is friendly and part of a loving family.



2016-03-13 20:19

This is absoutly stupid. There isn't a bad dog. Its a BAD OWNER. 



2016-03-13 20:20

Please end Breed Specific Legislation. A non aggressive dog should not be destroyed just because it looks wrong.



2016-03-13 20:24

All because he looks like a banned breed? As I've always said it's not the dog its the human!! Also I know a few people who do own a banned breed and still have theirs after being tattooed, chipped and tested... All they have to do is pay insurance for the dog... and this poor soul is being treated this way... The system is f**ked! !



2016-03-13 20:26

Because it is wrongs to kill any animal if it hasn't done any harm to any one