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2016-03-13 22:10

Cos he's a big softy and doesn't look like a pit bull no such thing as a bad dog only bad owners teddy owners are very good owners that's why teddy a big softy



2016-03-13 22:16

This is ridiculous and it completely depends on the dog not the breed If you don't support racism please don't support breedism



2016-03-13 22:22

BSL needs stopping full stop!



2016-03-13 22:28

Anything in life could potentially hurt someone but this dog has been judged by a bigot who doesn't want to or know what a wonderful dog it really is.



2016-03-13 22:28

i think its shameful that one man can make this dission ans against police advice its like hes saying if you have children you cant have a dog so narrow minded let TEDDY HOME WHERE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE



2016-03-13 22:33

Teddy has done nothing wrong, he is a loving family pet and as such he should be returned home immediately. Bless you Teddy x



2016-03-13 22:41

It viles me! Ruining lives for no reason!!!!



2016-03-13 22:45

This dog should not be put down its ridiculous! Bad owners not bad dogs!!!!!!!



2016-03-13 23:00

I am a dog owner and my dogs are my life my kids and don't agree if the dog asnt attacked anyone or isn't nasty should not be destroyed my heart goes out to teddy and his papa (owner ) hope everything works out in your favour teddy xxxxx



2016-03-13 23:02

Because I am an animal lover . And it's sooooo sad if he hasn't done anything wrong !!!!! It winds me up , train the blinkin dog owners !!! Grrrrrr



2016-03-13 23:19

The poor dog has done nothing wrong i feel for this family so much! this dog should not be judged or destroyed just because he has been crossed with a banned breed it is sick! we have rights in this country so should our dogs no matter what breed. you are not meant to judge race so why do it with a dog!



2016-03-13 23:24

This dog has NEVER show a hint if aggression, he is being judged purely on his looks and breed. I thought the UK had left that disgusting, small minded attitude in the past along with black people having no rights and used as slaves. Why? Because if their looks.....UK should never murder an innocent whatever the difference, whatever the species! NOT FAIR. NOT ACCEPTABLE. SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL!!!



2016-03-13 23:42

The dog has no history of being violent and should not be put to sleep based on its breed.



2016-03-13 23:43

Its not the breed that creates a dangerous dog, its the owner and I believe in this case putting the dog down is a huge mistake and injustice. Each case should be heard on its own merit. Dont put this loving family pet down!



2016-03-13 23:45

I signed because I think it's totally unfair to destroy a dogs life based purely on its breed! What evidence is present to suggest this dog would pose a threat!! Zero!
The evidence clearly states that Teddy has never shown aggression, nor has he ever hurt anyone. Instead of destroying him for absolutely no reason, foster him out! Innocent until proven guilty and all that. Welcome to the UK, a nation where peadophiles walk around freely preying on children with their hidden identities and non aggressive dogs are being murdered based on their breed!



2016-03-13 23:48

Because a healthy dog is being destroyed for no reason. He has done nothing wrong so why should we wrong him.



2016-03-13 23:50

It's ridiculous!!! ANY dog is capable of attacking! In the Republic of Ireland, pitbulls are not deemed a dangerous breed. I have rarely heard of an attack by one. Each dog should be judged on its own circumstances not by what breed it is



2016-03-13 23:51

It's not the dogs, it's the owners



2016-03-13 23:57

Signed for you hope it's a happy outcome x



2016-03-13 23:57

Scares me to think that there are people out there who judge a dog by its 'perceived type' rather than finding out about it. I have been bitten by many a smaller dogs than a Staffy (never by a Staffy) and yet because they are 'cute! No one bats an eyelid. Fingers crossed you get him back soon from a fellow Staffy owner.



2016-03-14 00:02

Not every dog is bad no matter the breed why cant they understand that and test the dog before making a decision



2016-03-14 00:03

I disagree with the magistrates decision..the owner knows his own dog and i dont agree that he would put his daughter at risk ..let teddy live hes done no wrong ..xx



2016-03-14 00:06

Omg what is wrkng with this docuety. We have humans vommit heniius crimes against humans. Sex monste who get a slip on the wrist. This dog has no issues. I am more afraid of humans



2016-03-14 00:07

This is total ignorance. There is no legitimate reason to kill this dog.



2016-03-14 00:09

Because ignorance, most especially by allegedly well educated public representatives, needs to be exterminated..... not loyal dogs that have zero tendencies towards aggression (apart from those TRAINED to be that way by sick, greedy humans).
Furthermore, the rights of the animal are ' EQUAL ' to the rights of us, as we ----> s h a r e <---- this planet with them, and the rights of this dog have undoubtedly been violated.