Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-13 12:03

The reason for ordering Teddy to die is ridiculous! Because there is a 4yr old child in the house? He has never shown any agression whatsoever. With this thinking, surely all dogs living in households with young children should be rounded up and put to death? Absolutely absurd! Let this poor dog go home to his loving family and stop wasting money on breed racism!



2016-03-13 12:16

To save an innocent dogs life



2016-03-13 12:36

Because dogs should be judged on their behaviour and not on their breed.



2016-03-13 14:07

This has to stop. Xxx



2016-03-13 14:10

I hope you get your teddy back real soon.x



2016-03-13 14:26

Signed, shared to Facebook and Twitter, good luck, 2 of my dogs were siezed the other day



2016-03-13 14:28

Why kill a innocent dog??not just a dog but a beloved family pet.



2016-03-13 14:47

no dog is a danger to society unless it is brought up to be If this owner is prepared to look after him and keep him on a leash when taken out All dogs should be kept under control then i ca.nnot see a problem



2016-03-13 15:42

The bsl law is flawed,it judges a dog on a look or type,which is wrong the majority of these dogs have never done anything wrong,bsl needs scrapping,information needs collating from other countries to ascertain what works,then and only can this issue be addressed properly by the right people,people who understand dogs regardless of their breed or look.



2016-03-13 16:07

No dog should be put down due to it's breed



2016-03-13 16:08

To kill a dog because of its breed is wrong! There are plenty of 'safe breeds' that have hurt others. Leave this poor dog alone!



2016-03-13 16:41

There is no evidence to suggest that this dog is a banned breed. Euthanising Teddy is murder.



2016-03-13 16:42

This is so wrong Its hardly the dog's fault that it happens to be a so called banned breed. Has it done anything wrong? Nothing seems to have been said on that score Indeed any dog can be a dangerous one. I was badly bitten by a Jack Russell Need I say more



2016-03-13 17:08

Judging a dog by its breed is like judging a person by their race - it's stupid and wrong.



2016-03-13 17:11

Time to stop judging dogs just because of their breed! Teddy is a loved family member and deserves to live. As for temperament test, strange people in a strange place will never show the true nature of a dog. I have a lab that would probably fail her temperament test in such an environment! Let Teddy go home!



2016-03-13 17:46

I think this is totally wrong like the owner as said his name explains the dog softy friendly never would harm anyone I wouldn't be in any fear of letting my children near the dog the owners know they dog inside out please have faith and let teddy be back home were he belongs so sad fingers crossed



2016-03-13 17:54

I think it's stupid to put the blame on the dog for violent behaviour, it's down to the owners to train it. Putting down a whole breed of dog just becuase of it's reputation isn't the way to deal with this issue, we should re-inroduce dog permits in the UK as a way to insure the right people become dog owners



2016-03-13 18:05

This is bang out of order, dogs are family!



2016-03-13 18:12

BSL is wrong
Luke morgan


2016-03-13 18:20

This dog should not be put down you can clearly see that he is just a happy and playful dog and he's gawjus hope they relise that what they are doing is a massive mistake



2016-03-13 18:26

Because Teddy has never attacked anyone and even if he was an Americans pit bull terrier, they were bred to be dog aggressive, not human aggressive.



2016-03-13 18:33

Deed not breed. The poor souls done nothing wrong :(



2016-03-13 18:41

He isn't a a dangerous dog he isn't an illegal dog, he hasn't ever attacked anyone or anything, so why the hell does he deserve to be put down! I find it a disgrace!!! That poor dog and his family. Please don't put him down.



2016-03-13 18:53

I want to help teddy



2016-03-13 18:58

Because I am a dog owner and I believe it is not the dog but the owner that makes it dangerous. Killing an innocent animal is wrong and disgusting!