Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-12 16:39

To try and save Teddy ❤️



2016-03-12 16:39

I hope it achieves its goal. we must speak up for these dogs as they don't have a voice and why should they be taken from their home just because of how they look.



2016-03-12 17:16

No healthy dog should be put to sleep.



2016-03-12 19:08

It is so unfair to judge Dogs because of negative press about their breed. It is beyond cruel to take them from their Family and cage them. It is little wonder they then appear upset and stressed, any person would, animals look to Humans to trust and take care of them, Let Teddy go home, it's beyond barbaric to keep him locked up and then destroy him. Praying for Teddy x



2016-03-12 19:56

American bulldogs are large and quite noisy but that doesn't make them dangerous



2016-03-12 21:19

Because I own this breed,and likewise my dog is a loving soft family pet ,annoys me when they put this breed under the dangerous dog



2016-03-12 21:38

A behaviour test with strangers is just so unfair. His owner should be present to reassure this dog. Do not put this dog to sleep.



2016-03-12 21:54




2016-03-12 23:41

The police are a law to their own. It was only today I was watching TV when a police dog attacked another dog same bread and wouldn't let go of it so the camera man and police officer had to step in. Of course the bull dog was hurt most and taken to the vets. Now tell me if this was a dog that attacked the police dog first would they put the police dog I don't think so......let this baby home to their family where they belong.



2016-03-13 00:06

i signed the petition as this law as gone way out of control seizing innocent family pets its immoral and barbaric act of ruelty no dog is vicious target irresponsible owners not the fur babys t



2016-03-13 00:18

People are the dangerous breed! Not these innocent dogs!



2016-03-13 02:37

Too many innocent dogs are being killed now because of some stupid law



2016-03-13 03:27

How can you kill something just because of the way it looks! Blame the deed, not the breed! Killing innocent dogs for the size of their head, length of their jaw etc is ridiculous & unjust! Teddy appears to be a happy, well trained adjusted dog. Please don't kill him because of his appearance. It is his nature that is important, nothing else should matter!



2016-03-13 03:59

Behavioural tests performed under shelter conditions do not provide accurate outcomes. The breed specific laws are arbitrary and based on ignorance



2016-03-13 08:14

Teddy has done nothing wrong!!!



2016-03-13 08:14

We have just lost a dog due to horrendous circumstances. This must be worse than what we have gone through. I really wish you all the best and you bring your boy home.



2016-03-13 08:16

Disgusting! Shame on the police force..... the family are devastated



2016-03-13 08:38

Terrible law that needs to end!!



2016-03-13 09:06

So unfair, can clearly see this dog belongs with his owner as is no more risk then any other family pet! No reasoning or justification to why this dog should be destroyed!



2016-03-13 09:25

Why there are dangers everywhere all breeds of dog can be dangerous if the dog in each individual case has never done any wrong than why end it's life if the owners are responsible and keep to all regulations especially when in public why PTS we have cars on the road there are potentially a killing machine but we don't stop making them ideal think it's time to start meeting with owners and campaigners to try and sort this out there just got to be a better way instead of kill kill kill



2016-03-13 11:01

It is so unfair to put a dog to sleep purely because of its breed



2016-03-13 11:29

Good luck teddy ... Hope they see sense ..



2016-03-13 11:38

No non aggressive dog should be destroyed where is the humanity in this stupid law , were taught not too be racist or judge another ... Pot kettle & black Spring too mind !! Anything with a heart has its own rights surely !!



2016-03-13 11:52

Bsl is an excuse to kill innocent dogs



2016-03-13 11:53

Because I hate this law with a passion not all dogs are dangerous