Save teddy from being put down

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2016-02-10 00:01

It so wrong. It's not the dogs. You can't just take someone's pet!!!



2016-02-10 03:14

because we are the voice of the animals and we need to be herd too



2016-02-10 04:21

I dont believe every dog should be judged as a whole they should be treated individualy ant remove from there owners unless nessarily



2016-02-10 04:25

This does nothing to address this issue of irresponsible owners. It punishes innocent people and animals needlessly.



2016-02-10 10:07

Because I own a bull terrier and know how heart broken I would be if it was me



2016-02-10 10:18

This law is disgusting and it breaks many hearts.



2016-02-10 11:05

Please save Teddy, not all dogs are what they are deemed to be seen as.



2016-02-10 12:27

This law is so wrong in so many sences far to many dogs are just bein picked up at random when will common sence prevail



2016-02-10 12:39

You wouldn't put a human down for the colour of there. skin i so why put a good dog down



2016-02-10 14:43

i m from africa



2016-02-10 15:48

This dog has not done anything wrong. It is horrendous that police can just turn up & take loving, family PETS. End this now!



2016-02-10 17:16

BSL is so wrong,condemned by a tape measure,so many families having their pets taken from them,from what I have read teddy is very much missed and loved and has done absolutely nothing wrong..



2016-02-10 19:41

I am an American Bulldog owner and would hate to see my furbaby taken frome me legal or otherwise. Teddy is a family member not just a "Dog"!!!



2016-02-10 20:00

I am an American Bulldog owner and I know other owners and they are gentle giants. They are also mastiff breeds not terriers?? I disagree with BSL and believe you should punish the deed and not the breed. Tougher laws for irresponsible dog owners regardless of breed needs to be introduced.



2016-02-11 23:11

because this is happening too often not the dogs breeds is not the dogs fault all these dogs are being penalised for the dogs that have been made nasty by sick people who get them and taunt and mistreat them its these sickos should be locked away .. not innecent dogs who are peoples pets and family xxx



2016-02-13 00:49

I have three dogs two staffs and one alpha blue bull dog all very pertective over me and my kids we love them all and as a dog lover I wud love teddy back home were he belongs with his loved ones who care and love him



2016-02-13 18:44

To save an innocent dog of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2016-02-17 03:21

Because BSL is very very wrong on many levels.



2016-03-11 18:18

Fingers crossed for your appeal. Bring home this poor baby xxx



2016-03-11 20:31

Because this ancient barbaric law needs scrapping.inhumane.animal cruelty in its worst that bsl are doing.murdering innocent dogs.discrimination at its highest.



2016-03-11 20:37

Because he hasn't done anything wrong he should be home where he belongs



2016-03-11 20:38

Hope this helps!



2016-03-11 20:41

He hasent done anything wrong he should be back with his family for good



2016-03-11 20:43

Because I feel very strongly that Teddy should be home with his family



2016-03-11 20:48

Because I strongly feel BSL is completely wrong. It only takes into account the physical appearance of the dog, and nothing about their temperament. Teddy hasnt done anything wrong, and needs to be home with his family