Save teddy from being put down

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2016-05-02 16:04

First who are they,to tell or say what's good for your family. Fight man fight.anyone tells me to kill my family member, not going without a fight.they would have to shoot me too.



2016-05-02 19:20

Because pit bulls are not dangerous in the right hands! No dog is! The only creature truly dangerous on this earth is man!!!



2016-05-02 19:37

Because in this case he dog should not be put down. He is not dangerous.



2016-05-02 23:14

Teddy needs to go home to his owner. He is obviously not a vicious or dangerous dog, why punish him. Poor Teddy will be confused and frightened, it's so sad.



2016-05-03 01:30

No comment for stupidity.



2016-05-03 02:18

An innocent dog is about to be put down because of a bad name,myth or bullshit whatever you want to call it,theres no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners,puppy mill breeders and dog fighters bring these bastards to justice and leave the innocent alone it's a disgrace.



2016-05-03 02:46

Please allow this innocent dog to go home to his family and live a happy loving life.



2016-05-03 02:54

It's NOT the breed!!! It's People who are the PROBLEM!!!!!



2016-05-03 03:15

For the love of God...this is the United States of America, how is it ok for the police to come in an take an animal away from his/her family completely unprovoked!?!  I am pleading with the "powers to be" to come to their senses and do what is right..... Return Teddy to his family. Hope, Love, & Prayers for Teddy and his Family, ~Wendi 



2016-05-03 04:04

WHY was he "taken"?? 



2016-05-03 04:10

If the dog has caused no problems or harm to anyone there is no reason to kill this dog



2016-05-03 04:44

What the hell is wrong with this world. Can there be this many ignorant people! There just a dog! Like any other dog!



2016-05-03 08:17

Do not kill this precious dog. Let it go home with its owner where it belongs and is loved just like all dogs are by there families.



2016-05-03 18:02

A dog shouldn't ne put down for this



2016-05-04 13:18

This dog didn't do anything to anybody! Leave him alone and stop being so ignorant!
Dat boi


2016-05-21 02:09

please save the dog

we need more dogs

dogs need more puppies

we want the long doggos

we want the short Doggos

we want the tol doggos

we want the smol doggos

we want the fat doggos

we want the skinny doggos

we want the ugly doggos

we want the pretty doggos

we want all doggos





we must sacrifice the unclean

we must sacrifice the impure 



save the doggos from extinction 

Daniela Bress


2016-05-21 05:41

The human society is OBVIOUSLY not able to get discrimination out of their brain. Since racism is politically incorrect they just switched to speciesism - typically human and simply disgusting!

Why is it impossible for this allegedly intelligent human species to get rid of hate and ignorance?

BSLs have proven to be totally pointless and ineffective in the U.S., and in Europe as well.
Even really slow-witted German authorities are gradually realizing the facts about this madness and are abolishing those useless ordinances one by one.

There is NO dangerous dog or dog breed, irresponsible owners are creating the danger every dog can become.
If all these sick individuals got themselves a labrador and taught him/her to become an uncontrollable beast, this breed would make it to the top ten of "potencially dangerous dog breeds" within a few months.

If we really want our society to be more safe regarding dog bites and also animal abuse, we FINALLY have to control ourselves with publicly accessible animal abuser registries, ban of pet ownership (regardless of the species and breed) for offenders who have been convicted of violent crimes, drug- addicted people, alcoholics and violent psychopaths whose psychopathology has already been noticed at appropriate mental health facilities. It has to be possible to take animals away from them immediately, the moment one of these reasons is detected by authorities, a family member or even a neighbour.
Additionally pet breeding must be made illegal as long as shelters are filled with their "surplus", so that they FINALLY can do what they are named for: protect, care, rehabilitate and re-home lost, abused and unwanted pets and STOP killing healthy adoptable pets, while new pups and kittens are born to be the next usable toys for irresponsible, selfish or even psychopathological people.

Banning certain breeds has been and is still of NO avail, on the contrary, it only brought pain to responsible owners and much too often death to innocent animals.
We have to stop with hypocrisy and start to solve OUR problems, because that's what it is: OUR HUMAN FAILURE and above all OUR FAULT.

No dog has ever asked his/her master to make him/her a nervous, insecure, aggressive, scared or potencially dangerous part of our society - WE are the reason for all this madness, that dogs have to pay with their lives for!!!



2016-06-22 11:38

In my opinion is the problem not the dog, or the animal, the problem is at the other end of the dog leash!



2016-06-25 18:11

I cannot believe that in any free country a dog could be taken from their home on some sort of "premonition" the police seem to think they have, of this sweet family dog harming the child he so clearly bears such affection for. This is blatant prejudice and the sort of "mind-reading" that was in the futuristic movie "Minority Report". It is an outrage and as ridiculous as taking someones child because you think they look like a future "serial killer"! This must be stopped!!!



2016-08-04 03:57

I sign this petition because i sympathize with owner and his daughter. I feel for them because it is not right what system is making decision on what breed the dog is. The dog has not hurt anyone.

There is lot of stigma against pitbull because because of the media or society they are known to be vicious. You can not base that notion or facts on a dogs lives. It is how you treat a dog by showing love and affection. If you treat a dog bad and train him to do bad things. He will be aggressive. I feel it all on the owners and not on the animal. Owners have to be responsible people.



2016-10-02 12:53

I love animals



2016-11-02 00:36

I think all lives matter.


2016-11-02 21:26

go DOG GO lol


#1349 Teddy

2017-02-08 19:51

Any update on this dog I have two ABs they are the most gentle dogs I have ever met