Save teddy from being put down

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2016-05-01 17:11

It's wrong to take this dog from his family. Research has proven that BSL has made no difference in changing bite statistics. This case in particular is taking a loving pet from his family.



2016-05-01 18:44

As a pit bull owner, I am furious as to why these decision makers don't see the logic in punishing the act, and not the breed of dog.
This is the 21st century, people... we don't burn witches at the stake, we don't put Jewish people in incinerators, and we don't hang people because of the color of their skin... so why are we killing a sentient being, just because it looks a certain way? Unbelievable... the dog passed all of your tests, and STILL you want to deprive a family member of his very life? Shame on you, sirs... shame on you... how do you sleep at night?



2016-05-01 19:30




2016-05-01 20:17

Dogs that haven't done anything shouldn't be MURDERED due to someone's ignorance
BSL is Bull Shit



2016-05-01 21:47

It is absolutely disgraceful that a beautiful dog like Teddy who has never caused any problems, can be murdered just because of his looks.



2016-05-01 22:40

I am sick of people being above JUDGMENTAL about every single life in the world. A DOG is a DOG. Every life deserves to be respected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2016-05-01 23:18

Disgusting. BSL is a draconian law based on ignorance. Educate yourselves.



2016-05-01 23:39

The breed of dog does not say what kind of behavior they will have, it is how people choose to care for them! You can find a pit bull type that has been abused but still fall in love with a human that shows him love!!!!



2016-05-02 01:01

Let Teddy go home! If teddy has done nothing wrong except for being born a Pit Bull then he should be left alone to live in peace with his family.... If the courts let Teddy be put down, then the courts are no better then animal abusers.



2016-05-02 01:50

This is wrong!!!



2016-05-02 05:36

Because it all wrong you shouldn't judge a dog by its breed. This dog has done nothing wrong. It's a family member that has been suddenly ripped from its home & life to be stuck feeling scared &confused in kennels. So angry about all these dogs being taken!



2016-05-02 05:57

This old law needs to change.
We do not judge humans by the way they look,so why should animals be different.
This dog is part of this persons family.



2016-05-02 07:46

Totally ridiculous and unfair legislation..



2016-05-02 09:26

Teddy needs to go home! He is not a killer.



2016-05-02 09:28

This law is sick....they are killing these innocent family pets...idiotic!



2016-05-02 10:04

Teddy is no threat to anyone. Discrimination against breed type is wrong



2016-05-02 10:37

I know what it's like to have a pet stolen from you by police. And it's nit the breed it's the owner.



2016-05-02 11:03

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Its the owners the law needs to sort out not the dogs.
Staffordshire Bullterrier owner.



2016-05-02 11:47

This law is wrong. It should be 'deed not breed'.



2016-05-02 12:46

Absolutely insane! Pit bulls aren't what people should worry about, it's dog owners who raise their dogs to be fighting dogs or abuse them, that we need to be worrying about. This is ridiculous. My parents Lhasa Apso (cute little thing) put me in the hospital for 14 hours because she put holes in my hand from bitting me.... She was old, but still.... Not a pit bull!!!



2016-05-02 12:58

Dogs are what we raise them to be. My "pit bull" type dogs are great with people, cats and other dogs.



2016-05-02 13:07

This scumbag and the rest of the scum need to be locked up!! He's bragging how he's going to fight this poor dog, lock him up. It's disgusting and these poor animals loose their lives over this. Beat those lowlifes and put them in jail!!



2016-05-02 13:28

Dogs should be judged as individuals not by specific breed!



2016-05-02 13:47

I am a full blooded American Staffordshire Bulldog owner.....aka a pitbull mommy! My Blue baby is the sweetest, gentlest, & most intelligent dog I've ever owned. I have been attacked by a dog twice in my life; once by a Doberman & once by a Boston Terrier, but NEVER has my pitbull displayed ANY type of aggression towards a human or animal in the eight years she's been my furbaby. This racism against this breed needs to end now



2016-05-02 14:40

Because this law is just too ridiculous for words, the amount of expense for the families of these dogs is even more ridiculous. What bothers me more is that these dogs haven't even done anything, criminals get more rights than these dogs. There is no sense behind it, how can you remove an animal from its home for no reason other than its looks. It is beyond me, we are meant to be educated humans yet far from it with this sort of attitude and approach.