Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-21 20:16

Because I dont want another innocent dog to die.



2016-03-21 21:55

its wrong they are not dangerous its the human



2016-03-21 22:16

Followed story and this dog is not being given a fair hearing so wrong



2016-03-21 22:32

Stop BSL putting down innocent dogs



2016-03-21 22:39

I signed this petition because the poor has not done anything wrong. You name breeds to be savage however I have heard of Jack Russell attacking a human have they been incarcerated? No



2016-03-22 01:21

I have read a news article about this dog and he is described as a gentle creature. Please do not destroy him.



2016-03-22 07:11

because I want teddy saved simple as that xxx



2016-03-22 14:22

The whole Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) MUST STOP NOW. Innocent dogs are being torn away from their families and destroyed by people who obviously deem these much loved family members as a disposable commodity. This just wouldn't happen in human terms ... you don't kill the whole nationality because one person did wrong! If they could concentrate on policing the dog fighters, baiters and generally the people who make a tidy sum out of their barbaric animal 'sports' then this would be a more positive avenue and benefit people more than destroying any families loving pet and family member.



2016-03-22 16:04

I think it's is absolutely disgraceful that a gentle kind dog who has done absolutely nothing wrong should be subject to this , whoever made this desicion should be put down ! It would be like walking along the street and picking out a member of the public and arresting them when they have done nothing wrong !?! Totally bonkers ! Hope teddy gets justice and his family.


#1185 Read this....

2016-03-22 16:26


Gordie Lugna



2016-03-22 16:32

The Councilor that started all this should be ashamed ,Teddy is so obviousily not a Dangerous Breed and he should be back with his owner where he belongs you can not put him down when there is no evidence of any sort against this poor dog Good luck Teddy xxxx



2016-03-22 17:31

Every dog is capable. Should we eliminate them all?



2016-03-22 18:26

To punish the breed is wrong.
Also, It's not the breed that's bad- it's the irresponsible owners.



2016-03-22 18:32

If the dog is no danger and we have to be careful then let it live under good leadership.



2016-03-22 18:47

I thinks to many dogs get a bad name due to way some people bring them up, then everyone gets tarred with same brush which is unfair.



2016-03-22 19:22

Because he has a right to live me being a animal lover I don't agree with the decision to have him put to sleep I am a strong believer in it the dogs owner not the dog and he has not shown no aggressive behaviour



2016-03-22 19:25

I signed the petition because it's cruel as the dog has done nothing wrong



2016-03-22 20:24

This dear dog haven't done any wrong..... x let him go home and fair play to the owner u must love him x



2016-03-22 20:39

This generalisation is absolutely wrong. Each dog should be judged on its own merits as is for the owners. We had a white boxer who was mistakenly seen as a dingo us dog we lost him a year ago and in the 8 years of his life he never hurt anyone and was a friend and family member to us and all who knew him. Where we all seen other breeds who are accepted and we don't hear the same noise.



2016-03-22 21:25

No dog should ever be put down, it is the owners who are the problem. Treat the dog with respect and they will love you forever.



2016-03-22 23:40

Why put a healthy young dog down who is not vicious never snapped or bitten anyone dont assume all banned breeds are bad most of the time its the owners fault if they are



2016-03-23 01:00

Our law is a disgrace we can't let this happen!!!



2016-03-23 01:53

Deed before breed!!!!! Murdering an innocent animal is an injustice! The current law is inappropriate, it is not a tick box situation, this individuals circumstances are not the first of its kind ,it is wrong to put a dog with no history of attacks or aggression down no matter what breed, it's not about the breed it's the responsibility of the owners to instil discipline and train the animal, it's how the dogs brought up.....ANY dog can bite!!! That dosent mean all dogs should be wiped out!!!
Teddy's needs to be put back with his family where he belongs, he has done NOTHING wrong!!!!!



2016-03-23 07:49

Because Teddy is no more dangerous than any other dog and has done nothing at all wrong. If he was an agressive dog it would be a different situation.



2016-03-23 08:34

Please free innocent Teddy hes done nothing wrong. Its wrong that hes been seized just for his measurements & looks.the whole system is wrong & unjustified.