Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-23 09:56

Let's get teddy hone!



2016-03-23 09:59

It's unfair for any dog to be deemed as type bsl is the most stupid law possible and we shouldn't have it teddy has done nothing wrong bar to the law look type which in my eyes he doesn't he looks like the most gorgeous and soppy dog possible. You say it's for the child but you have no idea what you've done as that child will be missing a much beloved pet not a monster a pet. if he had previously attacked someone then you could use that line BUT HE HASNT.... Teddy should be home with his family not where he is now..



2016-03-23 10:36

Hope you get your boy home ❤️



2016-03-23 11:38

Teddy deserves justice and to be allowed to live a full life with his family. I hope Teddy is released soon and the government look at the laws as this is unacceptable.



2016-03-23 12:09

Because there is no evidence whatsoever to show that this dog is in any way dangerous.



2016-03-23 12:30

It is completely unfair to take the dogs life in this way.



2016-03-23 13:31

I think it's absolutely disgusting the way these dogs are treated! It's not The dogs it's the humans! And teddy hasn't done anything wrong so to end his life is horrible! Breaks me!!



2016-03-23 13:32

BSL should be abolished.... deed not breed.... Pitbulls were used as nanny dogs in Victorian times.... DEFENDING not attacking children.... despite lowlives using them for fighting it is still in their nature to protect children and not attack them!! Teddy sounds like a lovely family pet and does not deserve to be euthanised!! :(



2016-03-23 14:10

This furbaby deserves to be at home with his loving owner. No dog deserves to die for something he may or may not do.



2016-03-23 14:27

The dog has never done anything. Why should he be destroyed? It is likely he is no dangerous than any other dog.



2016-03-23 14:31

Unfair and cruel



2016-03-23 15:34

It's just very very wrong for anyone to take a life no matter what! Life and death belongs only to God!



2016-03-23 15:42

There are no bad dogs. Just bad owners. It is a shame that breeds get a bad rap for the damage caused by an irresponsible owner.



2016-03-23 19:00

It's simply a cruel and unnecessary punishment on an innocent animal.



2016-03-24 01:28

To stop this cruel illegal killing of certain dogs.



2016-03-24 08:03

The DDA is a terrible law, to deam dogs dangerous because of the their looks is incredulous. That is like saying a guy with tattoos is likely to commit a crime. Absolute rubbish, let this boy back home with his family.



2016-03-24 10:39

As I dog lover I feel so sorry for this family and Teddy. I know it wouldn't be so good for this family, but if they can't have him back why not offer him to another home without young children?



2016-03-24 12:00

Over the years I've read and learnt about the 'BSL' dog law . I'm disgusted at how many innocent dogs been destroyed for their appearance ( Death By measuring tape ) is what u call it .
Lately I've read on how these dogs are treated in police kennels , I'm horrified to say the least .
I see it as no different to saying all humans must be murderers or nonces. How ridiculous, we all have different temperaments. And can't be judged on purely what others do . Same for pit bulls and other banned breeds! !

Save this innocent dog from death as he has never comitted a crime . The system that dosent work is doing more harm than the innocent dogs :(



2016-03-24 19:36

Just because a pitbull is considered a dangerous dog it does not mean they are: it is more often than not down to the upbringing and training the dog has been given. Has the dog biten a human? If the dog has biten another dog that is natural behaviour but, even if the dog did bite another dog, was the pitbull provoked? There is plenty if dog owners that do not know how to handle their dog.....or they even allow young people to take them for walks that have no clue how to handle the dog. I have seen it plenty of times. People that want to have dogs should need a licence and training. Honestly, pitbulls are not as dangerous as they make us believe: it is their handlers that are dangerous for being so irresponsible!!!



2016-03-25 06:27

I am tired of seeing so many dogs taken from their families due to the BSL law.The needs to come to me



2016-03-25 10:01

Judge the deed, not the breed.



2016-03-25 20:51

Why does this poor dog need to be put down as stated never show any aggression owner willing to comply with certain precautions as stated have dog neutered an they still want to put this healthy dog to death its insane given that some of the criminal scum thats allowed to walk the streets let off with a slap on the wrist really makes me laugh wheres the justice in that !!



2016-03-26 09:29

We have always had a dog ever since our children were very small. A dog is a good companion for a child / anyone. I believed the newspaper aritcle that no reason had been provided why this dog should be put to sleep. Where is innocent until proven guilty.



2016-03-28 23:05

This judgement of dogs by breed has got to stop. It is grossly unfair. To take a dog from its family just for being a 'breed' causes the dog undue stress so of course he may not 'perform' as well as he could.



2016-03-29 06:19

This is discrimination! It is no different than discriminating against a person because of the color of their skin ! Plain and simple ignorance - every dog is born innocent.