Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-19 15:36

Pitt bulls are not the problem. There bad owners are the problem. Make pet crimes a felony punishable with serious jail time.



2016-03-19 15:38

This dog has never attacked anyone. He should not be killed because of how he looks.



2016-03-19 16:26

I signed because I don't believe in putting healthy dogs to sleep. This is a safe very much loved family pet



2016-03-19 16:38

I signed because the poor dog has been with the family and its up to this discerning owner to decide whether the dog is safe as no incident has occurred.



2016-03-19 16:50

While most officials are out trying to protect, you all are wasting time on a dog who hasn't done anything wrong. Do something more useful with your time and let this pup get back to his family.



2016-03-19 16:55

I think it's disgusting that they're willing to put an innocent dog to sleep despite it never having done anything wrong. I'm saddened that common sense takes a back seat to the individual merits of each dog and instead a 'blanket' rule applies to all. I'm completely in favour of the family who clearly know the dog better than anyone.


2016-03-19 17:03

The US has uneducated cities as well, one of them being Denver. The powers to be need to be fired from their positions for arbitrarly banning pit bulls from their cities, with no substantial decrease in dog bites from this ban.

Rescue a pitbull you will never regret it.





2016-03-19 17:07

Being a pit bull is not a  crime. Denver is another backwards city that bans pitbulls despite it from decreasing dog bite incidents in the City. Rescue a pit bull you will never regret it.



2016-03-19 18:05

No dog should be condemned to death just because it may have a certain breed in its lineage. This dog has harmed no one.



2016-03-19 18:44

Typical examine of legal tyranny and nanny state at work



2016-03-19 20:04

Disgraceful decision from the Magistrate. Obviously knows NOTHING about dogs!!!



2016-03-19 20:08

I am thoroughly dismayed that we have such ignorant & uneducated people actually being able to make these foolish & uncaring judgements.



2016-03-19 20:32

As a dog owner myself I would be distraught at this outside interference. All dogs have it in them to attack, usually in self defence BUT most live happily with humans who care about their welfare. Lets hope the petition



2016-03-19 20:37

For the reasons given, i.e. He had done nothing wrong and is part of a loving family



2016-03-19 21:04

Because Teddy seems to be a very loving dog and it makes me very sad to think that he may be put to sleep.



2016-03-19 21:27

Dogs are born innocent and can only be corrupted by the humans that raise them. No breed is evil from birth. Pleasegive this family this wonderfull dog back!



2016-03-19 21:48

This dog should be allowed to go back to his family. This dog looks nothing like a pit bull terrier. I sincerely hope he is saved as it will have a devastating effect on his 4 year old daughter.



2016-03-19 21:51

Because no creature should be killed based on what they "might do" in the future. The dog hasn't demonstrated any hostility thus far so there shouldn't be any expectation that he will. Humans would not be allowed to be judged like that. Let the mother decide what's right for her child.



2016-03-19 22:32

I believe that if any authority cannot state why an animal should be put to sleep, then it should not be put to sleep. Innocent until proven guilty.



2016-03-19 23:47

I think its a discrace what is happening here sentencing a dog that has never come to harm anyone they want to be ashamed of themselves and actually get dogs off the street that are actually harming people. Poor Teddy needs to be at home with his family and back to being loved and cared for.



2016-03-20 00:32

Because the judge is an ass. I have had powerful dogs all my life and know first hand how dogs can devote themselves to people. Especially children. This decision is wrong. Let's destroy all powerful dogs that belong to families with children!!!!!



2016-03-20 01:15

No animal deserves to be put down simply because someone thinks they're the wrong breed...disgusting !!



2016-03-20 02:13

I signed this petition because I own two adopted Pitt Bulls. They are wonderful dogs and have never showed signs of aggression. It is a very important cause for me because I believe the character of a dog is based on how they are raised, not their breed. Do not take away someone's pet, because to many people our pets are our family. My Pitt Bulls are my children.



2016-03-20 03:26

If you can't find the way to save him I would gladly take him to Canada to save his life.



2016-03-20 08:40

Because I want Teddy's life to be spared.