Freedom of Religion in Riverlea

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2012-07-20 10:32

This is a democracy... A country that says we have freedom of speech and who is trying to drive Transformation where by everyone must be treated the same... Transformation is suppose to include no Discrimination... This is beying discrimination. Ya Allah. They know not what they do..



2012-07-20 12:32

I think that is really oppresion the Muslim uma we have being doing this since inception of Islam



2012-07-20 12:32

Astagafirullah, Insha Allah. Allah will give Hediat to the non-muslims of Riverlea who started this uprising against our people



2012-07-20 13:26

Please name the intollerent bugers- I grow up in Riverlea and we never had this nonsence



2012-07-20 14:23

this is not on the ulama should take this the the equality court.cause this is intlorance again another religion and it is not fair to the muslims of south africa



2012-07-20 14:58

I agree we have all grown up in Riverlea and there was never a problem. Please let us live together in harmony, Live and let live life is to short let us all respect one another.



2012-07-20 15:54

As A Religious Call this should not be stopped 4 any reason as well as if it is not a new system in & around the areas why not stop people from playing loud music on the roads!!!



2012-07-20 16:18

Living in a culturally, religiously and ethnically diverse society the city council should have never even contemplated this decision in the first place as this democratic state by law says that we have freedom of religion and expression of that religion in anyway. This goes against the very fibre of democracy.



2012-07-20 16:37

Freedom of Religion it form part of the Constitution of RSA and we should be allowed to practice on our religion



2012-07-20 18:07

I live in Riverlea and confirm that I would like for the religious bells abd athaan to continue.



2012-07-20 18:45

I grew up going to mosque so if it is so then I will get a way to do what we do even if I get locked up for doing the right thing



2012-07-20 19:13

Dear City of Johannesburg

Why not get off your high horse and meet the people the Riverlea and those that have built it and kept it together. While you are at it spend some energy in getting rid of drug dens.

I don't know when the non-muslims in these communities became so hostile towards muslims.



2012-07-20 21:41

I thought we had 'freedom of religion' in this country. Are the churches, temples, synagogues and all other religous houses being subjected to the same treatment? For 45 years the Adhaan has been announced in Riverlea. So what's the problem now all of a sudden?



2012-07-21 00:35

Madness ppl don't respect other religions



2012-07-21 11:35

We should be free to practice our religion freely and now with it being ????????? the athaan is very important on us keeping track on time to open fast and close fast .



2012-07-21 12:39

Calling for prayer in muslim religion is ver commom all around the world! Like church uses the bell! This is just useless excuse on useless matter.



2012-07-21 12:46

People who apose this are utter looses
With nothing to show for in their lives,just there to be there pestulant selves,curse them



2012-07-21 13:42

This is not fair if u hav to do this then take the Christian bell out or break the church



2012-07-21 22:10

All the best in this quest.I make dua dat my signature will make a difference in this plight Insha Allah.Will continue to send this msg to as many of my friends as possible.



2012-07-22 00:37

I don't see the azaan a problem in this area with the azaan which is less than 5 minutes, 5 times a day. The traffic and trains. Make a bigger noise.



2012-07-22 00:54

Since we'v become a democratic society,and religious freedom is part of our constitution.we should have all rights to practice as ordained by the Holy Books.



2012-07-22 00:56

What happened 2 the so called rainbow nation.We have rights & GOD is watching, we suppose 2 respect one another's religion & giving the athaan is a call 2 come 2 prayer coz' prayer is better than sleep.



2012-07-22 01:37

Disgusted. They're following suit of foreign countries. What next, our mosques ?,dressing ?, way of life ?.... Its scary just thinking of it.



2012-07-22 01:39

Disgusting. Soon they'll be
Asking for more. Its scary just thinking of it. Insha-allah. Allah will protect us from what's worse to come. They're following suit of foreign countries.



2012-07-22 06:54

The call to prayer can never be stopped

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