Keep 19 Kids and Counting on TLC!

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2014-11-19 17:01

We support you Duggar family!!!!



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2014-11-19 20:08:21

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 HATE IS NOT OKAY! cancel the show. 


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2014-11-19 21:43:27

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 I support you 100% Love your family and your show! God Bless!

Loving Reasoning Water Bearer

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2014-11-19 22:22:48

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Nature is a wondrous force of creation, from biogenesis to the complexity of humans with nothing more complex than human emotions. Of all human emotions none are more complicated and more base then that which is termed as personality and se...xual orientation.
Sexual orientation is that which orientate (starts/begins/triggers) the electric pulse that activates the pleasure center in the brain in which orientates all the biological chemicals in the body that ends with what is termed as a orgasm.

A wise person seeks to understand, to come to know the common element that binds us all together. For only through understanding can we hope to learn how to overcome what hinders us and coexist peacefully with one another.

Love is what drives us to care for one another. It is through love and being cared for that we are able to grow. Love is the only thing that can give us something that we can value more than our own lives.

As it is written, as you sow so shall you reap. So sow only good things and love. As it is written, You shall love God (the creator/Oneness/or by what ever other name) with all your heart and your neighbor (Those that need help/everyone else) as yourself.
As you judge so shall you be judged. What measure you measure it shall be measured to you. For all that you project to others it shall come right back to you. For not one jot in the book of life shall be erased. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Everyone has infinite worth and that should never be forgotten.

Knowledge, wisdom, love, and spirituality. Chose any or all of them.

Always it has been but now more so than ever, ignorance is a choice.

Their is nothing more painful then being spiritual disciminated against. So many people are harmed by this. It inspires anger and hatred against good people. I thought they said that they didn't judge but they support so much heart break and pain. Life is hard enough without dealing with all sort of abuse like this and worst.


Jesus never asked like this. Can't we all learn to love and accept one another without causing so much hurt. God bless those who suffer like without empathy and understanding from others and worst of all those that suffer and cry in silence and can never be who they are and so can never truly grow to their greatest protental. 


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2014-11-20 00:17:52

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 Love this show!!!!! 


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2014-11-20 00:24:10

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 Keep 19 kids and counting!!!!   We as heterosexuals have the right to believe what we believe.  I will not be ashamed for standing up for what I believe in.  The head of these programs or channels need to not back down to this. If you don't like the program, turn the channel.  I would like to continue to enjoy wholesome, moralistic television. 


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2014-11-20 00:26:12

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 i love the show i  watch it every tuesday night  ,love how they are al2ways happy 


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2014-11-20 01:51:48

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 I guarantee that the people signing the petition against the show have never watched the show, to begin with. They're pushing an agenda. They cant live and let live. This is fascism at it's most venomous.


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2014-11-20 01:55:53

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 what happened to freedom of speech?


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2014-11-20 02:18:54

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 Love this show and the Duggers.  Don't cancel them.


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2014-11-20 02:51:47

#1: -  KEEP THE DUGGARS ON TV this should be a non issue---sick to death of the bully tactics to lgbt people---the Duggars are God fearing Bible believing people whose values and beliefs have NEVER BEEN HIDDEN from the public-of course they would not want not want anyone but rioughtously married married people in their kissing challange--get over it and go away



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2014-11-20 02:54:06

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 i do want to keep yall


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2014-11-20 03:20:56

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2014-11-20 04:06:16

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 i love this show i am praying they stay on they have never said anything hateful, as a christian i know what the bible says and they have a right to say want they please cause of freedom of speech, just another thing to throw at us christians. i dont agree with being gay but i aint going to judge u not my job its gods.


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2014-11-20 05:01:41

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 I love this show!!  Its one of only a few decent shows to watch..  Please please do not cancel this show over this nonsense



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2014-11-20 05:52:33

#1: -   I love the Duggars!  Don't like or agree? turn the channel!!

Teddi Jane Stone

#1309 Teddi Jane Stone

2014-11-20 07:57:34

Love the show!! We DVR not to miss! You rare in our prayrws Duggars!! I do not like bullies! It is just like them to try and catch you in something! They are jealous! Love your family!!!Inspiring!




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2014-11-20 14:04:27

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 This is rediculous that we would have to sign a petition to keep The Duggars on the air. This is still AMERICA, the land of the free. I love the Duggars. Imagine what this world would be like if we all lived the standards of the Duggars. I can say that if they are taken off I will NEVER WATCH TLC again and I will demand it taken off my satelite. 



2014-11-20 15:06:04

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 What a wonderful show! The gay community doesn't want us to hate them and we don't want them to hate us by creating such craziness as trying to get the show canceled. I don't understand, if they don't agree, don't watch. end of story. The Duggars are the best thing on TV and I would completely stop watching TLC if they were to cancel this great show. I support them 110%.


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2014-11-20 16:37:58

#1: -   I support TLC, there are shows on the station that I will not watch because I don't agree with there content.  Very TV has a button that changes the channel.  If you don't agree with the show, turn the channel, don't support the advertisors, vote with your feet and funds.  Taking the Duggar family off the air will not eliminate hate.




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2014-11-20 16:52:35

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 This show promotes long term marriage and family. People from all walks of life can learn everything from  how to handle a family to staying in a long term marriage (which seems near impossible these days). They have a beautiful family and should be proud of it!

love, God ; Love, Each other

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2014-11-20 18:59:04

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 This show actually role models how to love God and love each other.  The greatest commandment as stated by Jesus.  Why would anyone want to cancel one of the few lights among all the darkness?


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2014-11-21 03:53:29

l1: -  carebear

 How many people you u 2 sing hope u get your gole


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2014-11-21 11:28:00

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 This is an uplifting family friendly show that TLC needs to keep on air. 


Country Patsy

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2014-11-21 15:37:16

Everyone has the right to the freedom of speech, here in the United States, it is written in the Consitution. The laws written by our forefathers.  As they came from country's that surpressed the freedom of speech.

The GLBT community, have the same rights.  A lot of Americans agree or diagree.  We can voice our opinion, in favor or not in favor. 

If we stayed in our homes, never to read a newspaper, magazine, or watch television, or had computers, we would never know about these issues.  That would put us back in time.  And everyone would have their private lives not knowing anything about the world we live in.

And if everyone stopped people from expressing their opinions then we might just as well forget the Consitution of the United States, and become a third world country.



#2315 Keep the Duggars on TLC!!!!

2014-11-21 17:57:51

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 The duggars have a right to stand for what they believe in and we all should! If TLC decides to remove them I will no longer watch or support TLC in any way!!!

4 the Duggar's


2014-11-21 20:08:35

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I love this family, their show, and that they are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Keep the show TLC!


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2014-11-22 04:36:22

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 love the Dugger's and their values. I know they will stand wrong in their faith in God. 


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2014-11-22 14:55:20

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I don't agree with everything they do but The family is very close nit and happy and loving so keep it on the air we need that these days.



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2014-11-22 18:05:13

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 The Duggar Family has NEVER expressed hatred toward ANYONE or ANY GROUP of people.  They have rights and are entitled to their beliefs and opinions just as ALL Americans.  Shame on those who are plotting to have their show removed from television.  Thank God for a wholesome televison show.

Jen M

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2014-11-23 03:53:32

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This petition FOR the Duggar's seems more popular. They have 153,000 signatures. Please sign this one as well! And share with your friends!! 

Strong supporter

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2015-05-27 00:53:52

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 We support the duggars family.  They did the right thing by going to the elders and getting the police involved. TLC wants a reality show.  This is true reality.  Let them see that no family is perfect but forgiveness goes a long way.  Josh I am sure is humiliated by this transgression and would do anything to take it back.  TLC needs to get a grip and realize that when they put a show on that is reality they need to support reality. TLC should not run away when a real life reality happens.  To TLC is all about the money.  They received a full share of money. That is what it all comes down too.  KEEP THE SHOW ON TLC AND SUCK IT UP.  IT'S REALITY...