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2014-11-19 20:08

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 HATE IS NOT OKAY! cancel the show. 


Citizen that believes in our Constitution

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2014-11-19 20:14:52

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 but...opinion and freedom of speech are okay....i may or may not agree with the statement made...however, that is my right and priviledge in this country.... to cancel a decent show because of the opinion of one of the family is wrong....and serves nothing but to empower more hate and prejudice..... if TLC cancels the show because of this....then I cancel TLC for going against the constitution of the United States by limiting the freedom of speech of a citizen of this country.


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2014-11-19 20:19:37

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 neither is you hating on the Duggars.


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2014-11-19 20:39:42

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 The only hate is from the gay community and if you watched the show you would know that


#62 Where is your proof of 'hate' from a very loving family?

2014-11-19 20:45:06

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 Just because someone believes something different that you do does not constitute 'hate' on their part.  Before spreading your own version of hatred, provide some specific instances where the Duggers expressed hate for the gay community.  Saying something does not make it truth.


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2014-11-19 21:15:47

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 What a stupid and ignorant statement. Hate is very acceptable. To hate the molestation of children is acceptable. To hate the rape of women is acceptable. To hate the torture and murder of innocent people is acceptable. I can go on to list many actions that are acceptable to hate. Additionally I can go on to list many actions that are unacceptable to love. You are ignorant and uninformed to write that hate is not okay.


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2014-11-19 21:29:32

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 Since when is opinion considered hate? There are all kinds of shows on tv that show the gay lifestyle, no one is trying to cancel them.


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2014-11-19 21:41:47

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 Do you hate everyone you disagree with?

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2014-11-19 22:00:58

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 Totally agree with your statement....Discrimination is not Christian! ANd I do see these people as dysfunctional!


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2014-11-19 22:49:29

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 then why are you hating on the Duggars?  See?  Simply disagreeing with someone does not equate to hate does it?  Or if you do hate the Duggars, then why do you advocate against hate when you do it yourself?  Either way you are in a constradiction.


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2014-11-19 23:19:59

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 How is that hate???


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2014-11-20 00:09:12

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 Geez!  Really?  Just because you don't agree with someone's lifestyle does not mean you hate them.  Why don't you get that???


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2014-11-20 00:26:08

#24: T - Re:  OK, then cancel all the shows that have gay people on them like Gray's Anatomy, and the others!



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2014-11-20 00:52:30

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To believe differently than onothe

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2014-11-20 01:51:43

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 "HATE IS NOT OKAY! cancel the show."

The fact that you want them to not have a show as a result of their Christian faith and lifestyle is a hateful act. You are being a hypocritical bigot by slandering a good family because you don't share their faith.


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2014-11-20 01:56:35

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 There are more of US than there are of YOU!  Don't watch the show if you don't like it.  In all the years I have watched the show there has not been one word said about Gay people.  Not one word nor has the show tried to push their religion and way of life on the audience. 

IF YOU DON'T agree with the values of this family THEN DON"T WATCH IT!


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2014-11-20 02:14:42

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 get over yourself you are the one that just hates it agaist the lord and the bibal KEEP THE SHOW you dont like it dont watch it 


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2014-11-20 02:45:24

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 Disagreeing with someone or about an issue is NOT hate.  We all have different opinions about many things even in our own family....I believe the Bible and its teachings....that is my right.  Others don't believe it....That is their right.   That doesn't mean we hate each other.


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2014-11-20 03:37:16

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 Okay, there's other people in this world that are against it. They aren't the only ones. There's plenty of other people that have spread hate on TV and nobodys done anything. It's part of their belif and it really shouldn't matter.


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2014-11-20 06:14:05

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 Actually, it is not "hate" at all as you call it....but is described by Jesus Christ himself as one of the commandments to "love" your neighbor as yourself.  Why is it love, to call out "homosexuality?  Because Jesus clearly told the Apostle John, in the book of Revelations, that homosexuals and other sexual deviants, hypocrites, etc.... would NOT enter into eternal life or the "kingdom of God". So you folks that say the Duggars have "hate" are badly mistaken.  Pray for your repentance folks, before it's too late!  :-)  


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2014-11-20 12:38:35

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 Then maybe other shows that have gays on them should be cancelled because people "hate" that.  Scandal and Grays are 2 shows that come to mind.  How about this. Grow up to don't have to like everyone. That's part of this free country.  Why does one group get to say what we will watch.  Grow up people.  



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2014-11-20 14:07:47

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 no,  hate is not ok.  They do not hate anyone.  But you seem to hate.


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2014-11-20 18:20:39

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People are putting words in their mouths.  They haven't said they "hate" anything, or come out publicly against gays.  As a matter of fact, they've never even mentioned gays.


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2014-11-20 20:06:42

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 They didnt say they hate gays. U can love the person but not like there lifestyle.  Dont watch it.  Watch the nude show and the ugly talk.


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2014-11-21 01:55:46

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 How is not agreeing with someone hate??? I disagree with my husband, kids, parents, sibilings, coworkers ect. all the time, but that doesn't mean I hate them. I simply am disagreeing with them. But we have mutual respect for one another and we agree to disagree if we cannot work out the problem.


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2014-11-21 03:14:31

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 You do and we cancel TLC!

Mimi of5

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2014-11-21 08:01:50

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 they have a right to their opinion just as you have the right to yours.  I may not like their views on same sex rights (I am for it), but I do enjoy the show.


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2014-11-21 19:35:38

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 You my friend are very uneducated, and you really should go back to the drawing board before you attempt have a show removed that is the most decent show on TV! In no way has hate been shown EVER by the Duggars for anything! Just because they don't agree with the gay and lesbian life style, as well as many of the rest of us, that doesn't mean we hate! You can not force us to believe the same as you!! With that said, that doesn't mean we hate you! I have a close family member who is gay and I love him with all my heart...but I do believe that the gay and lesbian lifestyle is anti-christian. If God had made us to be gay and lesbian, we wouldn't have this situation because none of us would be here! He made man and woman to precreate...hence your ability to exist!


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2014-11-21 22:54:54

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 if hate is not o.k. then why do you hate ?


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2014-11-22 01:37:17

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 I agree with you.


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2014-11-24 01:25:48

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 Just because someone does not agree with your lifestyle you should not try to cancel their hit show that millions of people like. If you dont like the show dont watch it.  If I dont want to watch those 2  fashion gay guys making fools of themselves on Bravo I switch the channel. Simple as that. As far as the Duggars saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I agree. I will never change my mind.


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2017-09-22 01:08:23

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 i do agree with you that hate isn’t acceptable but this show shouldve been canceled days ago cause we know that overpopulation is an issue for us humans. the populaiton has to be reduced.