sam coner

#1 we are the voice.

2010-09-14 08:18

all together .

Pam Kirby


2010-09-14 08:21

After reading this, and knowing k9's the way I do(24 yrs trainer, breeder,groomer & handler)This dog, Tyson, didn't have "PARVO". It takes at least 10 days to see signs of Parvo, once coming in contact with it.

I feel This is a INJUSTICE to Tyson(because of his breed). I also feel this shelter should be closed down. This family did every thing possible to find their family pet & was, LIED TO! To this shelter Tyson was a NO-BODY, but he was a living, breathing mammal that had feelings, he wasn't given a chance at life. Plus his family wasn't given the chance to claim him.



Amanda Houchin

#3 Such a sad day!

2010-09-14 08:27

To know that someone has the audacity to kill another creature even when they know that someone is in seach of them, begging people to find him, still hoping that he is alright.... that is just a nightmare... That is a story to tell your children when you want them to cry, when you want adults to shudder and wonder if their pet is next because the shelter system let people down.


They did not even follow their own policy... What is that for then? To look pretty? Speak up people! Make sure your system is working for you! Do not let your precious pet be next. You leave him/her out and she gets scared and darts away.. The next thing you know you're finding out the hard way that they were killed because they "smelled funny"..


No one deserves to be killed from the way they look, the way they smell, especially if you are conered, hurt, and scared. Think of the owners, the people who loved Tyson, and sign this as a reminder that you will not allow such injustice to happen to your animal or any other just because they are different in some way or another...OR are a certain "Breed"

Brittany Truxton

#4 Why?

2010-09-14 08:36

Why could anyone do this to such a sweet animal! Pit bulls should not be disparaged because its not the dog its the owner! Anyone who is smart should know this!

John N


2010-09-14 15:15

This is unreal something must be done to stop this garbage against the greatest breed of dogs

Christina Pestana

#6 Tyson

2010-09-14 18:02

This whole situation is so tragic. Tyson had waited for a home to call his own and not even a day after being adopted he was PTS by a vet who claimed he had PARVO.  I feel the ACO's should have put a lot more effort into finding an owner before authorizing his death.  The cover up is what bothers me more than anything. The run around given to people searching for him.  The horrible attitudes of the ACO's and shelter workers at PAC.  They should all be removed from their positions and replaced with people who at least have an interest in the well being of animals under their care.  One of the workers has a horrible comment on her Facebook page stating "wait until the new mayor is in office - he's going to ban all pitbulls Bahahahahaha you fools".  What a horrible person she is - she should go work for an exterminator if life means so little to her!!!

jeffrey gelinas

#7 what the hell

2010-09-14 18:18

its time to stop this we need to stop providence cold

Donna Rodrigue

#8 Tyson

2010-09-14 21:34

It's terrible what happened to Tyson.  My heart would break in two if that happened to my dog.

RIP Tyson

Kim Penque

#9 RIP Tyson

2010-09-14 21:35

Tyson was a GREAT dog...who deserves to be with us today!  A suit was filed in RI Superior Court on Friday September 10th - Tyson will be heard!




Here is his Video I made....


Brett Watson-Rose


2010-09-14 23:46

Tyson was an amazing dog.. A true Ambassador for all Pitbulls..What happened to him was just plain wrong.. This would not have happened if he was any other breed..People need to stop being so ignorant and open minded about pitbulls.. Stop listening to the media and form your own educated media..


#11 Tyson-RIP baby..

2010-09-15 00:01

I cried my heart out..That is the most horrible thing I have heard..That poor baby did not deserve what happened to him..Those people should be shot for what they did to Tyson..They are supposed to be there to help animals not kill them..I hope someone finds those people & kicks some ass..YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN TYSON..GBU BABY RIP..

Jennifer Akes

#12 Tyson and our loss

2010-09-15 00:09

Tyson was murdered in the back of a animal control van because they felt he had Parvo.  Although no test had been done to prove that the animal in question was ill prior to being put to sleep forever.  His owners and freinds looked for him, including posters, door to door, and roaming the neighborhoods in which they believed he may be found.  They repeatedly called animal control and even shared photos of the dog in question, directly to the man who picked him up.  Since he was a "Pit Bull" type of dog they felt he was unimportant.  He was important to anyone he had crossed paths with.  He never acted aggressively, although he was ill and required medicine.  He was simply a "Pit", referred to as one of those "BREED" dogs by animal control.  I am aware that animal control is flooded with animals and that it is not difficult to lose track of one dog when dealing with so many.  But only due to the perserverance of his owners was his fate finally found out.  This cannot be tolerated.  If my own personal pet was picked up by animal control I would like to think she would be returned to her home.  This is unforgiveable and needs to be punished.  How would you feel had this been your pet?

Isaac Akes

#13 Tyson's murder

2010-09-15 00:22

I have a pit and have had pit mixes all during my lifetime.  These animals deserve our respect and gratitude for their loyalty and loving nature.  They do not deserve to die in the back of a dark van because some idiot thinks they know how Parvo smells.  I think it is a dark day when a dog owner cannot find his animal due to animal control and their inability to keep track of their charges.  We trust these people to protect us and keep dangerous animals off the street and yet they took the life of an animal that was not aggressive.  I feel that the individual who picked this animal up should be terminated from his employment, he has proven he has no respect for life or the animals in his charge.

Athena Elizabeth Avery
The author of this petition

#14 To thank every one

2010-09-15 00:48

I want to thank evry one that has signed and commented on TYSONS PETITION to help be his voice and make It heard

Heather Feeley


2010-09-15 02:14

This is a very sad situation that should not of happened in the  first place

Sue Brown


2010-09-15 02:26

get those numbers up for Tyson, his family and his breed!

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2010-09-15 02:33

Athena Elizabeth Avery
The author of this petition

#18 we are

2010-09-15 02:35

I also have 3 family members that are taking paper petitions to work with them as well with his story

Athena Elizabeth Avery
The author of this petition

#19 shows who cares

2010-09-15 02:45

It just goes to show that there really are people out there that do care and that are willing to really help make a change and we should not stop no matter what

nikki medeiros

#20 Providence Animal Control Should Be Euthanized

2010-09-15 03:54

i am so sorry for your loss that is a disgrace providence animal control has always been heartless pieces of shits and always will be its a paycheck on friday for them and killing harmless healthy dogs is therev proffession they are heartless scumbags and should be cremated after they serve jail time for all they hacve done to these harmless dogs  

joann beaudoin

#21 tyson's story

2010-09-15 04:32

 it not  right that this goes on but it does ever day.

Teri Story

#22 Tyson

2010-09-15 05:05

These people should never be able to work with any kind of animal again.

juanita M. roberts

#23 Tyson's rights...and right's for all...

2010-09-15 05:34

I am proud to read and sign this petition for Tyson. Tyson's story is shocking, and appauling. Put yourself in Tyson's families shoes. To anyone....if Tyson was your dog, and you where put in the position...what would you do??? to what means would you take this to??? would you react this way??? would you want your Tyson vindicated????   i thought so.


#24 Ty Ty Baby

2010-09-15 05:56

You are now and will always be loved and remembered! You are the stars in the sky, the wind in our faces and the love in our hearts.  For this we WILL be your voice and we will see that justice is done, and Baby Ty Ty, because of you, a difference will be made!  Love you now and forever.....Smooches

Joyce Ann Avery


2010-09-15 05:58

I think that they are carrying the pit bull problem too far, it depends on how they are raised and because a feew want to fight them, some people think that the breed is bad. That is not true when raised properly they can be just as good as any other dog.