We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

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2015-02-18 10:54

quel connerie de nos democrate européen



2015-02-21 05:28

Better for the pups, because the all need a good socoalization of there fututre boss and owner..



2015-02-22 23:25

I have followed a course about dog behavior and its true that the socialization of pups between 8 and 12 weeks are very important. When pups don't learn the usual stuff they, when they don't have contact with unfamiliar things, people and animals, it means when they get older and gets involved with an unfamiliar thing that should be normal to him, he can get anxious or aggressive. All because he missed an import piece of his life.



2015-02-23 12:21

Warum sollen Welpen aus tollwutfreien Ländern tollwutgeimpft werden, nur weil sie in ein anderes Land reisen? Es reicht doch, die Hunde dann dort nach dem empfohlenen Impfschema zu impfen.
Und illegale Welpenhändler wird diese Reglung nicht von ihrem Treiben abhalten. Bestraft werden mit dieser unsinningen Reglung nur seriöse Züchter und verantwortungsvolle Welpenkäufer. Wieder einmal ein Beamtenwitz.

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2015-02-24 14:11

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 Giving a pup rabies vacine at 8 weeks old is diabolical and should never be allowed.

Anyone who does this, dosen't have the animals true welfare at heart.

Needless to say, I wouldn't sign this petition.


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2015-02-24 20:48

#130: Margy - Re:  

 Margy, it's not the question we want to give rabiesvaccination at 8 weeks but just till last december we could bring puppies in europe to most of the countries before the age of 12 weeks without any rabiesvaccination  Now that is not possible anymore and the breeders have to keep their pups till 15/16 weeks when they are sold to owners in the neigboring countries. When you only have sold one or two puppies outside your own country it's not a big problem but their are breeders at the borderlines of their countries who sell almost all puppies to the country next to them and even if the new owner is only at 30 miles away he needs to stay with the breeder. And all this is not good for socializing a pup and as a owner you also want your pup around 9 weeks of age ! Hobby-breeders quite often take hollidays to raise a litter and they can not keep a puppy till 16 weeks so they have to cancel foreign demands for puppies so it's also not in the interest of the genepool in several breeds.



2015-03-01 15:50

This is absolutely absurd! You are punishing good breeders because you can seem to regulate puppy mills and even with these regulations puppies are still being driven across borders.



2015-03-07 11:50

Pups van erkende fokkers moeten dit kunnen....



2015-03-14 16:25

bad thing to forbit travel before 15 weeks!!



2015-03-14 17:48

It is best to do the first socialisatie by the new owner and not in a kennel..this law could develope dangerous dogs who not have been socialist.



2015-03-22 08:43

It is wrong for my puppies to travel so late. They miss out on excellent one to one with the new owners. It is a serious increase in the cost of shipping too. Also it is detrimental to my own dogs who will be overcrowded by the fact I gave to keep several extra dogs needing a lot of attention.



2015-03-23 11:23

Vet regulations in EU are getting more and more perverse, supporting money making and harming the welfare of dogs!



2015-03-23 11:29

I sign this Petition because it is against wellfare of our dogs. We need rules agains dog shops and puppymills.



2015-03-23 15:39

Nonsens att driva hetsjakt på väluppfödda hundvalpar med stamtavla. Dumt är bara förnamnet...



2015-03-24 07:02

Very important issue for our pedigree dogs and the people who really care about the dogs!



2015-03-24 18:25

This type of decision are taken by people who have never breed a sheep dog which needs a good sociabilisation. 8 weeks is the right moment to start in the new environement .Have you already seen what a10 or more litter over 10 weeks old ?



2015-03-24 18:29

Because its important for us pedigree breeders!



2015-03-24 20:06

As a many dog-owner and about 35 years of breeders-experience my opinion are that those weeks are very important for the connection between puppy and owner/family.



2015-03-25 20:58

becouse I agree with this



2015-03-26 20:09

12 weeks is far to early for rabies vaccination. The puppies loose important time wiht their new owners. Breeding will be much more difficult! And it will not affect the puppy mills!



2015-04-16 19:35

The age between 8 and 12 weeks is an important period of the pup's life. It is time when they are supposed to go to their new homes - not to unburden the breeder but to make ties with it's new family. To force the puppy to stay with its parents and breeder until 15 weeks is not only hard for the new owner who misses the precious weeks of cuteness and fast learning of good home behavior, but also for the puppy that does not experience the new environment at the age best suited for such learning.



2015-05-15 12:59

Change the rules back to how they were before!
Or at least make exceptions, if people travel with only 1 or 2 puppies. The puppymills will keep on producing, changing papers and travel with 20 to 80 puppies at a time. These new rules will not stop them!



2015-05-15 17:17

I am a German breeder of English Cocker Spaniels. We do have Maximum one litter a year. We do live close to the Dutch boarder and have several families over there who got a puppy from us. For the pups it is very important to come to know there new home at least at the age of ten weeks to be socialized well.



2015-05-20 17:51

The Puppies need there sozialisation . Please remember this!



2015-05-22 04:03

I think this is a bad dicision to try to ban the puppymills and bad breeders. It also effects the serious one's. As always the good will suffer from the bad and the bad will still go on.