We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

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2015-01-11 08:53

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 As much as possible and than I will try to send it to the belgium and dutch government and the EU government.


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2015-01-11 08:56

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 Luckily puppies to the US can go on a younger age and that's why it's a weird rule. I live in France and I'm happy to have puppybuyers from the US for that reason because than the puppy can leave at the right age. And also as a puppybuyer you want to have your puppy at that age to socialize it in your environment.



2015-01-11 10:02

This realy is a bad thing, when importing a pup at the age of 15 weeks ( 12 plus 3 weeks waiting time for the rabies ) we miss out on the most important socilisation period !

I know they try to prevent the import of pups / complete litters ( for selling purposes ) that are way to young to be taken from the mother but there must be a better way then this.....

And another thing... there is free traveling in Europe without border posts... so it's not gonna help against young pups being smuggled in. 




2015-01-11 10:04



2015-01-11 10:22

the new rules aren't reaching the breeders they were set up for, those breeders will continue to falsify and break the rules, only the good breeders and buyers will stick to this rule and good owners will miss important imprinting time



2015-01-11 11:26

This law created immense difficulties both for the breeders and potential customers from abroad. I do not want to import a 16-weeks pup for work; that means missing too much of precious time needed for bonding and socialisation. Also, many people just would not be able to afford paying so much extra to the breeder for keeping their pup till 16 weeks. Good pups are already not cheap. I might have to take a closer look at the imported dogs living in Russia and Ukraine, instead of buying directly from EU. Please think twice about this law.



2015-01-11 12:36

because the age of 8 weeks is the best time to get a pup and sociolise it ! when the pup comes from a rabisfree aria , there has to be an exception and the pup has got to be able to travel so the owners can get it home and let it learn all the stuff it needs for a good life!!



2015-01-11 13:48

this new rule only hits the good breeders. puppy mill breeders don't care about this and probably just change dates in their documents.
i'm also very opposed to vaccinating pups that young with rabies vaccin. it will probably cause serious health issues later in life...



2015-01-11 14:16

I would also revised export regulations for high quality dogs from countries such as Ukraine. We are required to test for antibodies and only after age of 7 months later we can export puppy. We vaccinate our dogs , every year, we are members of the FCI, which is the biggest canine organization in Europe and the world. Our dogs top class quality and we monitor the health of our animals better than ours. We do not breeding ill with rabies dogs, why we do not apply the rules correspond to reality?



2015-01-11 15:49

De socialisatieperiode voor het toekomstige baasje komt op die manier in bedwang. Ik moet ook geen hond aan 15 weken hebben...



2015-01-11 16:22

The puppy of mass transport control more strictly necessary !!!! The unique puppy delivery, from breeder - to the owner, currently operates normally.



2015-01-11 16:48

I agree with the others. It is no good to wait as long as 16 weeks before the puppy can come home to his owner.



2015-01-11 18:12

This is stupid!! This law has to change!



2015-01-11 19:05

This decision is made by incompetent people. Before establishing regulations concerning the puppies makers of law must have been aware of the dog behavior and the impact of such a stupid act on the future of puppies. It is absolutly negative. Veterinarians were absent from the reflexion ???? What about increasing dogs trafics ? Sad law for good dogs and good breeders.



2015-01-11 20:17

gdyby to przeszło byłoby super!



2015-01-11 21:13

Gebrek aan socialisatie zal leiden tot nog meer onhandelbare honden.



2015-01-12 03:21

World is full stubed rules. We don't need more!!



2015-01-12 05:46

This law was implemented to prevent the import of too young dogs coming from puppy mills or mass "breeders", mainly from the Eastern part of Europe.
We, the respective breeders are not be put in the same boat as above mentioned puppy millers who sell sick dogs in Europe.
Our rights to travel through Europe with our puppies has been taken away from us.
This is not democracy anymore, this is dictatorship, how far will it go in the future to take our rights away?


2015-01-12 09:02

By this new law are all GOOD breeders " punished while doing all possible effort to find a good home for the puppy's ( at the very important age of 8 weeks ) , even abroad



2015-01-12 09:59

Why this rule if you buy by the right kennels !!
We want our puppies home at a younger age...



2015-01-12 11:01

From 8 to 12 weeks is a very important period for the socialisation of the pup in his future home.



2015-01-12 11:03

Do not punish the good breeders? Better is to take care off the puppy mills!!



2015-01-12 15:19

But.......I want more control at the importdogs from other countries and the puppyfarms. And for bringing pregnant dogs to the countries. So, how can that be organized?



2015-01-12 15:27

To jest bardzo dobry pomysł, dlaczego starsze psy mogą a młodsze nie?? Jestem za i mam nadzieję, że prawo się zmeini



2015-01-12 18:43

It's terrible for the socialization of a puppy to wait till 15 weeks of age to leave the breeder!