We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

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2015-05-24 10:50

I recently imported a puppy from France to the UK. I missed the most formative weeks between 8 & 12 wks. She had no socialisation or experience outside of her kennel and whike she has a wonderful temperament, she suffers anxiety in meeting new peoole and other dogs.


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2015-05-26 12:28

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I think this is a bad dicision in order to try to ban the puppymills and bad breeders. It also effects the serious one's. As always the good will suffer from the bad and the bad will still go on.



2015-06-02 20:43

Because I believe that the socialisation of puppy by the future owner is essential for the bond between these two...



2015-06-05 11:38

Because we sit in the middle of this crap rule without know about it, just wanted a good family for our puppy!



2015-07-01 21:08

Ich züchte seit 2002 Briards und die wichtigste Zeit ist ab der 8 Woche, da sollten die Welpen in ihren neuen Familien sein. Dass ist durch die neue Bestimmung nun nicht mehr möglich. Tierhändler finden immer einen Weg. Wir als Züchter haben nun das Nachsehen



2015-07-28 01:36

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2015-09-05 12:25

Because I agree that the puppy needs to be with its new owners at the earliest time possible for the benefit of the pup and the future of the breed



2015-09-18 19:59

I think, that this EU-regulation is wrong! Animals and serious breeders are suffering - there are objective facts to change this regulation as soon as possible!!



2015-11-03 08:39

Die Verordnung, dass Welpen, die jünger als 15 Wochen sind, nicht mehr importiert werdenn dürfen - und zwar wegen der unbedingt notwendigen Tollwut-Impfung - ist nichtt zielführend! Da diese Impfung erst im Welpenalter von 12 Wochen durchgeführt werden darf (wobei viele Tierärzte inzwischen die Tollwutimpfung in tollwutfreien Ländern frühestens nach dem Zahnwechsel, also ca. ab 6 Monaten empfehlen!) und bei Import des Welpen aber schon drei Wochen zurückliegen muss, ergibt sich daraus ein Mindestalter des Welpen beim Import von 15 Wochen. Das ist nicht zielführend, denn damit nimmt man dem Welpenkäufer die Chance, seinen Welpen in der wichtigen Phase bis 12 bzw. 16 Wochen auf die neuen Umweltbedingungen etc. zu prägen und seinen Welpen zu sozialisieren!!! Und dem illegale Welpenhandel von Vermehrern wird trotzdem nicht Einhalt geboten, da jene Welpenhändler sowieso illegal agieren mit Welpenschmugel & Co!!!



2016-01-11 22:00

Because we bought our beloved Murphy, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, from a breeder in Ireland in 1993. He was a cute 8 week old puppy when he came to live with us in London, England and was the light of our lives until his passing in 2007. We now feel able to open our hearts to another Wheaten but, sadly, with this law, we will not be able to get a puppy from Ireland. All the best with the petition.



2016-01-20 00:29

a puppy until 8 to 9 weeks is a babydog, a 15 weeks old
is almost a teenager...a youngster! no one will have that for a start during important socialisation!
a serious breeder cannot socialize his whole litter together until 15 weeks! i fhe or she is having a seldom litter and has made friends over the World or in Europa, who are on a waiting list,
serious people have learned over the many years, it is super important a pup has a socialisation at his new home starting at 8 weeks,with cats that is 12 weeks! their is a big difference in cats and dogs! poor mum who has to keep her whole litter until
sooo big! the little baby's biting in her ears,they become little devils at this age! no dog mother can stand that,! this is too much for her! on the other she will get tooo much used to her kids, and become depressif when they will have to go after such long time of stay ,who has ever told politician to go in this without thinking one minute about that! !
make a difference between exellent pedigree breeders and pups ,with dna test proven parents,pra cat,hd ocd etc.., who do it to breed their love of live and others who do it only for the money become
if the rabies is after so many years a must... give it to pup at 6 weeks! i had my pup from uk earlier! and i was able to socialize my dear baby pup myself!
the pup has to be at his new home at about 8 to 9 weeks! for the new socialisation! everyone knows that, it is written in books since many many years! how do politicans deal with that! think!

only vets will become rich from all this crazy rules! it has no reason!
the "bread" breeders will stay! the good breeders will stop... the important exellent bloodlines will go.. 


the exellent pup people will have to stay in their own country , they will not drive for a youngster of 15 weeks over the frontier! in big breeds it is a giant allready, and it needs his new home for socialisation much earlier! if i have a litter they go to members of the holland club who live in holland since my breed is dearly loved by them, and has much more posibilities as belgium! exellent training courses, exellent walking places,free space, water, we meet talk and have exellent contacts! 

with this rediculous with no reason at all! i as so many others will be punished extreem hard, since i cannot have holland club members very serious people who are on a waiting list, they want a puppy from a certain exellent character line,

who parents and grand parents they know, but i am mostly sure this people i love to have for my exellent bred dearly loved pups, will not come over to me anymore to belgium, if they have to wait until long after the socialisation period! 

if they cannot have their puppy's as written in books from medicals, socialisatiors, kynologs etc..  since years : about 8 à 9 weeks , they will not come over to me and i will loose the people i wanted for a dear pups and to stay in contact with! 

those important people will go to another exellent breeder in their own country, and i will have to give them to belgium people i don't know, and have not the posibilities for the dogs of my breed like the hollander! 

shame the politicians who have done this to me! my hobby almost stopped! because of what you did! i'm so unhappy! 

i had planned a litter for my dearest only girl of almost 5, she never has has an earlier litter, i had my waiting list of holland exellent dog lovers, known by me , i wanted an exellent uk dog to become the father,it had all to become a dream, my dog was screened for hd, ocd, pra , cataract, had 2 x excl. on a show, has the most sweet character and is a beauty in every way! 

but now politicians choose the people for my future exellent pups! 

anyone with brains in dog world will not have a pup at 15 weeks  when it comes to a pup for socialising! no serious breederwhere pups are in the house can afford to keep an whole litter until 15 weeks! 

people take an extra holiday time at their work to breed a litter, we don't have enough weeks to stay at home for the pups until 15 weeks! 

pups become little devils after 8 weeks! the breeder can live in the country, the new owner lives in a town, the pup needs to socialize in time to overcome the difference! 

the breeder is not able , although when he should want too, to keep the pups so long in his house! the little pups become in some breeders giants,one or two ok, but a litter has sometimes 10 pups or more! 

and how will a breeder be able to make the "pups " clean all 10 together, i invite the ones who say to keep the pups until 15 weeks ??? try it out for me , if you can! 

have that politician's ever learned how to deal with that?


i can't believe it! this is taking my breath away! 



2016-01-26 13:59

We must fight against illegal breeding, rather than coming up with stupid laws.



2016-01-27 07:57

Because I´m FCI breeder and this is not acceptable for us.



2016-02-03 09:16

Think of bonding time for the puppys and new owners!!!



2016-02-03 10:27

Not many breeders have space enough to keep several puppies to 15 weeks age, amongst their own dogs. The age between 9-16 weeks, is an important age, where much effort should be put into the puppy, which will take much time for the breeder, who also have his own dogs, perhaps own puppy from the litter, and probably also an "ordinary job" to go to. . Also food and vaccinations cost much, so the price for a puppy staying 15-16 weeks, will inevitably be very high, because we must cover our own expenses. This had lead to that, that even though we get very many inquiries from abroad about puppies, we not often agree to keep a puppy for 15 weeks. This will probably develop into a problem - with higher inbreeding perfent in dogs, as not many will have the money to pay more for a puppy, and not many breeder are willing to keep puppies for so long. This is a not a good idea, if wanting to bring in new fresh blood the breed! The problem, is as far as I am concerned, the rescue dogs from shelters, that spread diseases, and unfortunately all too often come into the country with false papers of vaccinations, treatment and health condition. THAT is the problem that should be dealt with - not responsible breeders wanting to get new lines to the breed in their country.


#166 Rabies vaccines too young destroy a puppy's health

2016-02-03 14:48

The most serious part of this law, made by governments and not based on science, is the absolute danger and damage to a puppy this young being vaccinated for rabies. The science proves this is a damaging practice. When was the last case of rabies in humans in your countries? When was the last known case of rabies in humans from a puppy? While rabies is a serious disease it resides primarily in the wildlife populations.  In the United States we have an organization of scientists and veterinarians that have created the Rabies Challenge Fund. Their work involves education and revision of outdated and unhealthy rabies vaccine practices based on science and evidence. Their first victory was to get rabies vaccine schedules standardized in all of the u.s. to every three years, from mandatory annual rabies vaccines. Their next goal is to alter that schedule to once every 7 years throughout the u.s. and their final goal is to standardize rabies vaccines in the u.s. to once in the lifetime of the dog, as science has proved that ONE rabies vaccine is GOOD FOR THE LIFE OF THE DOG. And the adverse side effects of over vaccination from rabies has long term negative health consequences.  Let's keep the government out of our dogs health and rely on veterinarians that specialize in immunology. 



2016-02-03 15:11

We picked up our Dalmatian puppy on May 2015 from Italy to Switzerland when the puppy was 8 1/2 weeks old. Summer vacation crossing borders in June would be impossible in the future with a puppy.



2016-02-03 22:41

Puppies need to be with their new owners for the important bonding periods.



2016-02-03 23:20

I think it is essential to get dogs socialised properly. It should be started as soon as possible not after 15 weeks.



2016-02-03 23:33

Because the pups need to go to there new homes with 8 weeks
For socialisation



2016-02-04 08:17

I agree totally on all the points of this petition ! Follow this is absurd and leads to bad complications: in the offices they do not know our work with our dogs and puppies everyday day and every hour of our life and of our nights since years and years , our involvment!



2016-02-04 11:41

I signed this petition because it is best for the puppy to go to his new home as soon as possible after the age of 8 weeks.
Each puppy needs to spend at least part of their primary socialization period in the home where the puppy will live all his life.
As a breeder, I place great importance on socializing my puppies while they are with me, but I can never match each individual unique situation where each of the puppies will live in their new home.



2016-02-04 12:20

i am signing as i am a responsible breeder!


and vaccinating puppies against rabies at only 8 weeks of age will KILL many of them or will make them sick and many of these puppies will suffering for their whole life.


and this STUPID new law will NOT prevent ONE single puppy dealer from doing his job!!


this law is nothing but STUPID and makes me so sick, i can´t tell.


not one of these people has been thinking about the sideaffects of vaccinations, especially in so young puppies.

and the - not so new scientific knowledge - about how to vaccinate puppies and when, tells something very different.


justice HAS to give the police a law to work with these puppy dealers but not to paralyze us breeders´ good work.

at the moment they have to hand over the poor, mostly much too young puppies to the dealers after they have been cought.


so this law is ONLY against us breeders and NOT against puppydealers.

so can anybody please tell me the official reason for this law?


this is more than ridiculous! 

this is just crazy and blind justice, which only punishes true breeders but not the dealers!


it is time we serious breeders had a better lobby !!!



2016-02-05 12:56

I think it is very important for these puppies to be socialized with their new family at this critical age. Chances of a puppy coming into contact with something like rabies at this young age are minimal as most would be under constant supervision.



2016-02-05 17:16

Pups need to be with their new family from 8-9 weeks old, otherwise the will miss important social training which is needed in that age.