We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

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2016-02-06 10:39

Because I find it extremely important!



2016-02-06 13:18

Because people need to get their puppies sooner than 15 weeks of age.



2016-02-06 14:22

It is important that the puppies arrive at their home of permanent residence during the appropriate socialization and bonding period. I support what the author of the petition has written.


2016-02-06 20:13

This rule is not good for owner, puppy imprinting and breeder. Need absolutely to be changed !!!!!!




2016-02-09 17:02

Iám a breeder and follow the rules of the goverment and our club.
These new rules



2016-03-19 17:47

All my dogs are from abroad and it is very important to socialise the dogs properly! That has to be done within his/her first twelve weeks. First with the breeder and then with his/her family and before the anxiety period. Then the dog knows his/her family already and will feel more at ease and the dog will react better on this important periodin his/her life!!!! Liz



2016-04-06 12:46

I signed, because those rules against illegal puppies trades are making a lot of trouble to serious dog breeders and common dog owners and counteract species-appropriate growing up, socialisation, and education of dog puppies without any effect on the "dog mafia", which will find other ways to continue their crime businesses...



2016-05-16 20:29

16 weeks is toch old is not good for The pups



2016-06-17 08:28

We want to buy a puppy from abroad this year. I don´t like the law that says that puppies can only move with 15 weeks. We want to make the important socialization of our own that we can be sure that it performed well.



2016-06-30 04:20

Because of learning social behavior in the new home from the puppy between the 8 and 12th week.



2016-06-30 18:03

I hope it will be like before. I would like to import a puppie at the age of 8 weeks! In the way its now its very hard to find a breeder who can keep a puppie for such a long time, also is so much better for the pup to change home in the age of 8 weeks. Not 16 weeks old ...
Ethical breeder


2020-05-09 23:36

This law is really unethical. There is no way breeders are able to properly socialise several puppies until 15 weeks of age. 8-16 weeks is really important bonding period, so this ridicilous rule is damaging the overall health of the puppies. I absolutely think that the dog should be able to travel abroad after 8 weeks of age.