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Tami Gallagher

#1 Balanced school year calendar

2011-02-18 17:34

I find it deplorable that our elected officials take a survey of the community then go directly against the wishes of the people who put them in office to serve that community. RECALL!
Kristy White


2011-02-18 22:00

Teresa Baxter

#3 Please sign this petition

2011-02-18 22:17

Petition to bring back the Aug 1st calendar. Majority does count, make the school board see their error


#4 Spelling

2011-02-18 23:00

I'm all for this change, but for the sake of some credibility can the petition be amended to spell "calendar" correctly as opposed to the current "calender?"

Deborah Isenbletter

#5 August 1st Start Date

2011-02-18 23:22

Please sign this petition to see if we can the date changed back.
Janet Metcalf

#6 August 1 calendar

2011-02-19 00:18

Do not understand how our votes did not count - please explain
concerned parent

#7 calendar

2011-02-19 00:40

Is the spelling correct for calendar on the main page...just want to make sure?
Cristina Martin

#8 Majority rules

2011-02-19 01:12

What is the point of surveying, if you are not going to use the results?
Ericka Graziosi

#9 Give us back the Balanced Calendar

2011-02-19 01:57

I think what the school board did to the teachers, children and parents of Cobb County was out of line... they are here to help US... not themselves.... We voted the balanced calendar, it was promised for 3 yrs now lets keep it

Barbara Powell


2011-02-19 02:31

Why change it? Leave well enough alone. I have grandchildren in the CCSD and they love it.
Diana Haigh


2011-02-19 02:51

Very dissapointed in the school boards decision!!
Debbie Worthy

#12 Calendar

2011-02-19 03:07

I cannot believe that CCSD voted against a calendar that had the support of 82% of teachers, 69 percent of parents and 78 percents of students. Next time don't bother asking if you aren't going to listen to what we want!!!
Blake Tippens

#13 Abuse

2011-02-19 03:08

Regardless of my opinion about which calendar option was better, it really isn't the issue. The real issue is that elected officials gave a survey to their constituency under false pretense. It has nothing at all to do with the calendar. It has everything to do with an obvious abuse of power and a serious disrespect for democracy and the community they serve.
Rachel Wilson

#14 August 15th calender change

2011-02-19 03:15

this is supposed to be a democracy. not a dictatorship.
i think it's pretty obvious what everyone wanted.
i know who will be voted out next election
Marisa Pruss

#15 Balanced Calendar

2011-02-19 03:31

It is hard to imagine how board members could vote for a calendar that was clearly not favored by the parents, students, teachers, and staff. It is even more amazing that no explanation for this decision was offered on the Cobb county school website along with the decision. I know some board members ran on a platform of getting rid of the balanced calendar but that is not an excuse to disregard the will of the vast majority of more than 80,000 survey respondents.
Eve Wall

#16 Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 03:32

As a 24 yr. veteran teacher and mother, I did vote for the balanced calendar but only because of the Dec. 23rd winter break days of the other two choices. Even though I voted for the balanced calendar, I am not in favor of it. I simply voted this way in order to have the week off before Christmas. Technically, many of us are in the 82% of the people who are supposedly in favor of the balanced calendar but indeed do not support this concept. We were simply voting for Christmas.
Upholding Democracy

#17 Re: Balanced school year calendar

2011-02-19 03:32

#1: Tami Gallagher - Balanced school year calendar 

 Guess we were the monkeys who filled out the survey.  The survey was simply a means to appease the was obvious the Boardmembers chose to ignore the voice of their constituents!

Disgruntled Senior (High School, not citizen)

#18 Schedule

2011-02-19 03:39

I petition the calender revision for 3 simple reasons.
1. It was set in such a manner that it should remain the same for 3 years, to go back upon this flies at the face of order.
2. It appears that the majority is in favor of the current school year's schedule.
3. It causes needless uproar among our suburban community, and having to listen to this "hot topic" debate is infuriating.
Lynn Bixler

#19 Cobb County August 1st start date calendar

2011-02-19 03:43

The additional weeks off during the school year have made the larger class sizes and everything else bearable. Teachers and students need a break periodically.


#20 Calendar

2011-02-19 04:05

We need to get "calendar" spelled correctly~
Melanie Luther

#21 Guys! Correct spelling!!

2011-02-19 04:07

I've shared this on facebook and gotten a couple of comments about the misspelling of the word "calendar" I'm soooo loving the person who created this,  and am with you (and am myself a horrible "speller"), but change that "calender" to "calendar" so we don't get made fun of by "the other side" ;)


#22 Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 04:26

#16: Eve Wall - Re: Calendar 

 The reason people voted one or another is not at issue. The problem at hand is that the school board went completely against what the majority of stakeholders wanted in Cobb County. As taxpayers, we pay their salaries and we depend on them to represent us and support our wants/needs because we live in a country with a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY!! What happened last night at that board meeting was not at all democratic and it is completely unjust! I am a Cobb County teacher and since I am fortunate enough to have a job, I will be there to teach on whatever days I am told to be there. I am just not willing to sit back and let the board completely steam roll the majority of the people in the county. I am completely disgusted by this.


#23 Re: Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 04:33

I agree with you totally. I just wonder what the true percentage is of the people who are actually in favor of the balanced calendar rather than doing what I did...and I know of many others who did.. vote this way to on order to be off the week before Christmas. I truly believe the percentages are skewed a bit.

#24 Re: Spelling

2011-02-19 04:35

#4: Ray - Spelling 

Ha! I just commented on the same thing!! Change it QUICKLY!!!!!! 

Kathryn Dix

#25 Great Idea

2011-02-19 04:50

Thank you for putting this together.