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Cant trust the results.


2011-02-19 18:11

It is so simple to get around the one vote per computer. Can't trust the vote.

#77 Re: The "Majority" cheated?

2011-02-19 18:13

#70: keep august 15th!!!!! - The "Majority" cheated? I've heard of teachers "running to the computer labs" to log onto as many computers as possible in order to cast as many votes as possible. I, for one, felt "forced" to vote for the Aug. 1st start date, since there was no other option to have the week off before Christmas. I do not appreciate being considered in "the high percentage of voters who support the balanced calendar." I do NOT support the balanced calendar...nor do many of my friends..but the board of education did not allow us another suitable option. There is no reason why it is necessary to go right up until the 23rd of December. I believe this was a total manipulative strategy for some of the board members to get exactly what they wanted.



#78 Balanced Calendar

2011-02-19 18:15

As a special education teacher, I wish that the board members would have come and asked the teachers why they prefer the August 1st calendar. My students need breaks and so do the teachers. Teachers are not taking personal days because they need a break because there is always a break in the near future. I am ashamed that we voted for board members who do not respect the opinions of those directly affected like the teachers, parents, and students.
Victoria Barrella


2011-02-19 18:17

Hope that our original vote of the Aug 1st calendar will finally be heard and listened to ....


#80 Fraud???

2011-02-19 18:17

Again~ it sounds like those who keep talking about fraud are suggesting ONLY those who supported the Aug. 1st calendar voted more than once~ so those are dishonest people?? And those who voted against it aren't~ you may not see it but that it what it looks like you are saying~
shakes head

#81 people need breaks?

2011-02-19 18:20

This is laughable. How many of us did just fine in school and life witout a "balanced" schedule????

I work 50 weeks a year, so the argument that you "need" all these breaks is funny because my family and life are just fine...
Robin Waibel

#82 high school teacher

2011-02-19 18:20

As a high school teacher, I am appalled that they would vote on a calendar that would keep students in class until Dec. 23rd! These students have no option--they have final exams.
Victoria Barrella

#83 August 1st Calendar

2011-02-19 18:21

Please let our original vote be acknowledged ... You could see by the results that everyone wants to leave the calender as is !!
fraud is fraud

#84 fraud is fraud....

2011-02-19 18:22

Which is why no matter how much you argue for either side it does not matter!!!!!

Can't trust the results for the vote.

#85 Re: Re: The "Majority" cheated?

2011-02-19 18:23

#77: Guest - Re: The "Majority" cheated? 


It is so inappropriate to say the majority cheated! I am sure the minority duplicated their vote too... Just didn't show the higher % because there were not as many who agreed with changing a calendar that was set for 3 years!
Barbara Yancey

#86 School calendar

2011-02-19 18:24

The school calendar was secelected a year ago to be good for three (3) years, why take it upon your decision to change it before the three years are up? Why do you take a vote for the public to vote and don't take our vote into consideration, that is WRONG. Leave it for the three years THEN take a vote.
Steve Young


2011-02-19 18:30

How can you not listen to 77%- over 60,000 people?

#88 Re: Fraud???

2011-02-19 18:31

#80: - Fraud??? That is absolutely not what I'm saying. I voted once..and only once..for the Aug. 1st start. Someone I happen to know well voted 16 times from available computers at her school; another did the same from her school..and no, they were not voting for the Aug. 1st start date. From what word-of-mouth has told me, this same scenario has occurred all over the county.


Denise Hazlett

#89 Democracy? World Class?

2011-02-19 18:36

Is democracy dead? Manipulative decision making is a danger to the people. Lines move socially and politically until the unacceptable becomes acceptable. A governmental entity without balance of power or accountability crumbles democracy. Citizens without voice are powerless to decision making that will eventually disintegrate trust in government. The us versus them mentality eventually festers itself in civil unrest. When coupled with economic strife, it is a recipe for disaster. We are watching the Cobb School Board create chaos once again. An absolute embarassment, the result of politicians with alternative and hidden agendas. Will we survive without losing accrediation eventually? At what point will we put a Board together that is World Class? Practice what you preach!

cant trust online voting results

#90 bogus vote results

2011-02-19 18:40

Obviously people who voted for August 1 aren't happy but after reading this how can you not at least question the vote results

My neighbor had her family in Kansas vote from there..


#91 #81

2011-02-19 18:40

Most people do work 50 weeks a year and are given the choice when to take their breaks/vacations~ the teachers, parents and students of CC where also asked when they would like theirs.... then the opposite was done~ if the majority want their breaks spaced out... let them!!! They are NOT asking for more time off~

#92 Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 18:40

#16: Eve Wall - Re: Calendar

I agree with you.. I voted for the August 1st start date simply because the other two options were so bad.  Being a resident of Cob County for only the past 6.5 years, I am still confused about why we get out by Memorial Day. Most of the country goes on a Traditional Calendar of end of August and into June.  And those calendar's have always allowed for a decent holiday break over Christmas.


#93 Keep August 15th. FIX CHRISTMAS BREAK

2011-02-19 18:46

The Christmas break is the only thing wrong with the August 15th start. I bet most would agree.

#94 Re; Fraud and Majority

2011-02-19 18:50

I am not saying that the voting didn't have its flaws, but did you see the amount of emails for and against? Or did you see the percentage of turnout at the board meeting for and against. Both of those could substantiate the the voting majority. People keep suggesting that only people favoring the balanced calendar were smart enough to vote more than once and those wanting a longer summer were of less intelligence? Hmmmm? Regardless, even if they had created a way to give teachers, parents, and students only 1 vote each, obviously they had already determined how they would vote prior to any faked consideration of survey results. The calendar has already been voted on and approved until 2013. Weddings, honeymoons, family reunions, vacations, etc... have already been planned based on that approval. Cobb County has become the victims of political abuse of power and personal agendas. This is an embarrassment to our county, school district, and all those that live in Cobb County.
Grace Perry

#95 Don't forget we are the voters!

2011-02-19 18:53

I can't wait for the opportunity to vote them out of office!



2011-02-19 18:55

And I'm sure those again the calendar also had their friends and family from other places vote too~ obviously most agree with the current calendar or the % of those against would have been higher~ unless those for it just happen to have more friends and family~

#97 Re: Re: Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 18:56

#23: Guest - Re: Re: Re: Calendar

I think whether you are for the balanced calendar or not, the real issue is changing it in February after so many plans have been made.  Not just vacations, either, but school events and camps that are planned way in advance.

The previous board voted for a 3-year calendar to allow for schedules to be set and to see if this calendar works.  It was irresponsible to change it now.


#98 #94

2011-02-19 18:58

Nicely said!!!
over it

#99 Fraud

2011-02-19 19:04

No matter what anyone says you are all just guessing on the results.

Hey, it worked for W!

#100 Re: The "Majority" cheated?

2011-02-19 19:08

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