Save Newmarket Stables, Durban

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2015-07-21 19:15

To save the precious horses lives and allow the people who adore horses to continue to do so.

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2015-07-21 19:17

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 Thank you for taking the time to sign. 



2015-07-21 19:26

This can never be allowed!!!



2015-07-21 19:37

I rode at Newmarket as a kid and see what it does to keep children occupied and off the streets and malls. Healthy lifestyle for kids.



2015-07-21 19:43

To safe a Heritage site and give people of all nature a place to keep there animals and enjoy spending time with them


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2015-07-21 19:50

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 Agreed... We will do our level best to stop this ridiculous attempt by council.



2015-07-21 20:07

Cannot allow the ANC to destroy a part of important Durban history.



2015-07-21 20:08

Newmarket Stables.ia an integral part of Durban's history. It was the home of legendary racehorses. Sea Cottage is just 1 that comes to.mind. I learnt to ride horses there as did my father before me and 1000's of other kids. It is the only place in Durban (not suburbs) where one can still enjoy the beauty of the majestic horse and is home to many of these beautiful creatures



2015-07-21 20:53

I spent many happy hours learning to ride with mrs oliff


2015-07-21 21:17

I feel that we should stand together and fight for what is ours just because they are stables it does not mean  they are not part of Durban  history many a great horse's have lived there many of great riders and happy hacks have great memory of Durban branch of pony club it was our way of life and still should be there for our kids and there's they have taken away stables in over port years ago let not them do it again 



2015-07-21 21:19

Because I think the City fathers are only interested in lining their pockets and do no care what the tax payers want and need. The Pony Club is an important park of Durban and many people can't afford to travel all the way to Hillcrest or Ballitto to ride



2015-07-21 22:05

This is a place that most kids who ride know, and it has a very special place in our hearts. We need to save this piece of our heritage, not only to remember the past but for the children, adults, horses and ponies who will find their safe place there!



2015-07-22 05:07

Heritage and the fact that the facility offers an amazing opportunity for all people who live in the centre of a busy city to learn to ride horses and learn how to interact and look after these beautiful animals. Horses are known to be very therapeutic for people suffering trauma and also for people with physical and mental disabilities.



2015-07-22 05:08

Please people we have to stand together!



2015-07-22 05:19

The next generation needs to enjoy this facility



2015-07-22 05:57

I learnt to ride there As a kid and loves it



2015-07-22 06:03

It's been there for decades and is part of our city and has every right to stay - if all else fails offer a suitable relocation option at no cost to the stables!!!



2015-07-22 06:05

The stables have been there since I can remember and is a part of durban and to have to try and rehome all those horses is just wrong. That is there home. The municipality think they can do as they want. Not fair.



2015-07-22 06:30

Why close this just like the snake park. Really guys



2015-07-22 06:37

What breaks my heart is all the kids denied the opportunity to become horse riders to learn a skill, to enjoy a sport open to all ages, all genders and all races. So people let's fight for this...

Louise Christie


2015-07-22 06:44

So many happy memories.  The other stables are all so far out that city kids would be denied this opportunity. What does the heritage council say - the buildings must be over 75 years old



2015-07-22 06:56

Newmarket stables is a landmark. Home of horses for many years. Horse riding is a sport and should be recognised as one.


#23 Re: taking away our beautiful animals

2015-07-22 07:36

#1: -  why can't theses stupid idiots just use the soccer stadium instead of taking away what's been for years and our children's dreams 




2015-07-22 07:37

Animals need to be protected by us. This land has history and value far beyond the commercial realm. We need to preserve our history, not just in books but by our actions we take. The way forward to success is to respect and cherish those that have gone before us as well as places of historic value. Without this,we are nothing and going nowhere. We need to preserve this site indefinitly.



2015-07-22 07:59

We do not need more soccer stadiums in Durban. The stables have been there for a long time and should be allowed to stay.