Save Tater The Service Dog.

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2015-09-10 05:57

I believe Tater deserves a chance to be the dog he is meant to be. His current owner clearly doesn't have enough experience to handle him.
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2015-09-10 06:06

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 You are so very kind!! Tater deserves his best shot at life. His person wants him euthanized just so she can get a new dog.



2015-09-10 06:59

I think the whole story is fishy...and why are they not giving dog back to rescue.. Its in their contract..



2015-09-10 07:44

This is outrageous



2015-09-10 08:52

The dog needs to be given back to the rescue.



2015-09-10 09:23

All dogs, especially service dogs, deserve our support- Tater was abused previously and needs extra support! He's not getting that except from those signing this petition- please, help save Taters life by signing & sharing!



2015-09-10 10:50

Please sign. This dog does NOT deserve this



2015-09-10 11:02

The rescue wants him back as per their legal contract and has contacted the authorities! Praying they get him <3



2015-09-10 11:49

Tater doesn't deserve to die. 



2015-09-10 12:28

This is a terrible thing that is happening to Tater Tot... He is a service dog that deserves to be saved not euthanized cause this 16 yr wants him to be and is lying about his behavior...



2015-09-10 12:35

Give the dog a chance!!



2015-09-10 12:38

Poor baby!!!!



2015-09-10 12:47

I love pits



2015-09-10 13:04

Tater needs all our help to stop him being destroyed on Saturday he need love and understanding not death!



2015-09-10 13:27

No decision like that should be left to a 16 year old child which seems to me she is a selfish bitch and should never ever be given a service dog again!!!!!!!! I hope she falls or the furrbaby bites her!!!!!!



2015-09-10 13:35

He needs to go back to the rescue!



2015-09-10 13:38

I dont know how any one can put down an older animal with no conclusive proof that the dog is mean... smh..



2015-09-10 13:40

As I believe this dog is being misrepresented by the Owner! Whom as forgotten this dog saved her Child's life! All the youtube videos out there display a beautiful dog! And the fact that so many have offered to take this dog on with no strings attached and She still refusing says something of her character!



2015-09-10 13:41

To save Tater from being euthanized.... Please save Tater



2015-09-10 13:55

This dog should not be euthanized! A contract has been breached by the girl who wants to kill him! Under contract, dog is to be returned to place from which she adopted him if she doesn't want to keep him! Professional dog trainers/handlers have offered to intervene on this dog's behalf but this girl is determined to make sure the dog is murdered! She refuses to respond to these people concerning breach of contract and professional intervention for this dog.



2015-09-10 13:58

LOVE dogs!! Why on earth would anyone want to put down a sweet service dog!!?? :(



2015-09-10 13:58

I think the little puke should be killed because he's a POS



2015-09-10 14:00

Some efforts should be made to rehome this dog. If this animal were as vicious as they say, why would they wait until Saturday? This is an excuse to get rid of a perfectly decent dog to make room for another. Fine. Rehome Tater.



2015-09-10 14:01

This petition could have been written better mission statement. She is not a horrible person. She is young and uneducated. What's horrible are the adults around her that think her only choice is euthanasia. Death should never be an option for behaviour issues unless its is a inoperable brain tumor causing issues. Tater doesn't need to lose his life for her life lessons.



2015-09-10 14:02

this is an utter disgrace :(