respect roberto mancini

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forza mancini !


2012-04-07 04:59

a chance to let the board and the press know how much roberto mancini is respected by manchester city fans



2012-04-07 05:14

Roberto must stay no matter what



2012-04-07 06:35

Bobby Mancini and his staff are the ones to take us forward



2012-04-07 08:06

Forza Mancini, not only should he stay but he should be offered a new contract



2012-04-07 09:15

mancini wo-oh mancini wo-oh !



2012-04-07 09:16

we don't want mourinho, we need stability ! MCFC OK



2012-04-07 09:17

what a great idea , changing managers has got us nowhere



2012-04-07 11:13

Mancini has brought success to the club for the first time in a very long time by winning the FA cup. He has also developed the best city team in decades. CTID. Keep Mancini. Sacking him would achieve nothing!

It takes time to develop a team which will win trophies every year, give him time.
Dimas Muhammad

#9 #KeepMancini

2012-04-07 11:17

There should be one symbol for this petition, and i think #KeepMancini suits it all.
We need a lifetime manager, to take an example, ironically, like SAF. Ctid.



2012-04-07 11:23

Please don't let us become like Chelsea and change managers on a whim. In Mancini we trust !



2012-04-07 11:24

Best year at City in my lifetime. We must keep Roberto. No to change, it's a backward step and it's what United and the press want to destabilise the club.



2012-04-07 11:31

Trust Bob.



2012-04-07 11:41

In Bobby we trust!!



2012-04-07 11:51

Forza Mancini!



2012-04-07 12:05

"He came from ITALY to manage Man City!" Roberto we trust!!!!



2012-04-07 12:06

Forza Mancini !!!



2012-04-07 12:09

Forza Mancini!! Been the best manager in a long time and we must stick with him!! Blue moon rising and it's all down to him!!



2012-04-07 12:19

ctid forza mancini



2012-04-07 12:57

Roberto must stay no matter what



2012-04-07 13:05

Mancini is a keeper. Lets not go the way of clubs like Chelsea. Stability is what we need!



2012-04-07 13:16

Not only do I want RM to stay until the end of his contract, I want the club to extend it for another 3-4 years so he can finish the job, improve the team and take us right to the top.



2012-04-07 13:54

In Mancini we trust!



2012-04-07 13:56

Absolute no brainer, changing the manager gets us nowhere, give him a contract extension



2012-04-07 13:59

Can this be changed to say that his contract should be extended? At the moment I don't actually agree with what it says. We need stability, which is more than one season more.



2012-04-07 14:17

Roberto is the man to take us he already has done in his first two full seasons in the English Premiership. No need to change , we need stability!!!