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2012-04-20 11:03

No he possibly hasn't won the title, but when has Man City been this far up in the league? Not in a while.



2012-04-20 11:22

We all love Bobby Manc, and constancy is key! Forza Mancini



2012-04-20 13:21

Top manager, won our first trophy in 35 years and taken us to our highest league position for years. Class manager, class bloke!



2012-04-20 13:26

Mancio for City is the BEST



2012-04-20 14:02

Been a city fan for 52 years. Mancini is one of the most cabable and decent managers we have ever had - a man of integrity in my opinion



2012-04-20 14:07

Not a Man City fan, but he definately should keep his job. Brilliant manager who dealt with some difficult players at the club this season whilst improving their league form.


2012-04-20 14:47

We simply can't follow Chelsea in sacking every manager without giving them a chance. sure we might not win the league this season. but beating United 6-1 at Old Trafford was worth it for me :)



2012-04-20 15:58

Bert deserves at least another season whatever happens. He has more class in his little finger than moaninho will ever possess and I'm proud to have him associated with my club.

#134 Top five manager

2012-04-20 19:49

The press have never got the hang of Mancini, quite apart from their usual bias to the Old Order. Remember reading the jokes when City bought Silva that Mancini had made a mistake and meant to sign Villa? Informed reporting there, not! And for all the talk of the money spent by the club, Mancini has shown real incite in bringing in quality players who were previously unrecognized at this level. He has shown great ability with tactics, annoying many City fans last season by playing a tight game to ensure that City made the Champions League, then switching completely this season to a beautiful flowing attacking style that has rightly been compared to Barcelona. Finally, the way he has conducted himself has been a model of professionalism, which makes me proud to be a City fan. I get the feeling the City owners are about building for the long term, and I think they have one of the top five managers in world football who should continue to lead City regardless of whether we win the Premiership this season or next.



2012-04-20 19:57

fab idia . roberto has done a lot for city. if we are not lucky this year i think he will defo lead city to victory next year. letting roberto go will be a very bad move in my opinion.



2012-04-20 20:43

This is a much needed petition, well done for organising it. Thanks



2012-04-20 21:00

Done a fantastic job with the Tevez situation and managing balotelli. Made great signings and rotated the squad well to keep everyone happy.

Do we want more upheaval??? ...Backroom staff and players moving in and out again disrupting the whole club - NO. Continuity is the answer! Dare I say look at the swamp back in the early days, when Ferguson nearly got sacked initially - look how that panned out for United. Also look at Chelsea. CONTINUITY IS THE ANSWER!

Would be a tragedy to lose such a dedicated manager whose just got to grips with the club, players, staff and city.



2012-04-20 21:00

Changing managers would be rediculous. Learn from past mistakes and keep Mancini.



2012-04-20 21:12

dont win f all if you keep swapping.



2012-04-20 22:48

Forza Mancini



2012-04-20 23:22

forza mancini


#142 Re:

2012-04-21 01:07

#4: -

Fully agree with you. We need stability and loyalty. Roberto offers both and more. A man with a wining mentality 100%.


#143 In Mancini We Trust

2012-04-21 04:11

It takes time to build a team that wins trophies, end of argument. In Mancini We Trust!



2012-04-21 15:05

Mancini is a great Manager we MUST keep him.



2012-04-21 18:09

Got to keep Mancini. Otherwise we'll become another chelsea and a laughing stock!



2012-04-21 19:55

Show your support for Mancini !!!



2012-04-22 00:24

he comes from italy to MANAGE man city



2012-04-22 03:06

Brilliant idea to do this, as fans please realize when we sing coach Mancini's name it is not just for fun it is to express to our owners how much we believe in him.
PLEASE! let him continue to do the job you brought him to Man.City to do. Supporter of Man.City since 1960, he is the best coach we have ever had, bar none.

Thank you for paying attention to your supporters.



2012-04-22 07:53

Vai bobby goal insegnali a vincere



2012-04-22 08:57

He has adopted an incredibly difficult role and has done so with respect, honesty and hard work. Anyone who has followed city all there lives understands what iteans to be a member of the manchester city family and he has shown that he is more than worthy of that title. To loose such a great manager would not only be detrimental to the team and halt progress over the coming season but would also go against everything that the club stands for.