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2012-04-07 15:20

Faithinmancini Swapping and changing our managers has never worked


#27 Mancini

2012-04-07 15:21

Mancini has to stay look how much he has achieved in just one full season, respect to him and the whole team


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2012-04-07 15:30

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2012-04-07 16:18

Have to remember that Taggart won nothing for four years and no championship for 6



2012-04-07 17:02

Great manager who has helped City get the winning feeling. He needs to stay for years to come.



2012-04-07 20:52

40 years a City fan, best season yet. Mancini must stay. Onwards and upwards, Forza Mancini.



2012-04-07 21:00

Forza Mancini



2012-04-07 21:06

Good job guys Forza Mancini



2012-04-07 22:52

Please dont get rid of mancini he is the best man for the job done wonders with the team just giv him more time thats all he needs



2012-04-08 02:03

in Mancini we trust....



2012-04-08 03:09

In Mancini we trust



2012-04-08 03:18

Bobby Manc 1love*



2012-04-08 11:10

We need somebody for the long haul , win or lose Roberto is the man .respect



2012-04-08 14:29

We need stability and Bobby Manc gives us that. nuff said



2012-04-08 19:12

Keep the faith ! Don't get of roberto just cos we finish 2nd


2012-04-08 21:04

Mancini needs to stay and build on this season, finishing 2nd is no disgrace and has pushed the rags to perform as they have. Next 10 years of domestic domination, keep faith Blues!



2012-04-09 14:25

The only thing City has done consistently through the years is change manager every couple of years (or even more frequently). Let's try something different and stick with Roberto. Every player should be left in no doubt that he has full support from the hierarchy and our lawyers/media people should do a much better job in protecting a
Manager, who at times has been 'bullied' in press conferences and interviews - in a way that British managers are not. The only journo that has been banned, was for misrepresenting Viera, when Roberto has had a season of the media taking advantage of his less than perfect grasp of English.



2012-04-09 14:38

Continuity, not change. Forza Mancini!
Mirko bico


2012-04-09 16:41

We love you mancini!


2012-04-09 18:39

Bert is the man. back him!



2012-04-09 19:01

In Mancini we trust!



2012-04-09 21:02

You are the man to take us forward aroberto but please learn from ts year and sort Mario out!



2012-04-09 21:06

Mancini must stay. I'm a united fan and while this useless prick is still in charge city will win fcuk all!! I haven't laughed this much in ages. Make sure mad Mario stays as well, Along with the clueless Platt and Kidd!!


#49 Re:

2012-04-09 21:08

#48: -  


Do you lot ever stopping worrying about City? Go put your factor 50 sun tan lotion on.
Bertie Magoo

#50 Forza Mancini

2012-04-09 21:08

He has to stay for the good of the club and the league.