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#151 Mancini si solo se Balotelli viene "sacrificato"

2012-04-22 14:02

I support Mancini only if Balotelli is "sacrificed", that is, is sold. On the one hand, I think Balotelli does have great skills. I believe he has potentials to become better then Messi, but... On the other hand, Balotelli's petulance is ruining this great footballer. Balotelli's character has been detrimental for the squad in a certain period of this year's season.
Supporto Mancini solo se Balotelli viene "sacrificato", ovvero, venduto. Da una parte, penso che Balotelli abbia grandi qualita'. Penso che abbia delle potenzialita' per diventere meglio di Messi, ma... Dall'altra parte, la irascibilita' di Balotelli sta rovinando questo grande calciatore. Il carattere di Balotelli e' stato dannoso per la squadra in un certo periodo di questa stagione.

#152 Respect Roberto Mancini

2012-04-22 14:07

I would love to see him stay, always provided he wants to! As many are saying, we need stability after all the years of turmoil and upheaval.



2012-04-22 19:53

He has been the best thing for city. I am not a city fan but it would be fantansic to see him beat United any day. KEEP MANCINI.....



2012-04-22 19:56

He has been the best thing for city. I have meet him. He has signed my shirt!!! and it was humbling. Keep Mancini.



2012-04-22 22:12

Mancini has been great for City so far a leader and a passionate one at that.



2012-04-22 22:13

Forza Mancini



2012-04-23 18:40

Forza Mancini



2012-04-23 23:44

respect roberto mancini



2012-04-24 00:01

Together we are stronger



2012-04-24 14:39

I am a season ticket holder and supporter of the club for 40 years. When the club were taken over, I noticed an immediate change of attitude from people none more so than the media. I realise this is only to be expected but have felt at times that the only news reported has been bad or negative. This is to the detriment of some incredible football matches I have had the privilege to have watched. I welcome this petition if only to show support to Roberto Mancini. Never has the term TOGETHER been more relevant to our cause.



2012-04-24 16:46

We're not Chelsea, Forza Mancini



2012-04-24 17:31

In Mancini we trust



2012-04-24 21:39

He's done a great job under difficult circumstances!



2012-04-25 00:58

Mancini has done a great job this season. He is strong and focused. We need continuity now. The tide is changing. CTID.



2012-04-25 00:58

He is doing a smashing job - he must stay.



2012-04-25 01:41

Give Mancini another chance.



2012-04-25 03:22




2012-04-25 07:37

forza manchini



2012-04-25 09:27

Roberto is our best manager since Mercer



2012-04-25 10:30

hkdoeslj hdj

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2012-04-25 15:04

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#172 Re: Respect Roberto Mancini

2012-04-25 17:22

#1: forza mancini ! -  

 Not only should he complete the final year of his contract but Man City should do everything it takes to extend his stay at MCFC.



2012-04-25 18:24

We must keep Roberto here for the long haul so we can have some stability.



2012-04-28 01:46

In Roberto We Trust - Keep The Faith - CTID!!!
Paul - AyrshireBlueBattallion



2012-04-30 10:37

Consistency Bobby Manc is the most dynamic manager
we have had for a long time!!!!