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2012-04-12 22:07

The right man for the job. The league title will come to City eventually and I would love it if he was the man behind it all!



2012-04-12 23:41

The most successful manager in over 40yrs. Nothing else needs to be said!



#78 stability...

2012-04-13 00:30

... let it continue!!!



2012-04-13 19:31

We need to keep Roberto. The best manager we've had in a long time. We support a great club & we, as fans, want to keep a great manager at the club. Long live Mancini & Long live City. May the blue moon forever shine.

Wayne Foster


#80 Re:

2012-04-13 19:32

#76: -

Well said.



2012-04-13 20:32

Premiership next year Bobby.



2012-04-14 21:34

As history has proved time and again instability ruins clubs. We have found the right manager but it will take time for everything to come together. We all need to be patient from the Chairman down to the fans. The press should concentrate on real stories, not scaremongering.


#83 Re:

2012-04-15 03:14

The man is a legend, top player, great manager, good man




2012-04-15 05:26

We won't Mancini leave City this season, he's good enough, why they want to fired him ? Mancini oooo Mancini oooo he comes from Italy, to manage Man city !



2012-04-15 10:33

This season will be great experience for Roberto and the future.
Let's make sure it's MCFC that use it.



2012-04-15 13:02




2012-04-15 15:18

Mancini has brought a winning, no excuses mentality. He is thorough, classy and represents our club brilliantly.
Mancini can bring extended success. People say that his Achilles is Balo. He is a compassionate and pragmatic man. I value these qualities.
Fora Mancini!


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2012-04-15 20:30

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2012-04-15 23:59

Excellent idea must keep MANCINI.



2012-04-16 15:22

keep mancini !



2012-04-16 23:56

In bobby manc we trust!!!!



2012-04-17 13:10

we just gotta keep him best manager in the premiership!!!



2012-04-18 00:55

Don't go down the Chelsea route...keep faith and everything will come good



2012-04-18 01:26

The expirience that the club, team and the fans received this season is PRICELESS. We should be grateful for all the ups and downs that we've gone through, because it helps us to avoid mistakes in the future, makes us stronger. Patience and hard work is a virtue. I have a strong belief, that he will bring many trophies for the club & fans.
Keep Roberto and extend his contract! Forza Mancio! Forza City!



2012-04-18 06:15

Our best league position since 1977 is already guaranteed, we have improved each season and ended a 35 year wait for a trophy as the current FA Cup holders. We are unbeaten at home in the league since 2010 winning over 20 games consecutively. To sack Mancini would be to play into other team's like Utd's hands.

Forza Mancio



2012-04-18 07:44

Roberto is an entertainment. He must stay



2012-04-18 10:45

best manager we've had in my life time 31yrs off ups and downs with CITY mostly downs!!! haha onwards and upwards CTWD



2012-04-18 12:57




2012-04-18 13:07

The best manager this club has ever had and to see him go in the summer is not in the long term interest of the club.



2012-04-18 15:19

He has to stay for a very long time...he has us playing sublime football without resorting to win at all costs football. He is a very humble man and doesn't deserve the crap he gets from the English media...he is a winner...he is our winner...and they don't like that.