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2012-01-10 05:17

Let's make decisions based on what's best for our kids. Thanks!
Sick of this issue


2012-01-10 06:00

No, no, no!


#3 honestly

2012-01-10 06:48

I'm sick of this debate. the majority of people want this to happen and I'm sorry if you don't but this just needs to be done already


#4 consider this

2012-01-10 16:24

My understanding was that although there was overwhelming support for this calendar from parents, the county went back to the old calendar for one main reason. On the balanced calendar, Six Flags and other summer venues in Cobb were unable to remain open those weeks in August and it impacted tax revenue collected, enough so that it might lead to higher taxes When faced with an already serious budget shortfall, the board went back to the old calendar to restore the revenue. I LOVED the balanced calendar but not enough to pay more taxes to keep it. I am signing the petition, but I felt obligated to share what I heard and read.


#5 EAST COBBER wants to get the word about this

2012-01-10 16:59

Could somebody from this group, pls contact the EAST COBBER. I'd like to post this info on's school blog. My email address: or call me, Cynthia Rozzo, Publisher at 770-640-7070.


#6 Tax revenues from small breaks?

2012-01-10 17:09

If the Cobb county government is so dependent on tax revenues from a couple of weeks at Whitewater and other "summer venues" in Cobb County that it affects the school calendar, then there is a serious problem that needs to be remedied - and that problem is NOT the balanced calendar.



2012-01-10 17:31

Love the balanced calendar. Please vote it back as our schedule for the 2012 year and beyond.
Thanks so much!


#8 Nope, it's all about their profits.

2012-01-10 17:35



2012-01-10 17:38

We will not be ignored!!


#10 Re: Nope, it's all about their profits.

2012-01-10 17:39

#8: - Nope, it's all about their profits.  


Exactly. This has more to do with corporate influence on our county government.



2012-01-10 17:44

The balanced calendar is so much better for the students and the teachers. Kids perform better and I'm willing to bet there are less teacher sick days with the balanced calendar!



2012-01-10 18:08

The balanced calendar was never given the chance to prove itself in just the one year. It was planned for 3 years and already was showing positive results for both students and faculty. Let's give it the test it deserves by bringing it back for another 3 years and examine the results.



2012-01-10 18:36

I totally support the balanced calendar!


#14 Yes, Yes, Yes!

2012-01-10 18:36

#2: Sick of this issue -

Sorry couldn't resist.

Drop the issue

#15 Look at Tax Revenue in Sept and Feb

2012-01-10 22:03

SPLOST tax revenue was DOWN during those months when all of East Cobb was in Orlando or on the ski slopes. It is not about Six Flags. It is about what is best for the kids. If we are on such a different calendar from other states, it makes it hard for our children to compete. The National Boy Scout Jamboree, for example, is in early August. Summer School programs, enrichmnet programs, do not start in May.


#16 Re:

2012-01-10 22:04

#12: -  

 Positive results???? Test socres last year were LOWER.  Take a look at the ITBS results.


#17 Re:

2012-01-10 22:05

#11: -  

 There were less teacher sick days because absenteeism was tied to keeping jobs last year when teachers were being layed off.


#18 Re:

2012-01-10 22:06

#9: -  

 Too bad more people did not vote at the polls.  4 candidates campaigned on later start dates.



2012-01-10 22:36

The balanced calendar is a positive for students and teachers. As a former teacher and currently a tutor for elem and middle school students, I can see where this traditional calendar has taken a toll on both students and teachers. With the amount both parties are responsible for, interim breaks would be helpful to re-energize. Too many complaints about when the winter break occurred...too close to Christmas and too students were so unhappy with this. The balanced calendar was good for all; working parents can make arrangements and adjustments for their children. I always did for my children. Glad this petition was brought around to sign.



2012-01-10 23:00

I really enjoyed the balanced calendar. It gave our family more time to be together and re-energize and take advantage of lower off-season rates. I think the Board should meet in the middle and bring back at least one of the off-season breaks or keep both but just shorten to 2-3 days instead of the full week. The Jan10 return date was WAY too long. I would much rather have the time in Dec to enjoy the holiday season.



2012-01-10 23:17

The balanced calendar is better for our kids, our teachers and our families! School board, we WANT The balanced calendar.



2012-01-10 23:50

My children did better academically with the balanced calendar



2012-01-11 00:59

And please make the winter/Christmas break ONLY two weeks, please!

#24 Re: Tax revenues from small breaks?

2012-01-11 02:45

Maybe you would make a good candidate???


#25 MomO3

2012-01-11 02:53

The break was FABULOUS! We spent Christmas with family, enjoyed our decorations, family time, vacation and cleaned up COMPLETELY re-energized to start the 2nd half. Glad HS finals were done by break and the kids could decompress. Have one in each school age ready for the next semester!

Everyone's got an opinion and if money is the reason, then don't change. If a modified calendar (Feb break or long weekend) is possible, then so be it, if a balanced calendar has merit, then fine, BUT AT LEAST MAKE IT ABOUT EDUCATION.

Seriously people are BEGGING to cut their breaks to get them out of their hair? Really? Since when did being the biggest influence in your child's life take second to ANYTHING else? This whole debate is asinine! People - WAKE UP!