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#176 Petitioners Not Listening to Grand Jury Recommendations

2012-01-16 22:30

This petition asks that the calendar for 2012 be changed.
Many of the people who signed this petition complained about the calendar being abruptly changed last year - impacting vacation plans, etc.

The grand jury recommendation: “If changes to the calendar are to be made that at least
one year notice to the public be given."

So, a change to the 2012 calendar at this point would violate the grand jury recommendation and board policy.

to allow for a smooth transition.


#177 Re: two people doesn't tell us much

2012-01-16 22:41

#113: - two people doesn't tell us much

I'm not sure what information the grand jury saw, but their findings stated that: The calendar switch fulfilled the campaign promises of the three new members of the board, Tim Stultz of Smyrna, Kathleen Angelucci of North Cobb and Scott Sweeney of East Cobb.


#178 Re: Memorial Day to Labor Day is IMPOSSIBLE

2012-01-16 22:51

Well I am 41 and that s how it was in Cobb back then. Althought we were only required to do 170 days I believe. There were no teacher workdays, 2 days off at Thankgiving and 1 1/2 weeks at Christmas. Not saying I agree but it was doable back then.



2012-01-16 22:53

I'm not sure this will help because we did it last year & they still did what they wanted to!



2012-01-16 23:54

I know where I stand on this issue, while I wonder the reasoning for a NON balanced calendar. I always wonder when people shy away from balance, in general, why.


#181 Which one?

2012-01-16 23:57

This survey has got to 2,000 signatures in 6 days while the other one got to 2k in 3 days.

So, is the plan to submit the other one or hold out hope that this one will get more signatures?



2012-01-17 00:05

I know that the balanced calendar schedule is by far more beneficial to the students in many ways. It was also very wonderful for our family as a whole! I pray this petition will make a difference!!!!



2012-01-17 00:07

The balanced calendar makes much more sense for students. The summer break is excessive and kids forget too much. If our children are going to compete in a global economy, they need instruction throughout the year and shorter, more frequent breaks. The rest of the world figured this out decades ago, but we are stuck with an out-dated calendar that prioritizes personal agendas over student performance.



2012-01-17 00:15

This would make it so much easier...



2012-01-17 00:39

I am a highschool student in cobb county. We NEED this calandar. I have extremly hard classes and me and my felllow studnets agree these breaks make a major difference in our stress levels.



2012-01-17 00:59

I am the mom of two high school students. Our family LOVED the balanced calendar!!!! The children did better in school and felt less stressed. We were able to go on some wonderful vacations and spend some quality family time together. I've been to several Cobb County Board meetings and I am so sadened that the board members do not care at all what the parents and teachers want. The previous board voted and approved the balanced calendar for three years. The parents and students loved it after just one year. What a shame that we now have a board that just changes what's been approved in a blink of an eye with a survey stating that 82% of administration, staff, parents and students liked the balance calendar. I pray that this petition will make a difference but I believe that the board does not care AT ALL what we want.



2012-01-17 01:46

I respectfully request that the CCSB please listen to their constituents.


#188 That is how it was when I was in school

2012-01-17 02:07

I have continued to hear this argument against the calendar. We live in a totally different world then the one you and I grew up in. Children are expected to know more quicker. Families typically have 2 working parents. Children are involved in more activities then they need to be. The pace of life is so much faster. The balanced calendar worked very well for our family. It gave us a time to spend with one another, relax and recharge. I also noticed a HUGE difference in the children I taught. Their attention seemed to be better. I just feel that our world is evolving and changing and if we do not make steps to evolve and change with it we might get left behind.



2012-01-17 03:08

What the four school board members failed to consider is what happened between July 2010 when they were elected and when they abruptly voted to change the calendar in Feb. 2011. The balanced calendar happened and parents, students and teachers liked it. Perhaps they were basking in the glow of adoration heaped on them by the MDJ. But they failed in their first action as elected officials by refusing to listen to their constituents.



2012-01-17 03:20

I genuinely hope that the CCSBoard looks at this petition seriously. The public has been so outspokenly in favor of the balanced calendar that they should strongly consider what the public is asking for.

#191 Re:

2012-01-17 03:45

#11: - I agree- I think it was so much better for the kids, even though I did not love starting back so early.  I did not vote for the balanced calendar initially, but after going back to the regular calendar this year, I can honestly see the benefits of the balanced calendar.  I have signed the petition and am now 100% in favor of the balanced calendar.




2012-01-17 04:19

Please go back to the balanced school calendar. It is best for all involved .
teachers talk

#193 Re: Here's my 2 cents

2012-01-17 05:17

#46: Tired - Here's my 2 cents

Amen sister! The key to this whole issue is that the board members who did not represent the votes of their district need to be voted out of office! Either way, an honest vote and one that actually counts is the main issue in this whole debate for me.


#194 Re: Re: Here's my 2 cents

2012-01-17 06:29

#193: teachers talk - Re: Here's my 2 cents 


Agree. Banks has got to go.


#195 Re: Re:

2012-01-17 06:44

#16: - Re:  


itbs tests are given in September so those score would not have been affected by the calendar that early in the year.



2012-01-17 06:50

Please listen to your voters. Or you will will listen to us at election time...



2012-01-17 15:05

We would like more time before Christmas......also Spring Break needs to be the 1st week in April so we can go skiing instead of being the 2nd week in April when all the ski resorts are closed!!

#198 Re: consider this

2012-01-17 15:33

#4: - consider this 

 The Six Fag issue is totally bogus. Those two weeks of tax revenue are more than offset by higher substitute teacher fees for teachers who now have to take off work for any medical appts., etc. That is not the reason, just a convenient excuse to wow the uneductaed and disinterested among us to think our taxes would be impacted.



2012-01-17 15:47

I believe the current board used extremely poor judgment and strong armed their own personal views on Cobb County residents when they changed the calendar to this very absurd schedule. I would love to know why 72% of Cobb County residents voted for the balance calendar last February and the board members voted against their own constituents. I was even more appalled when one board member rebutted that the balanced calendar was hurting business at White Water and Six Flags during the summer months. What do those two businesses have to do with my childrens' education???? I think this board owes the parents and students of Cobb County a closer look at the balanced calendar and other optional calendars. This recent week off in January was a wasted week that most working parents found very challenging as they need to return to work the first week in January.
Enrich our Students Academics!

#200 The Breaks Allow Time at Home to Focus on Education

2012-01-17 16:59

Teachers are on limited "instructional time" and are forced to rush through standards to accomplish their tasks. With the increase in classroom size, many students fall through the cracks and are unable to grasp their studies to there fullest potential. It has been extremely sad for me to see, over the years, how teachers don't have time for the hands on learning, field trips, etc. that fulfill the needs of so many of our students. The Balanced Calendar, surprisingly, provided our family with breaks from the rush of school, to take a hold of what material was being taught and attempt to do the fun activities, take field trips, read, and even watch videos to better support the curriculum so that my children would be in a better position "get it." "Education" in our school systems has been so quantified and with the strong demands on the teachers and admin, it is a wonder how any student is really having any fun in learning. The breaks throughout the year (i.e.: various timing) have allowed, our family, to capitalize on the FUN of learning. With a set schedule, businesses will come around, new opportunities will abound (GREAT opportunity for working parents to enroll their students in mid-year camps or for service organizations to provide care in exchange for sought after service hours! Scouts can take amazing trips and GROW... bringing back this knowledge to their peers.) Education is about a well-rounded life experience... NOT JUST PASSING A STANDARDIZED TEST! Let's bring back LIVING TO LEARNING -- AND REALLY ENRICH OUR STUDENTS ABILITIES!

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