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2013-10-29 14:27

If HHS were to close, the loss to the community would be incalculable. They are very active in the local community & contribute a great deal.

#2 I fully support HHS. Stop this enforcement notice NOW

2013-10-29 15:14

WBC - you need to work with HHS to resolve this matter.



2013-10-29 15:22

WBC - please put beauracracy aside and use your common sense. HHS is a respected local employer with a fantastic business appreciated by the local community in which it provides employment and tireless support to local charities. We cannot say the same about their neighbours Wyevale.



2013-10-29 15:31

The dubious and immoral methods employed by WBC in this affair are despicable. I support hare hatch as they provide a quality, reliable service.


2013-10-29 17:28

The amount of money Wokingham Borough Council have wasted in hounding a very well-loved, local independent business is shocking, given the pressure on scarce resources available for the most vulnerable in our community. This local business supports some of those most vulnerable with their charitable activities, particularly for the elderly. Hare Hatch Sheeplands has striven in every vexatious action by the Council to comply, to consult and to be constructive. WBC should be working constructively with an important local employer and a business which has given countless of young people their first real work experience.



2013-10-29 21:01

Sheeplands has been a great part of our local community and done a lot to support local businesses. Given the Social Value Act and Wokingham BC's wider CSR agenda, surely common sense must prevail.



2013-10-29 21:25

I often visit this garden centre and really love it!



2013-10-29 21:52

Please save this local business, one of my favourite places to shop and keeps the £'s away from the big businesses and gives us somewhere with choice.



2013-10-29 21:58

Save this fantastic business ...



2013-10-30 10:04

I totally support this petition. Sheeplands provides a fantastic local service to the communities around east reading and also provides much needed employment and opportunities for local businesses to share their products..



2013-10-30 16:23

WBC...waste your (or rather OUR money)on something worthwhile, not on destroying a valued local business!!

#12 Save HHS!

2013-10-31 09:31

I am a Wokingham resident and have been for many of my 52 years and I am disgusted by the way Wokingham BC have and are treating this highly valuable family run business.
I regularly visit to buy fresh locally grown groceries and also for my garden supplies. I enjoy a cuppa in the cafe and regularly meet there with friends for a catch-up.
The money wasted in pursuing and hounding this business would be better used on road/pavement repairs, children's play facilities and much more.

WBC - Leave HHS alone and stop this victimisation of a great family business.



2013-10-31 15:30

I'm completely appalled at WBC's decision. HHS is a wonderful local business which supports local people through employment, the provision of community activities and support of local charities. It's a sad day for all of us when our own local Council doesn't support a local business. Come on WBC - shop local!



2013-11-03 10:52

This is a fantastic facility for local people. We take our little boy regularly and he loves seeing the animals, playing in the sandpit, jumping around the bouncy castle and driving the little cars.   Are WBC really so DETERMINED to destroy a LOCAL business that brings so much joy to local children ?

Of course, there's so much for adults too, including the farm shop with its great variety of food and drink.

From the Hare Hatch website, it appears that WBC are basically trying to stop key activities such as the sale of anything that isn't grown on site & make changes of use of their buildings from being a horticultural nursery.  These appear to be critical to the business's continued existence. It seems WBC are trying to force the business to focus only on storage, play area, coffee shop lounge, coffee shop garden  & events. If WBC are successful, the business will have to close down with the loss of over 100 jobs.  THIS BUSINESS WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT THESE OTHER ACTIVITIES.

Is that good for the local community ?

Does WBC have such little regard for the wishes of the families in this community for whom this facility is so well liked that they are indirectly trying to force these people out of business ?





2013-11-07 11:39

Why can we not leave genuine good for Twyford things alone. We often shop at sheep lands just for the experience



2013-11-07 12:36

Sheeplands at Hare Hatch is a valued asset to the local community. I live in Wargrave and am a regular and loyal customer of Sheeplands. Shame on WBC for what they are trying to do. An honest and fair solution can and MUST be agreed!



2013-11-07 14:51

Whilst it seems to me that HHS are not entirely innocent in all of this, the serving of a wide ranging enforcement notice appears heavy handed and does not seem to balance the community needs (including employment) against the demands of blanket green belt legislation. There must be a common sense compromise that allows the business to continue successfully.
Failing that, we can exercise our democratic rights at the next election and seek to change our representatives.



2013-11-07 15:54

Hare Hatch Sheeplands is a valuable local asset and should be supported wherever and whenever possible. WBC should be ashamed to even think about the action they are planning to take. With the state of the country as it is they should welcome companies like HHS into the area, they keep it alive, keep people off the unemployment lists, so they can contribute to the system instead of taking from it. WBC wake up to the real world.
Dick budden

#19 Hare Hatch garden centre

2013-11-07 18:55

The rigid insistence by councillors on the destruction of this business smacks of spite. The land may well be""In the green belt" but when the nursery was taken over it was derelict . Had it been open fields rather than a blot on the landscape I would not be writing this. HareHatch has become a huge asset to the area where local shops have all disappeared . Where the only places to meet friends and neighbours are the few remaining pubs Hare Hatch is now not only a brilliant alternative to Waitrose but a community centre. We cannot afford to loose it!



2013-11-07 19:00

The site has been a nursery for as long as I can remember, acres of glass houses and outbuildings. It is little changed in terms of the impact it makes on the landscape. This smacks of a councillor out to make a name for himself or perhaps even ensure a nice backhander from interested parties ;-)
Richard Hind

#21 Hare Hatch Sheeplands

2013-11-08 15:06

Before the date set for the first hearing I wrote to the Officer in charge of the case supporting HHS & asking a number of questions. This letter was copied to HHS, WBC Mayor & the Home Secretary. The only people to acknowledge my letter were HHS & the Home Secretary which I think shows the cavalier attitude shown by the Council to the views of the Borough's residents. I would ask that they now listen to the residents and withdraw their action against HHC forthwith



2013-11-08 17:08

Keep it open! It is a great place and I often use both garden centres as I like different things in each. If this closes I will not use Wyvale.



2013-11-10 09:34

Yes have tried to support HHS by going to the Wokingham non event and writing e-mails to the council and recently to the Bristol address.

Let's keep going as Rob is an great supporter of local events and is merely running his business like any other Garden Centre these days.



2013-11-10 12:26

If hare hatch was to close, it would cause a lot of unemployment.



2013-11-10 13:53

WBC is being grossly unfair and vindictive. They should be supporting local business growth and employment in the current climate and not wasting our council tax, when it could be better spent on mending the dangerous surfaces and pot holes in our roads.