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#51 Fair competition for all

2013-11-12 10:00

In this day and age we need the small independants like Sheeplands to keep competition alive otherwise the large conglomorates will take over everything and get away with charging over the odds for their products.



2013-11-12 13:29

A lovely business that deserves to stay open



2013-11-12 18:28

Please save this amazing place!!



2013-11-13 13:02

This is a brilliant development which we must not allow to close.



2013-11-13 23:54

The promise of helping small businesses has been clearly let down and once again a corrupt and incompetent council wish to add more people onto their benefit system simply not allowing individual growth. Single handedly the council is playing a major part in the downfall of a thriving economical town.
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2013-11-14 13:45

As a regular customer living in Taplow I love a visit to Sheeplands and the reason being its different and unique, I love the shop where I can purchase fresh veg and items that cannot be
found else where in the area, with good range for Diabetics.
The plant section is always well displayed and interesting meet friends for tea and great for children
What is the matter with W.B.C unlike the usual run of the mill Garden Centre people love Sheeplands just look at the car park at any time it tells its own story.



2013-11-14 18:20

Sheeplands is a much appreciated resource and the Council should do everything possible to ensure its business is allowed to continue. It looks as though some petty burocrats / councillors are ignoring what the public want in order to play their own silly games.



2013-11-14 20:31

I hope that WBC consider the wishes of the local community.HHS is very much loved and needed amenity in this area and would be greatly missed if forced by WBC to close down.



2013-11-15 14:23

I totally support this petition. Sheeplands provides a fantastic local service to the communities around east reading and also provides much needed employment and opportunities for local businesses to share their products..



2013-11-16 14:52

It has always been a pleasant experience to visit Sheeplands always finding our intended purchases. Living a distance away we can easily understand the value of this business to the local community (and for its many employees)and are baffled by this enforcement notice.We respectfully submit it would be entirely wrong to proceed with this order.



2013-11-17 11:17

It would be a loss to the community



2013-11-17 11:21

Do not want to take part in this mortgage help



2013-11-17 11:48

We have been going to Sheeplands for years and watched it develop - we are appalled that a successful business has been continually targetted by Wokingham Borough Council. It does no harm except perhaps to Wyvales and possibly Waitrose. Do these companies have too much clout?Sheeplands have a large footprint of land and the use of it does not impinge on anyone.



2013-11-17 13:34

This a superb friendly and efficient nursery which works hard to serve the community. I employs a lot of local people and is very popular. I seems crazy that Wokingham Council have nothing better to do with their time and our money but to victimise this company. Shame on them.



2013-11-18 08:10

Why not let Sheeplands trade as they are this is such a popular venue for all ages.



2013-11-18 10:27

This is a great local business that I love

#67 Sheer Bloody Mindedness

2013-11-18 19:40

It would sadden the local community so much to see this wonderful facility closed. There is nothing in the local area that comes close to the convenience, quality & value for money that Sheeplands offer. Wokingham Council will really be cutting off its nose to spite its face if they enforce this notice, not only depriving customers in the surrounding area of easy access to good quality farm fresh vegetables, meats, eggs etc. but will also cause the loss of jobs and revenue for local farmers. So many people would suffer as a result.


#68 WBC please re-consider

2013-11-19 16:32

If the complaint by WBC is that this is development in a green space, then they should look at the area immediately surrounding HHS. There is a wood yard with stacks of pallets on the side of the road; a decorating company; a lawnmower servicing business; a loft conversion business; a nursery with a lawnmower shop and ugly huge containers parked outside and amateur, hand painted sales signs on the roadside. Opposite is a business selling clothes, animal goods and outdoor saunas,fencing etc. And then there is Wyvale which has become a shopping centre dealing in anything from food to clothes to compost. This area is already a rural developed area. HHS is nursery based and has an excellent farm shop. Its reputation in Twyford and surrounding places is superb. WBC please re-consider.



2013-11-20 23:52

This is valuable part if our community.



2013-11-21 12:51

Great idea to get a petition going as Hare Hatch Sheeplands is unique in this area with the range of healthy goods on offer.



2013-11-21 13:12

Please allow sheeplands to carry on as it's such a great local place to shop! They've worked hard to get where they have and they've become vital to the local and surrounding communities - not only as an employer but as a great focus for the family.



2013-11-21 13:35

I am completely baffled and appalled by Wokingham BC's stand on this. Do they not want to support local traders but would rather waste their time and our money on ridiculous bureaucratic nonsense? I have shopped at HHS for years. It is brilliant! The plants are excellent and the fresh foods are delicious. The staff are very friendly and always happy to give advice on garden matters. it's also a great place to meet and have a snack and a drink mid-shop. WBC must work with HHS to save this invaluable local community enterprise. Save HHS for all of us!



2013-11-21 14:02

I am utterly appalled that WBC are still pursuing this ridiculous vendetta against such a fantastic local business - closing Sheeplands would have such a detrimental effect on the local community - and the reputation of WBC. STOP this farce now and withdraw the enforcement order - judging by most of the comments here, people would be more likely to boycott Wyevale, not switch their custom to there, so I can't see how anyone would gain - and meanwhile 100 local people would loose their jobs, and we would loose a great place to visit, shop and meet with our friends and family.



2013-11-21 15:34

Frequent users, can't Wokingham Council work with Sheeplands to resolve any problems or do they simply not want to ?



2013-11-21 17:25

I think this petition is vital and utterly legitimate.Sheeplands provide amazing, innovative, ideas, and promotions, and totally deserve to be allowed to continue trading, with good prices, and something for all ages. Why should they be driven out by the"bigger boys", when they have kept within the due process for their trading. The need for this petition is obvious, as they have been undergoing bullying, and discrimination. and need supporters to help them in their fight for survival.

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