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2014-01-06 01:53

This is a great addition to the community and would only benefit people.



2014-01-06 02:00

Students should exercise their minds AND their bodies!
Just a Queen's Crossfitter


2014-01-06 02:13

Crossfit Tricolour has made this my favourite year at Queen's so far. It makes me excited to get up every morning, truly taught me to never give up, and has basically become a second home for me. I have met some of my best friends through Crossfit Tricolour and I would be devastated if this club was shut down. Please keep Crossfit Tricolour running!
Daniel Frankel

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2014-01-06 02:47

#1: -

As a national level competitive weightlifter, Crossfit Tricolour has provided me with the best training community I could possibly ask for. The people, the environment, the equipment, have all allowed me to pursue my sports career and I have this club to credit with my success so far.

Concerned Student

#5 No.

2014-01-06 02:49

Queen's University made the right decision.

Crossfit workouts are comprised of a heap of heavy of exercises at high repetition in a way that is dangerous to a person.

Most body builders look down on cross fit for its dangerous method of training, but people usually get sucked in to this cultish group due to the sense of community Crossfit brings.

If this dangerous method of training does not make you puke while performing it will make you puke by observing.

#6 Re: No.

2014-01-06 03:03

#5: Concerned Student - No.

With all due respect, all the workouts are scalable to the person's individual fitness level. If someone feels unsafe, the coaches are great to talk to and bring their concerns to.

Alternatively, a person can also just not join. You are offered a trial period to try it out and if it's not your cup of tea, you can try something else.

CF is a great workout program for people wanting to build their strength, lose weight, or even just meet new people. And a person shouldn't be denied an opportunity to take part in a program like CFT just because someone believes that they are unsafe. We are not children. We are adults who are able to make decisions on what we can and cannot do. You don't need to punish those of us who enjoy it because you can't stomach it.

CFT is an amazing program here at Queen's and should be allowed to stay. The coaches are really awesome and so is the community. Please keep it around!



2014-01-06 03:04

Crossfit tricolour has been the highlight of my university experience so far! They coaches provide the most amazing community to grow and learn within! they provide an opportunity for students to stay healthy and destress which has always been emphasized at Queens! the coaches are inspirational and the other members are so supportive of each other!

Anyone that says crossfit is dangerous and a cult just doesn't understand. It's not a cult it's a community, and when you have such amazing coaches that take so much time to go over proper form and teach you the correct way to do things it's not dangerous. Yes these workouts are high intensity but but most sports and workouts are and at crossfit tricolour safety comes before anything!

Pleaseeee reinstate crossfit tricolour!

#8 Re: No.

2014-01-06 04:04

#5: Concerned Student - No.

CrossFit, as compared to bodybuilding, is a completely different ball-game with a completely different set of rules. Most Crossfitters would not be able to throw the same numbers as bodybuilders, and most bodybuilders would not be able to perform the same routines as Crossfitters. Neither is better than the other because they achieve different fitness objectives, and whether a person chooses one over the other, should be up to one's own fitness goals. In any sport, it is important to be careful and understand one's own limit, and CrossFit is no different. At the end of the day, if a person enjoys his/her workout and is safe, it doesn’t matter whether he/she is doing bodybuilding, CrossFit, soccer, yoga or any other fitness activity, because he/she is being active, and genuinely enjoying it - and that’s what matters!

I attend CrossFit because I enjoy the mix of weight and cardiovascular training. I love running my races, but I also enjoy increasing my numbers in the squat rack. I prefer my workouts this way - with constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.

The coaches at CrossFit Tricolour have done an amazing job in making CrossFit easily accessible, interesting and safe for myself, as well as the other members. Despite being volunteers, each coach is passionate in ensuring CrossFit remains a safe and fun experience, and they are not only coaches to my workout mates and I, but genuine friends. I've made great relationships, surpassed previous personal records for both running and weight lifting and generally acquired a healthier lifestyle. I sincerely hope Queen's recognizes the great community CrossFit Tricolour has created, and will recognize its non-profit status soon!

Daniel Lugo

#9 How About NO

2014-01-06 04:16

Kipping pull-ups, brought to you by CF: the correct way to do an incorrect pull-up. Have fun with rhabdo and what not.

Food for thought: KKK members view themselves as a "community"; we view them as a cult.

My vote is with ARC, they know what they're doing. Being fit should come from one's own self-initiative. If you need to be motivated by cultists and have money extracted from you (in addition to your student activity fees you've already paid) before you move your bum, you're as good as being in the same weak condition a few years later with your unsustainable model.

This fitness fad couldn't expire sooner.



2014-01-06 05:43

Crossfit is an amazing supplement to every other sport. Heck, hockey teams have incorporated crossfit workouts to their training for years. This is not a fad, more people are learning about the benefits of crossfit, and practicing at tricolour feels completely safe. Even if I did not have the community and genuine encouragement in the group that makes it seem "cultish", the coaching alone is superb and everything is done to your comfort level. Any sports team at queen's had the risk of injury . Crossfit tricolour should never be singled out.
Joining crossfit tricolour has been the highlight of my year and the best thing I have found. While I have made some great friends in the other members and the coaches, crossfit has shaved minutes off my personal run times, made me stronger than I ever would have working at the ARC, and increased my self-esteem. This place is invaluable to many and it's time that the ARC stop placing barrier after barrier to this club.



2014-01-06 15:47

Such a great and successful fitness community should be the high towards the top of the Queen's list of initiatives to instate.



2014-01-06 15:49

Awesome group!



2014-01-06 15:50

I've had such a great time working out with CrossFit Tricolour, and the results are awesome



2014-01-06 15:51

CFT deserves to be an integral part of the Queen's community!
Queen's Staffer


2014-01-06 16:19

As an avid runner, I thought I was in great shape. Then I joined CrossFit Tricolour.
The great coaching and the mix of cardio workouts with weight training have dramatically improved my fitness level.
I really enjoy the community atmosphere of the club -- the great people make going to morning workouts much more fun.
Please get the club running again -- working out on my own is just not as much fun.



2014-01-06 19:22

Please understand that CrossFit is a healthy endeavour and should always be supported
Emma Graham

#17 Re: How About NO

2014-01-06 19:46

#9: Daniel Lugo - How About NO

The kip is a gymnastic movement, not a Crossfit movement.  By adding it to the pull up you are able to do them more quickly, they are not meant to be a test of strength.  I have never been to a Crossfit box and seen a trainer teaching their members how to kip their pull ups before they were able to do them properly from a deadhang position first. I have seen someone fly off a pull up bar at a regular gym trying to kip without having instruction or the grip strength to hold onto the bar in the first place.

In my 4 years of Crossfit I have also seen a case of rhabdo. My good friend NOT affiliated to Crossfit, ran his first 10k and then went out on an all-night bender. Did you know excessive drinking can cause rhabdo too? - Better run shut down Stages too!

It was my own self-initiative to join Crossfit because I needed to be accountable to someone other than myself for personal reasons and unfortunately I didn't have the 6000 dollars in the bank to get a personal trainer at the gym.  Crossfit was the best alternative.

I hope fitness as a fad doesn't expire soon; I would hate to see how high student health insurance costs would go with a group of inactive un-fit students.

Your KKK reference is also hilarious. Not at all original. If there was a cult that promoted physical well-being, health, and happiness while supporting members and non-members in their individual pursuits, I would probably join that too…




2014-01-06 20:14

It's all about how you work yourself. The coaches are great at helping you do workouts that suit what you can handle!



2014-01-06 21:17

Good cause


2014-01-06 21:22

CrossFit Tricolour is not only a Queen's Club, it is a community and a family. Every time I walk into the doors of the gym, I am greeted by all of the coaches and the members of the club. It is one of the most welcoming groups I have ever been apart of, especially in the Queen's community.
The coaches of CFT are phenomenal! With several years of athletic experience, they are all knowledgeable not only on Crossfit and its movements, but the well-being and safety of the athletes as well. I have never once felt unsafe or in danger at CFT.
CrossFit Tricolour is so incredibly valuable to many people at Queen's and it has been a shame that is has been shut down for an extended period of time. The reinstatement of the club would be wonderful for not just the athletes, it would be wonderful for the coaches. Their continuous efforts and endless persistence and determination is commendable, and this club should not be taken away from them. Reinstate CrossFit Tricolour!!!


#21 Re: No.

2014-01-06 21:50

#5: Concerned Student - No.

And uneducated comments like this are the reason why Crossfit gets a bad reputation.  When performed with correct coaching and proper training, it can easily get you into better shape than anyone at a typical gym could wish for.

Crossfit like workouts have been around for far longer than Crossfit, just look up HIIT training.  It is nothing new.  Crossfit just gets a bad reputation because there are bad clubs out there.  However look at any average gym.  I can point out far more people at risk to hurt themselves at any other gym from being uneducated about what they are doing, and what weights they are lifting.  Stop making blind assessments of an organization because of overpublicized bs.

(/)_- Moon Moon

#22 Re: Re: How About NO

2014-01-07 00:45

#17: Emma Graham - Re: How About NO

Sometimes I wonder if CF made your comprehension skills worse off. Fitness was never a fad; CF is THE fad that couldn't go extinct sooner, in the same vein as P90X. Exercise isn't the problem; branding and packaging it as a must-have in order to be "fit", that other options are inferior, all in order to make money is.

In order to attach the CF name, a certain amount has to be paid to CF Inc as royalty, and that is the exact bone of contention. Working out should be fun and affordable, that much is agreed. But CF as a whole is a money making machine as admitted: "accumulate $50,000 of fitness equipment and assets". It viciously redirects business away from legitimate personal trainers who want to earn an honest living, just so that that one "founder" and his cohorts get all the dough. That's a ridiculous scheme that I will never get behind.

One can always workout by himself/herself without spending silly money on fads like this. Find a suitable and motivated exercise partner or two, look up youtube tutorials, be unafraid to ask questions at the ARC and cultivate that tenacity to push yourself within a limit can go a long way towards self improvement, without the need for CF. If only people would figure that out sooner instead of being sheep with resolutions every year, eager to jump onto the next fitness bandwagon while these CF people laugh their way to the bank.


2014-01-07 01:07

I was unable to join Crossfit Tricolour first semester for financial reasons but my plan was to join this semseter. I did Crossfit in high-school and was very eager to start it again. I am so disappointed that the university is giving us a hard time about this. Hopfully this suspension ends soon.


#24 Re: Re: Re: How About NO

2014-01-07 01:16

#22: (/)_- Moon Moon - Re: Re: How About NO

CrossFit isn't the only way to get fit, nor is it a "must-have". But the more important thing is to find something that you like doing and are passionate about, that's the "must-have" to get fit. In all the CrossFit boxes I've been a part of, including Tricolour, it's the fact that the community and experience keeps people wanting to come back that make it great.

I think that in this case "accumulate $50,000 of fitness equipment and assets" is more a testament to the dedication of the founders and popularity of the club amongst members than it is an example of a money making machine. The issue here isn't about making money, it's about keeping a NONPROFIT club running at Queen's.

One can always work out however they'd like. Injuries are a risk that comes with any exercise, but one that can be minimized when you work out around coaches that are qualified, like the founders of this club. Motivation is key, but people find it in different ways. Some people love the ARC, some people will swear by their personal trainer, and some people like CrossFit. Point is, people should be free to have the choice to do what works best for them.

The founders of Tricolour have done an amazing job growing this club and getting a group of students passionate about getting fit, in an environment that they feel works for them. It would really be a shame to see it have to stop.



2014-01-07 02:40

Just because you have your personal reasons against CrossFit, doesn't mean other people who are interested shouldn't have access to it.