Save the Solstice Sunrise - Army Basing Plan for Larkhill

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2014-03-25 20:26

Heard about this from the national media. Decided a petition was needed. please sign and share.



2014-03-25 20:34




2014-03-25 20:43

There's more information about the proposals at:



2014-03-25 23:02

Bloody disgusting ! Of all the places you could put this , you put near secred ground, your going against your ancestors , who built stone henge, an all it stands for , to block the rising sun from the holly place , and it's purpose , open your eyes and hearts before you do anything ..... Listen to the people .. Not only pagans , Druids wiccans , etc , but all faiths who visit the beautiful place to see the sun rise ..



2014-03-25 23:07

The British are many long miles ahead of we Americans insofar as the proper preservation of the antiquities is concerned. Archaeoastronomy is an intangible, yet is very much a part of the megalithic and earthen structures.



2014-03-26 03:06

The sunrise from Stonehenge is a living wonder of the world. To build over it would be cultural sacrilige.



2014-03-26 05:35

To do that wld be a crime against an age old tradition and a very sacred place! Blessed Be brothers and sisters!!



2014-03-26 07:04

This is un-thinkable must not go ahead



2014-03-26 07:50

What an abomination



2014-03-26 07:52

As long as the MOD is aware of the 'sun gap' I am sure it will be taken into account



2014-03-26 10:33

Once it's gone, it's gone. Destroyed for future generations to enjoy.



2014-03-26 18:10

This monument is a national treasure and that includes how Nature reacts to it. By doing a very human thing, like building without thought to the effects you are destrying that very balance. There are plenty of other Army camps that have been closed and could be reinstated. LEAVE STONEHENGE AND ITS SURROUNDING COUNTRYSIDE ALONE!



2014-03-27 00:34

The monument that is Stone Henge can not be preserved properly if it's function and effect are lost. I say No to buildings which obscure the phenomenon of the Solstice Sunrise.



2014-03-27 07:19




2014-03-27 10:19

Please do not place buildings that block the Solstice Sunrise!



2014-03-27 10:40

after spending millions on a visitors centre to improve the stonehenge experience someone is building some bungalows to blow it



2014-03-27 16:05

Stonehenge is more than just it's immediate environment, it encompasses the surrounding landscape. This World Heritage Site has stood unchallenged for 9,500 years. Ignorant people with no consideration of history, mystery and beauty, want to build cheap tat housing and ruin it. What of worth will those people leave behind as their legacy? Exactly...nothing.

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2014-03-27 16:06



2014-03-28 14:24

this is a direct act against the spiritual and pagan community how can you do this you would never think of tearing down a church or a christian monument so don't touch ours. no matter the reason our heritage is there and i havnt had chance to see it, but did not realise there was a time limit on it as its been around over 9,000 years and loads of people travel down south every year to see the wonder it is a wonder of the world. And in ten seconds of decisions it can be destroyed just like that, its appalling. When you are willing to tear down the other seven wonders of the world or york minster or durham or londons cathedrals and abbeys then and only then can you have any right to consider doing what you are doing. As this is a direct act against pagan religion, descrimination against all pagans, and by law it is not allowed to take place. Don't care who wants the land its an outrage!!!



2014-03-29 09:55

If this is true, you need a rethink. This won't do.



2014-03-29 11:22

Mediocracy is the crime of future regret. Now is the place to act. Stonehenge has been portrayed so often it has been taken for granted. It is the most most important monument of Our past. The alignment holds its unrecognised secrets and its naive beauty. Once beheld never forgotten. Houses can be built anywhere. The MOD is fighting for our heritage, every day, or there would be no need for an MOD.



2014-03-29 12:54

This view is a sacred part if our heritage.



2014-03-29 12:54

Very short sighted to interfere with thousands of years of history.



2014-03-29 22:24

Stonehenge is part of our heritage and whatever you personally believe, many people take this alignment of the sun extremely seriously, do not destroy it!



2014-03-30 06:35

This site is a part of the British people's heritage, and should be preserved for everyone, both British and foreign, to enjoy and learn from. There are other places that can be built upon - use them instead, and help keep the Britain that so many have fought and died for.