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We animal lovers will protect animals in Armenia with more strength punishment law against animals abuse. If you support animal lovers endeavor to create a land with legal valuation you give your signature for to leave this petition to armenian parlament. 

Created: 2019-07-25

Time period All countries Armenia
All time 88 64
2019 88 64

Free ASAP Rocky from Jail

Rapper ASAP Rocky has been arrested for suspicion of assault after getting into an altercation with two drug addicts who were provoking him and his crew, following them around and touching women without consent. Rocky was simply fighting him as self defence, but Swedish Police are viewing this an unwarranted attack. Rocky posted footage showing that he tried to keep the situation from escalating, proving his innocence.   ASAP ROCKY IS INNOCENT! #FreeRocky

Created: 2019-07-06

Time period All countries Armenia
All time 1002 7
2019 997 7

Changing the head of boarding

Please sign this petition if you agree to change the head of boarding (Mr. Joseph Blake) due to the several complaints that the boarding students addressed last year as: bad behavior of Mr. Blake for example as aggressive way of communication, intimidation and  morally letting down the students, 

Created: 2019-07-17

Time period All countries Armenia
All time 15 5
2019 15 5