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Free imprisoned trade unionists in Iran/طومار برای آزادی فعالین صنفی معلمی و کارگری در ایران

نامه سرگشاده معلمان و کارگران ایران به شرکت کنندگان در یکصد و دهمین اجلاس سالانه سازمان جهانی کار، ژنو، ۲۷ ماه مه الی ۱۱ ژوئن ۲۰۲۲  ما امضا کنندگان این نامه هیات‌های نمایندگی شرکت‌کننده در یکصد و دهمین اجلاس سازمان جهانی کار، به‌خصوص هیات‌های نمایندگی کارگری-صنفی را مورد خطاب قرار می‌دهیم و توجه آن‌ها را به سرکوب‌های اخیر علیه معلمان و نمایندگان آن‌ها در کانون‌های صنفی و فعالان کارگری_صنفی  در ایران جلب می‌کنیم.    طی سالیان گذشته، به‌خصوص در ماه‌های اخیر سیاست‌های اقتصادی دولت ایران، فقر و فلاک

Created: 2022-05-23 Statistics

The Boulevarde Lilyfield

We, the residents of The Boulevarde Lilyfield, respectfully request the Inner West Council upgrade our street by considering: 1. New in-road tree planting We request large tree planting on a median strip in the middle of the road. The Boulevarde is an unusually wide street which leads to the spectacular Callan Park. Native trees in line with this heritage should be considered.  The Boulevarde is at the top of the crest of the hill and is quite exposed and hot in summer. Trees will benefit our c

Created: 2022-02-08 Statistics

Give back Belgravia Leisure access to Fitness Passport members

Dear Clover Moore   As a resident of Sydney, I have been using the Belgravia Leisure centre facilitities for many years on my Fitness Passport. Canceling my access is not meeting my needs as a member of the community. It is unfair to expect your constituents to pay extra fees to be able to use these services. Please reinstate my Fitness Passport access to these facilities. Thank you

Created: 2022-02-11 Statistics

Requesting ATO to Approve Miaomiao Chinese School as a Deductible Gift Recipient

Sending our children to Miaomiao has provided immigrant families a way to pass on our language and culture to our children. Second generation children quickly lose any connection with their culture when brought up entirely with the western education system, which has led to identity crises in many millennial Chinese people. Through the work of Miaomiao and other similar Chinese language and culture schools, we are slowly stopping this trend in Gen Z, ensuring that we can continue our rich cultur

Created: 2021-12-06 Statistics

Proposed demolition of East Brisbane State School for an Olympic Games development

Parents say they’ve been left in the dark about the future of the heritage-listed East Brisbane Primary School, which could be lost to Olympic Games developments. This is a 123-year-old school, part of Brisbane's history and heritage. We can't lose it for an Olympic games that lasts for two weeks. The school is forever. Request: We therefore ask the Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her government to consider finding another venue for developments; a venue that does not impact on her

Created: 2022-06-17 Statistics

Evusheld will save 500,000 Australians from Covid infection.

The Immunocompromised are not expendable. Please help us. Over half a million Australians take medicines that suppress our immune systems. Even with full vaccination we lack the antibodies to help us fight COVid infections.  AstraZeneca developed a monoclonal antibody called Evulsheld that deliverers us copied antibodies that give us 6 months protection . Australia only received 36,000 doses for over half a million of us . Until we get this medicine we're forced to self isolate. I miss my family

Created: 2022-04-23 Statistics

Stop Meg ford from messaging everyone non stop !!

Myself along with all of my friends family even my ex's have been getting non stop messages all hors if the day and night. I am happy to live her life to her fullest with whoever and where ever she likes. but the continuous messaging and harassment talking about me to anyone associated to me including my family friends has to stop. She will even add people she doesn't even know but because she knows the are associated to me she will do so and start talking to them. she did this to her last frien

Created: 2022-04-13 Statistics

To get Hypnotherapy services rebated by medicare

Hypnotherapy is a powerful alternative modality that enables people to make transformations in their lives. It can help people to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling and drugs, release anxiety, change unhealthy habits, lose weight, eliminate phobias, to mention just a few. There are so many positive benefits to having a hypnotherapy session which will save the government money in the long run due to fewer sick days, fewer medications taken, fewer side effects from the medications, fewer hospital adm

Created: 2022-02-23 Statistics

JUSTICE FOR THE 48 that never came home

Please only if you want to sign our petition in support for the Stardust families and the lost of their loved ones and the treatment from this government and passed ones on this disaster 41 years is to long to wait for Justice

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

Free the refugees

Hi everyone,   We're sitting here watching TV and social media hearing about all the refugee and asylum seekers held in detention in hotel rooms alongside Djokovic.   What will we all do when the spotlight is off the celebrity tennis player? Will we forget those left in detention?   Can you imagine what it would be like to continue to be incacerated with no hope of freedom? No we can't and as Australians we would not let this situation continue once we have looked it in the eye.   Release peopl

Created: 2022-01-10 Statistics