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Gopinath Deb Bigroh Mondir (Temple) is an ancient heritage of Hindu religion since long. It is located on the bank of river Ghahgot (a branch of the Tista), Dhormoghat (Golaganj), Monoharpur, Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur, Bangladesh. It is within Rangpur city corporation, has a good communication and has an attractive natural beauty. The Hindu communities of Rangpur District celebrate various ceremonies of their religion since British era. CS and SA record of the land is by the name of Sri Sri Gopinat

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Justice For Sakib-Al-Hasan

ইন্টার্নেশনাল ক্রিকেট কাউন্সিল সাম্প্রতি সাকিব আল হাসান এর উপর দুই বছর এর নিষেধাজ্ঞা পুনবিবেচনা করা হোক।  কারণ সাকিব ন্যায় কাজ করেছে। সে সৎ থেকে কাজ করার চেষ্টা করেছে।  এর জন্য তার শাস্তি কমানো উচিত৷    আইসিসি এর উচিত সাকিবের শাস্তি কমানো।  

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Philosophers for Future

Philosophers for Future  For some months now, high-school students around the world have staged the “Fridays-for-Future” strikes and demonstrations. They protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. In April 2019 a large group of scientists has formed a “Scientists-for-Future” movement; it aims to support the students’ demands with scientific data and theories.   We the undersigned feel that there is every reason to add a range of philosophical voices to this swelling chorus of pro

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Justice for Nasser Ahmed

Nasser Ahmed is fighting for his life at the Royal London Hospital after he was subjected to a cruel punishment for accidentally tipping over a bin. The deputy of Bow boys school forcefully punished Nasser who has severe asthma and other medical conditions. He also has learning difficulties therefore needs supervision when he is at school. He was made to clean the basement of the school all day even though the teacher knew about his conditions,but he suffered a panic attack and collapsed. He has

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Bring Paypal to Fully Available in Cambodia

PayPal is an international gateway for financial transaction which available globally. Sending and Receiving fund could've never been easier nowadays.  However, unlike neighbouring counties like Thailand and the Philippine, PayPal service only partially available in Cambodia which you can only send money but will not be able accept payment or receiving fund made to our account. This problem not only create a dead end for many people like Artist, Organization and businesses that have bank accoun

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Request for Review final year Exam for the Year 2020.

We,the final year undergraduate and post-graduate students of Various Universities in West Bengal, have some confusions about our final examination.About this matter we would like to bring your attention towards the practical issues which are relevant to the situation due to Covid-19 as well as WHO’s guidelines.  DIFFICULTIES:  1) Students having home far away from their College normally stay in mess/ rented houses nearer to college to study. Presently, all the students are at their home due to

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Play Sunlight by Nicky Byrne on Irish radio

Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland at this years Eurovision in Sweden with his song "Sunlight" the song for whatever reason has received very little AirPlay. Regardless of personal opinion  Nicky's going out there to represent the country and  it would be great if we could get the song played in the lead up to the show and all get behind him.

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Petition for the immediate withdrawal of the Licensing Regime

DO YOU USE THE INTERNET? TIME TO TAKE ACTION We, the undersigned, petition the members of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore and the Minister of Communications and Information Mr Yaacob Ibrahim as follows :   Background and Preamble On Wednesday, 28 May 2013, the Media Development Authority (MDA) announced that online news sites with more than 50,000 unique viewers from Singapore a month would be asked to put up a S$50,000 performance bond and “comply within 24 hours to MDA’s directions

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Respected Sir, This is highly respectable scripture all over the word. Your self this book first before taking any action Please do not ban this book for entire mankind. Thanks Siva Rao

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ISKCON in Hungary is one of the religious community which is a part of popular ISKCON society all over the world.

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