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Chief transparency or Change

I want to take a demographic of our voting people incuding councillors. We've had two years of the Chief running a muck and doing whatever he wants including sexual allegations and using Band money to keep this quiet. Whatever the case may be, no one hears from this person we all call our Chief. Enough is enough so by signing this petition will be a step towards change and how that change will occure. If your happy with what's happening then by all means don't sign, if your not happy and want so

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Freedom For Tamara Lich: Canadian Political Prisoner

Free Tamara Lich. Tamara Lich, who assisted in the organization of the peaceful Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest in February 2022, has been arrested again on a Canada Wide Warrant. The reason for her arrest is alleged violation of bail conditions.  Upon her original arrest she was charged with mischief, counselling mischief, obstructing police, counselling to obstruct police, counselling intimidation and intimidation by blocking and obstructing one or more highways.  She was granted bail with sev

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Please sign this petition if you agree to drop Brock townships by law #1954-2005-PP which is that all ATV's and all off-road vehicles are only permitted on the roads from December 1st to March 31st.    "2. General Provisionsa) All-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicles having low pressure bearing tires shall be permitted on all highways under the jurisdiction of the Township of Brock only between December 1st in a calendar year through March 31st in the calendar year immediately following, subje

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Protect Journalists Covering Ukraine

  Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.   Many journalists who have published or broadcast material deemed to be critical of the Ukrainian government have been added to "hit lists" where they are identified as "Enemies Of Ukraine".  In some cases journalists have been targeted, arrested, detained, and some journalists have been killed in acts that may be connected directly or indirectly to these lists. There are al

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THIS OLD FARMHOUSE @ 4291 GLANFORD AVE has been a part of SAANICH for over 108 YEARS. The old gem does not DESERVE to be teared down .... On TUESDAY JUNE 21/22 let your voices be heard, we need to tell SAANICH NO. NO YOU CANNOT TEAR DOWN THIS VALUABLE ICON OF SAANICH HISTORY. The old house is an IMPORTANT community meeting place and much more. It holds MANY GREAT MEMORIES for majority of the community and hopefully only more to come. TO DEMOLISH THIS PIECE OF SAANICH HISTORY: IS WRONG IS U

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Declare the WEF and all Associates an International Terrorist Organization

To whom It may concern. The WEF (World Economic Forum) consists of a Private Organization that not only engages Head of States and CEO's of top tier business and in general leaders of our society globally but it has programs on which they "groom" the next generation of bright young individuals into "Global Leaders of the Future". It is a fact that many of the policies currently adopted by Nation States such as the "Build back better" and Vaccine Mandates were developed by this Organization. Othe

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Save Shadowhunters

Hello Shadowfans! We need your help. We think everyone is agreed that the ending for Jace and Clary sucks. Clary and Jace deserves so much more. That's why we started this petition and give Shadowhunters at least a final season. The makers of the show have a whole new storyline for them. So Shadowfans all over the world, sign this petition please! We need to put some pressure to the Netflix firm. We have to give it a chance don't you think? So please sign this petition in the link below. Save Sh

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Certified Municipal Sprayer for High Level, Alberta

We are writing to the Town of High Level to request that they train a certified municipal sprayer for the community. We have a mosquito infestation which seems to be worse in the last few years. With all the rain this year, it's intolerable. Many residents have purchased all types of mosquito control devices for their yards yet we still battle mosquitoes indoors and outdoors.  As well, there are a lot of dandelions and it is our understanding that a certified sprayer would be able to deal with w

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Painter Barclay neighborhood speed limit change

Painter Barclay neighborhood speed limit change from 50km/h to 40km/h.  with a lot of young children now in the neighborhood it's up to us to protected them. With no sidewalks to safely walk on it's becoming dangerous.  Nearly all serious injuries and deaths (83%) happen on arterial roads. We know that when a driver hits a pedestrian at 50 km/h, there is an 85% likelihood that the impact will kill the pedestrian. The fatality rate falls to 30% at speeds of 40 km/h. Not only does lowering the spe

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Exemption from new tourist tax for Bonaire property owners

To the Island Council of Bonaire, The new tourist tax rule that requires payment of up to $75 on each arrival in Bonaire was designed to replace the current daily tourist housing and vehicle rental taxes.  While Bonaire residents are exempt from this tax, the many property owners who are not sedula holders will now be required to pay taxes as tourists every time they come to their homes.  Homeowners routinely travel back and forth between their Bonaire homes and their country of residence and th

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