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A return of mobility right, end all mandates, accountability

 We all know the government has destroyed small business, mental health, unknown damage to the economy as well as violated some of the very building blocks of our once great country   A country we all love and want back.  What we want is an end to the mandates as clearly they have not worked. A return of mobility rights in compliance with the charter section 6 (1). Full disclosure done independantly of govrnment for the last two years spending, WE scandal , SNC scandal and all documentation rega

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Dialysis Unit in Flowers Cove

The purpose of this petition is to bring attention to the Department of Health in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Regional Health Authority of Labrador Grenfell Health regarding the urgent need to have a Renal Dialysis Unit in Flowers Cove. There are currently 8 residents in this area who commute to St. Anthony 2-3 times per week for dialysis treatment. In addition there are people who are potentially going to need renal dialysis; these residents are currently patients of Dr.

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Support Tweed Volunteer Fire Fighters

As of January 8,2022 Tweed Municipal Council has suspended 6 full time volunteer Fire fighters of their services from the Tweed Fire Department due to the Mandatory Vaccine Policy By-Law 2021-73 they have put into effect.   The loss off these volunteers is catastrophic for our small community; loosing nearly 25% of our force with a total of almost 50 years of experience.Mayor Albert and Fire Cheif Little have reassured there is no risk of public safety; due to lack of volunteers within our own c

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Petition for Timetable Adjustment for BRT32 Section 3

We, the Students of BRT32 Section 3, have collectively agreed our in person classes on Thursdays at 8AM to 10AM, then at 4PM to 6PM, are unreasonably timed. The expectation that our day be put on hold for 6 hours between classes is wholly obstructive in our lives. Students who do not live in housing potentially have to spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from campus. This will inadvertently place more students on campus for much longer periods of time, in a time where bodies on campus are for

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Keep SCOTIABANK Sheet Harbour open

After 105 years our Local Scotiabank in Sheet Harbour is closing, this is a decision of the head office of Scotiabank. Our community uses this branch on a daily basis and many of our eldery do not travel ourside of the community. This is unfair and will affect everyone who lives in Sheet Harbour and surrounding areas!! Scotiabank head office should be taking into account where we are located and the people in our community are for the most part older and depend on Scotiabank to do their banking

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Petition for the protection of Lake Manitou /Pétition pour la protection du lac Manitou

Given that: A. Ivry-sur-le-Lac residents wish to protect the serenity, health, and safety of our lakes; B. Ivry`s municipal regulation 2011-040 art.4 stipulates that the use of wave amplification devices is prohibited on Lake Manitou; C. The number of motor boats with wave amplification devices (“wake boats”) has significantly increased on Lake Manitou in the last 10 years and will increase with our increasing population; D. there is clear scientific evidence that wake boats with ballasts in o

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City of Windsor Petition for Bylaws Regarding Boarding Houses

Dear Neighbour,  I am a concerned citizen living in downtown windsor. I have lived here since 1983. Recently my neighbour's house was sold to real estate speculators from Toronto. After the new owners failed to sell the house for a profit over the last 6-7 months, they have decided to turn the 3-4 bedroom single family house next to me into a boarding house with shared bedrooms for up to 12 people. I became concerned after seeing the 8-12 beds they ordered, and seeing this ad on Facebook, and re

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Langara should offer more classes online

Langara should offer more classes online.   Many of us were shocked to see that there were hardly any upper level courses available online for the spring semester, and this is forcing many of us back to campus. Whether we are caring for children, have vulnerable family members at home, live in different provinces or countries, or we simply we do not feel safe coming back to campus, we should have the option of taking our courses from the safety of our homes. We also know, from the past two years

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Vote to Nullify and Void the Ratification Vote on 9th December

Background and Justification On December 9th, 2021, the ETFO ̶Toronto Occasional Teachers' Local held a zoom voting to ratify the acceptance of their agreement with TDSB on behalf of all occasional teachers.   There are about 4180 OT members of which fewer than 200 members vote, approximately 167, fewer than 90 voted yes. This is not enough to ratify the contract. Proposal: Nullify the Ratification VoteCall for a new Ratification Vote in February 2022 or March Break 2022or postpone it until afte

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Citizens of Nanaimo demand a revision of the proposed budget/tax increase for a revenue neutral 2022. No new increased spending/taxation.

The City of Nanaimo's website clearly states the following:  The Community Charter gives Council the authority to set budgets, levy taxes and establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the City for the benefit and protection of its residents. We, the undersigned, believe that the Nanaimo City Council is violating its Charter by way of exorbitant spending and property tax hikes, disregarding the benefit and protection of its residents. 2022 is not a normal year. Two year

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