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Støt genåbningen af Cafe Kokkedal Skole

Jeg støtter genåbningen af Cafe Kokkedal skole

Created: 2022-11-07 Statistics

Letter to NREP - Unacceptable changes to our living and working conditions

NREP, the owner of the building, has removed Lena from her position here in Siljangade against her will. We will send this letter to NREP to challenge their decision. Please use the attached QR code to sign and support. The letter will be sent Monday. It has come to our attention that NREP has removed Lena Mølsted from her position at Siljangade. We have, as tenants, legitimate claims and expectations to the services rendered by the staff of Siljangade. This downsizing will lead to a significant

Created: 2022-11-11 Statistics

Oppose crucial cuts to DKDM's education by the new Canteen

  DKDM’S new canteen and cleaning services, which are employed by the Ministry of Culture, have doubled their maintenance costs by millions of kroner. This money is the equivalent of 5 weeks of education for every student at DKDM.   To accommodate for this, there will have to be severe budget cuts to all departments in our school. Some departments may end up losing vital components such as group classes and chamber lessons as a result. This is not acceptable.   Your teachers are already filing

Created: 2022-06-12 Statistics