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Camping Domaine de Chalain must stay!

Oh Chalain quand tu nous tiens.   Link to Facebook page:    It has come to our attention (through an article in the newspaper and an advertisement from the camping store) that the President of the Department of Jura intends to permanently close Camping Domaine de Chalain.The intention would be to turn the campsite into a park (??) with no more room to stay overnight.We "regular visitors" hate the fact that the beautiful Domain

Created: 2022-09-23 Statistics

Justice for Melanie and Beau

   On the evening of September 14, 2022, Melanie, the world-renowned singer, and her son, concert guitarist and musical accompanist Beau Jarred were treated unfairly by Sabine de Veer-Peters, the manager of hotel Bastion in Arnhem. For addressing, the poor cooking of dinner the hotel manager asked them to leave the hotel and called the police. The first two police that came into Melanie’s room expected the seventy-five-year-old singer to leave her room within five minutes. When this failed these

Created: 2022-09-27 Statistics

Free call to IRAN

Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I am an Iranian student in the Netherlands, and as you know, so many Iranian students are studying in the Netherlands.  Last week "Mahsa Amini" was murdered by the Iranian Police only because she did not strictly follow the enforced dress code. Also, While you are reading this message, more people are getting killed on the streets as they are protesting against this unjust killing. We, the Iranian people, are saddened, shocked, and terrified because of thi

Created: 2022-09-25 Statistics

Sinterklaasnominaties moeten terugkomen!

Het is een eeuwenoude traditie op het Vossius: de Sinterklaasnominaties. Ieder jaar hebben veel kinders hier een groot plezier aan. De school heeft besloten dat deze dit jaar echter niet door mogen gaan. Om dit leuke feest de aankomende jaren wel weer door te laten gaan maken wij, Dombondje, deze petitie. De Sinterklaasnominaties moeten terugkomen!

Created: 2022-07-11 Statistics