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Say NO to Housing proposal for Sullivan and 40R

URGENT!! Please say no to turn Sullivan School into more affordable housing, as well as a proposed zoning plan that will affect the entire city. The city already exceeds the federal guidelines for affordable housing. The 30 year tax abatement will increase our taxes more and we will pay double that they contribute after 30 years. The developer would not have to pay the 10,000.00 for at least 2 years until the federal money and grants come in. It is the start of a bigger plan for the 40r zoning p

Created: 2021-02-07

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Sunday Obligation

Dear Bishop Estevez, We, the undersigned, with all respect and humility, request that you reinstate the Sunday obligation for all Catholics in the Diocese of St. Augustine.  On March 16, 2020, you gave universal dispensation, to all Catholics in the diocese, from Sunday and holy day obligation due to fears of spreading coronavirus.  It was a time of confusion and fear of the unknown with regard to how serious this virus was.  Nearly a year has gone by. We now know, based on the science of this v

Created: 2021-02-25

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From: Concerned Resident OwnersTo: All members of Betmar Acres Club, Inc. and Betmar Owners, Inc.Subject: DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FORBETMAR ACRES CLUB, INC.Dear Members:In December, our Board announced that they have been working with theirattorney for a year developing a new DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONSAND RESTRICTIONS FOR BETMAR ACRES CLUB, INC. In response to this suddenand alarming development, many of our resident owners held meetings to discuss thisand

Created: 2021-02-25

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Empire Jerky to Create Maple Bourbon Jerky

WE WANT MAPLE BOURBON JERKY! Empire Jerky has agreed to create this boozy meat treat for us to enjoy if we get 9,000 signatures. Help us make the world a better place, one ounce of maple meat at a time. Please. 

Created: 2020-12-30

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Don't make an Environmental Disaster Worse, Demand a Full Environmental Impact Report!

We, residents of the City of Long Beach, demand that our elected officials represent and protect us by requiring a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at 3701 Pacific Place Project (the former Golf Learning Center southwest of Crown Point, across from Los Cerritos Park and Elementary School). We object to the City prematurely allowing the developer to grade the site and move 50,000 tons of soil, given that this was formerly a toxic waste dumpsite. The soil has been shown to contain lead and a

Created: 2020-12-11

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JJ Grey PLEASE send a Happy 50th Birthday message to one of your BIGGEST Fans!

Dear Mr. Grey, I am married to the most compassionate, soulful, generous man in the world, and lucky for you, he also happens to be one of your biggest fans! Your FaceBook page recognizing him as a top fan seems to be shadowed only by the birth of his children. My husband, Rick, was raised not just listening to music but feeling it. His parents were music enthusiasts and record store owners; this helped to facilitate his passion for real musical and lyrical talent. Since Rick came upon your musi

Created: 2021-02-26

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No Teens Left Behind in Caldwell School District

The purpose of this petition is to show Caldwell School District that as parents to Middle School and High School students we want them in school FULL TIME.  The Caldwell School District has decided that Elementary students can return Full time after spring break. They are ignoring the survery results that show parents want their children in school full  If you read the districts survey you'll see that parents from each school overwhelming say that they are VERY COMFORTABLE sending kids back to

Created: 2021-02-21

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Walk Together SLL, INC. Presents : Breathe Life Into Changes you want to see for our children and community. Movement II.

Hello everyone. Welcome to "Walk Together SLL, INC's," second organized peaceful petition! For those of you that may be unfamiliar with who we are or what we stand for please allow for a brief introduction. "Walk Togther SLL, Inc," is a non profit organization advocating for pedestrian safety. SLL represents STOP, LOOK, and Listen. Earlier this year we created a petition requesting the Department of Transportation to conduct a safety survey or study of the areas in our local schools, libraries,

Created: 2020-11-25

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NO mandatory CV testing for kids to attend NYS summer camps!!

Our children deserve to have fun without NYS "leaders" , again, forcing unnecessary mandates on them!

Created: 2021-02-24

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Lift Capacity Restrictions in Dallas Diocese

Dear Most Reverend Bishop Edward J. Burns,   As Catholics under your care in the Diocese of Dallas, we present to you this petition with zeal for our faith and the salvation of souls.  It is our request that capacity restrictions on parishes in the diocese of Dallas be lifted after the winter season has ended, starting by March 28th, in time for the celebration of Holy Week.  At the very least, we beg of you to leave it up to each pastor's discretion whether to reopen his parish to full capacity

Created: 2021-02-04

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