Most popular petitions in Afghanistan in 2014

  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Language: English
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Free iranian soldiers

  این موزه  با تشکر از همه ملت ایران بخصوص هنرمندان و ورزشکاران ، دانشگاهیان  و همه اقشار ملت ایران که همبستگی خود را با این عزم ملی نشان دادند نتیجه نهایی آمار امضاهای ثبت شده در دو سامانه رایانه ای  موزه صلح تهران و پیامکی برنامه نود را بشرح زیر  اعلام کرد تعداد امضاهای ثبت شده در سایت موزه صلح تهران 392303  عدد تعداد پیامکهای برنامه نود  1200012  عدد مجموع کلی   1592315   عدد در ضمن برای روشن شدن اذهان درباره بعضی از اظهار نظرهای مطرح شده در این روزها،  این موزه به صورت رسمی  اعلام داشت که در

Created: 2014-03-07 Statistics

جنرال ظاهرظاهر به قربانیان فیرهای هوایی نهم ۱۸ سنبله پاسخ بګوید

We call on General Zaher Zaher Head of Kabul Police to take responsibility of Sep 9th shooting of Kabul, which killed at least two Afghans and injured many more.   General Zaher we want you to arrest perpetrators and those behind planning this bloody rally in capital Kabul on Martyr Day or resign from your duty.

Created: 2014-09-12 Statistics

Campaign For Free Afghan Lovers

Zakia, 18, and Mohammad Ali, 21, fled their homes in mountainous Bamian Province after her family threatened her with an “honor killing” because she wanted to marry outside her ethnic group, and against her father’s wishes.  They got married by a mullah after being kept apart by disapproving families and now Zakia is pregnant. Zakia said her family, members of the Tajik ethnic group and Sunni Muslims, opposed the match because Mohammad Ali is a Hazara and Shiite. Yesterday Mohammad Ali, t

Created: 2014-06-10 Statistics

Children For The Children کمپین کودکان برای کودکان

To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mon In the Name of God The honorable UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mon, Children for the Children The world’s children’s wish for Gaza’s children:A peaceful future without bombs and siege. GAZA2014.IR  با  وارد کردن مشخصات  خواسته شده  امضای  ایمیلی خود را ثبت کنید

Created: 2014-08-02 Statistics

The first minster of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson must resign

Please share and sign this petition to have Peter Robinson removed from power as he no longer works or talks for the people he can't even go to any area without being told he is not wanted so the time is now and the time is right to have him removed.

Created: 2014-01-07 Statistics

Say no to GST in Guernsey

Please sign this petition if you don't want the States to allow the Goods and Sales tax to be introduced in Guernsey

Created: 2014-03-04 Statistics

help me to keep my home and fight for what is right

Please sign my petition to help me to keep my home. I have lived in the same home 26 years (my whole life). My Mum was brought up here and so was I. My grandad was the longest living tenant in this home he lived here with my nana for over 50 years and would never leave because of the memories of their life togther.We never owed anything to anyone and always paid the rent on time. I have lost my entire family and just want to be left alone to get on with my life, without the fear off loosing my h

Created: 2014-06-19 Statistics