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Petition the Tweed Shire Councillors

We, the undersigned, demand that Tweed Shire Council immediately support small businesses and refuse to adopt medical apartheid and mandates for employees and patrons throughout Tweed Shire. Declare Tweed Shire Pro Choice.  

Created: 2021-12-05 Statistics

2021 Osteopath student clinical hours

Attention students of SCU who are directly impacted by loss of scu clinical hours due to COVID clinic shut down.  So far there has been an extended period of shut down in 2020 (19 shifts) & short term shut down in 2021.  Please sign this e-petition to allow additional clinical hours and 100 hours of external osteopathic practical placement, to allow graduation in 2021. 

Created: 2021-06-29 Statistics

Vaucluse residents & friends opposed to overdevelopment (1 Derby St DA)

Woollahra Council is considering an unprecedented 4 storey DA at 1 Derby St, Vaucluse (corner of Cambridge Ave) that is of far greater height than anything previously approved in Derby St and surrounds, and is clearly above the 9.5 metre maximum limit in the existing Council rules.  The proposed structure will be a traffic hazard for cars entering & exiting Derby St onto Cambridge Ave, as well as eradicating views and devaluing at least eight surrounding houses. If allowed to go ahead, this

Created: 2021-12-01 Statistics

Induct the Bay City Rollers into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame

The Rollers in the 1970's were a phenomenon. They are the only band other than the Beatles to have had an actual Mania.  Millions of albums sold world wide and merchandise from socks, t shirts, pins, posters, shoes to board games and puzzles. They even had 2 television shows of their own.  Too many have choose to ignore their existence in the music industry and press but enough is enough.There are still thousands of Roller fans worldwide and It is time to give them the recogintion they deserve. 

Created: 2020-06-10 Statistics

Horsham Business Community to stand against Mandates to exclude CV-19 unvaccinated people from any businesses and/or retail sector. STAND AGAINST MEDICAL APARTHEID

The Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is Mandating unvaccinated people to be excluded from retail businesses. A Mandate in definition is: A request and/or recommendation and has no legal standing.   These “Mandates” violate Human Rights (Australian Human Rights Commission ACT 1986) by excluding people on grounds of medical bias. This mandate steps our Country and the State of Victoria dangerously closer to a Totalitarian Rule and a Medical Apartheid System.   Since the commencements of the Covid-19

Created: 2021-11-02 Statistics

Rescind the FPO against Simeon Boikov!

This is an arbitrary ruling against Simeon Boikov Simeon Boikov is an up and coming citizen journalist who has quickly garnered mass public support showing the heavy handed tactics the police are employing to instill fear and stifle any free speech. The police have targeted Simeon Boikov due to his gaining popularity for his youtube videos and live streams. They have repeatedly pulled him over on more than 15 accounts and have searched his house twice and attempted to confiscated his sword of hi

Created: 2021-08-31 Statistics

Agnes Water skatepark upgrade

Would you like the skatepark in Agnes Water QLD to be upgraded to a larger modern facility . With a pump track and a new skate park ? 

Created: 2020-01-30 Statistics

Appoint Moss as Sydney Rotary President

Moss Akbarian should be anointed as the President of the Rotary Club of Sydney for the 2021-22 year. Moss, our President Elect, a member of Rotary for 27 years and a Paul Harris Fellow, should not be prevented from taking up his rightful office of President because of a relatively minor board disagreement. Moss' investiture will immediately re-establish procedural normality and the Club can then start the process of reconciling our different views of recent events. The members, past members and

Created: 2021-06-30 Statistics

Stop Tony Attwood Mocking Autistic People

Tony Attwood publicly mimicked and mocked having a meltdown on stage, twice, to make the crowd laugh at a presentation in Brisbane, Australia, on the 15th of July, 2021. Apparently, he has done this type of thing before and it is not unusual behaviour for Mr Attwood. This petition is to ask Tony Attwood to stop publicly mocking autistic people. We ask him to recognise that it is highly offensive to impersonate disability for amusement. It is especially offensive, inappropriate, and unprofessiona

Created: 2021-07-17 Statistics


Tauranga Bay is one of the jewels of the ‘Untamed Natural Wildeness’                of the Buller District...and one of the prime recreational areas                         for locals and visiting tourists Did you know... -Westland Mineral Sands have lodged a Resource Consent Application with the Buller District Council and West Coast Regional Council for a proposed Mineral Sand Mining operation in the sand dunes behind Oceanview Subdivision on Okari Road, Nine Mile Beach? This resource consent

Created: 2021-08-06 Statistics